(In Foot HQ Completing mission)

LEO – "He's not answering his shell cell."

RAPH – "You think something's wrong?"

MIKEY – "See Leo, I should have stayed with him."

LEO – "Come on, we're done here, let's go find Donny and Master Splinter, and then we get out of here."

(Scene ends)

(In the main laboratory room, Donatello finds Splinter strapped to table beaten with an inch of his life)

DON – "Master Splinter! What Happened, are you okay?" (Don releases the straps and tries to pick him up, but Splinter hurts too much, and refuses to be)

M/S – "Donatello?" (whispers) "What are you… doing here? You're… putting yourself… in danger… just leave me… here."

DON – "No. You're in bad shape and you've been here for a month, and there's no way I'm leaving you here with the Foot." (Don half in tears)

Voice – "Well, well, well" (pauses) "your brothers left all by yourself I see?" (Donatello turns to see the Shredder standing in the middle of the room. Don's eyes came to a glare, and he fills with rage) "I'm surprised at you Donatello; you were the last turtle I expected to see here, alone. Let's just face it you're no good by yourself are you?"

M/S - "Don't listen… to him… you need to… get out… while you can." (Splinter wheezes)

DON – "I can hold my own pretty damn well Shredder." (between gritted teeth)

SHREDDER – "Then show me."

M/S – "No… please… my son… you… need to… get out… of here." (he coughs and gasps, it's hard for him to breathe, he's quickly fading)

DON - "Father!" (Donny yells, and realizing that his father is dying, he pulls his father close) "No please! Please stay with me father! Please don't die!" (tears flowing down his face)

M/S – (With the strength he had left, he reaches up and put his hand on Donatello's face) "I am… sorry… I… can't… stay. I… love… you… (and with that he fades away and his arm drops to the table)

(Scene ends)

(Somewhere in Foot HQ, running down a hallway)

RAPH – "Damn! Where's the main laboratory room?" (he asks getting frustrated)

LEO – "It should be in this wing, I'm positive.

MIKEY – "Think maybe we passed it?" (he looks around confused)

RAPH – "We better not have Leo!

LEO – "Well, I'm sure if we continue down this hallway, we might run into it." (Trying to look at the blue prints, thinking now, that he needs Donny's brain to figure this out.)

(Scene ends)

(Back in the control room, Donatello holding his dead master. Shredder stands there smiling)

DON – "No! Nooo! Please come back!" (Don holds him tighter, and feeling like he can't breathe)

SHREDDER – "You can't do anything more, he's gone." (laughing) "You were stupid enough to come here alone, now you will take your master's place here and die the same way, slowly and painfully." (laughing again)

DON – (Donatello stands up, with tears in his eyes, he turns to the Shredder. Filled with the amount of rage he's ever consumed) "You dare laugh at this? (he grabs his bo staff) "You're going to pay for what you've done! You're sick, and I am sick of you!" (he tightens his grip on his weapon and lunges at the Shredder)

(The Shredder blocks his first attack; Don brings his weapon around and hits the Shredder in the side, but not enough to knock him down. Don tries to lunge again, but the Shredder grabs his weapon. The Shredder pulls Donatello forward and grabs him by the throat)

(Scene ends)

(Raph, Leo and Mikey finally find the control room, just in time to see the Shredder slam Don against the wall, still with his hand around Don's throat)

DON – (Still filled with rage, and his eyes still wet and tears running down his face) "I'm going to kill you, you bastard!"

LEO – "Shredder! Let him go!" (Taking out his weapons, along with Raph and Mikey)

SHREDDER – (Grabs Donatello and turns around to face them, while pulling out his sword and holding it to Don's throat) "you see what I'm talking about Donatello? I told you, you're no good by yourself; you should've had one of your brothers with you. Maybe in the future you just might." (The Shredder laughs) "Too bad it won't ever be your master." (He laughs harder)

(Donatello Starts to cry harder, his rage fading, he can no longer stand and he goes limp in Shredder's grip)

SHREDDER – (Drops Donatello) "Pathetic." (He pushes Donatello's shell with his foot, and Don just lays there crying curled in a ball)

RAPH – (Getting mad) "Hey, don't you touch him! (He tries to move towards Shredder but is stopped by Leo)

LEO – (Focused on the Shredder) "What are you talking about, what's wrong with our Master Splinter?"

SHREDDER– (Laughing again) "Maybe you should ask Donatello, he's the one that couldn't get to him in time. You could even say that it's his fault." (Shredder picks Splinter up from the table and drops him on the floor in front of him)

DON – (Comes out of nowhere and jumps onto The Shredder's back) "Don't you touch him, you have no right to!" (Donatello then forces Shredder's sword from his hand and jumps off. Shredder turns, and Don plunges it into Shredder's stomach. Don pulls it out and slices off The Shredder's head. Shredder falls to the floor, and Don stabs him in the chest).

LEO – (Runs to Donatello and takes the sword from him) "Hey, stop, you killed him already, its okay.

DON – (Tears start to develop in his eyes again and he falls to the floor).

LEO – (He bends down and takes Donny's hand) "Hey, what happened?" (no response) "Donny?"

MIKEY – (Walks over to Master Splinter, he checks for a pulse) "Leo," (his eyes become wet) "he's…"

DON – (Lifts up his head) "I'm sorry".

RAPH – (With his mouth wide open, fighting back tears) "No, he… he can't be… he… no! Dammit!"

DON – (Looks up to his immediate older brother) "I'm sorry Raphy".

LEO – (He stands up wiping face and eyes, and starts walking over to Master Splinter's body) "Come on, we need to get him out of here".

DON – "Leo… I'm sorry" (he feels like he can't breathe)

(Raph and Leo carry Splinter's body out, without even a word to Donatello)

MIKEY – (Comes over to Don and grabs him by the hands and helps him up) "Come on, we need to go".

DON – (Looking at Mikey) "I'm Sorry Mikey".

MIKEY – (Smiles as much as he could) "I know, it's okay Donny, It's not your fault. Come on we should get outside)

(Scene Ends)