Vessna's First Day of School

See Author's Note at the end

Vessna was sitting on the steps of the Francisco home at 11331 Domingo Street when Emily's school bus pulled up. Emily and her friend Jill got off the bus, but when she noticed the look on Vessna's face, she told Jill that she'd meet her at her house later. Jill nodded her understanding, and headed to her house. Emily sat next to her little sister on the steps.

"What's the matter?" Emily asked.

Vessna sighed. "Emmie...I don't like that school."

"What's wrong with Roosevelt Elementary? It's a very good school…I used to go there Vessna."

"But Emmie...nobody else in Kindergarten looks like me! All of the other kids in my class are human."


"That means I'm different, Emmie. I don't like being different!" Vessna sniffled.

Emily smiled and touched Vessna's temple. "Hey, Vessna...did you know I was the first Tenctonese being at that school?"

Vessna slowly turned her little face so that she could take a better look at her big sister. "Really, Emmie?"

"Yup. But some people didn't want me to go to that school because I was different. In fact, on the first day of school, a crowd of people were blocking Mom and me from going into the school. For some reason, Dad and Uncle Matt came, and it was Uncle Matt who led me through the crowd and into the school." Emily smiled at the memory. "Actually, going to that school turned out to be a very good thing-that's where I met Jill and we've been best friends ever since."

"But I don't think I belong there, Emmie."

Emily smiled. "You belong there, Vessna. Trust me."

"I'm so lonely there, Emmie. Do you think I'll find a friend there?"

Emily smiled and touched her sister's temple again. "I think so. Don't worry about being the only Tenctonese being in the classroom; because there are others in the school…they're just in other grades. But I think everything will be ok."

Vessna thought about what her sister had told her. "Thanks Emmie!"

A few days later...

Vessna came running out of the house as soon as she heard Emily's bus pull up.

"Emmie! Emmie! You were right, I made a friend!"

Emily smiled at her little sister, and gently tapped her on the head with her hand.

"See, I told you everything would be ok!"

Author's Note: I went back and watched part of "Alien Nation: The Television Movie (Pilot)" to find out some information. According to the commentary by Kenneth Johnson, the Francisco's house is located at 11331 Domingo Street, in the subdivision of Lakeview Terrace. Also, the name of the school that Emily was attending was Roosevelt Elementary.