Rachel made her way out of her last lesson. She was wishing that the day hadn't ended. She was walking fast, wanting to get it over and done with. She tried to think about other things as she didn't want to break down in tears. She stopped at the doorway where Kurt said he would meet her, as she didn't want to go on her own.

She was waiting and she saw her friends walking down the stairs nearby. She smiled at them and they smiled back. Quinn then appeared and walked past Rachel.

"Have a good holiday," Quinn called to her.

Rachel nodded and wished she wasn't going on holiday. She now had to say goodbye to Will. He was leaving in a week and she would be on holiday in 7 hours. She sometimes hated her dads.

Tina then came down the steps and stopped in front of Rachel. She hugged her and then pulled away.

"I'll see you soon and good luck with Mr Schue," Tina smiled before walking away.

Rachel then looked around, she spotted Kurt and he ran to meet her. He looked at her and saw her eyes were a bit red and he knew she was going to cry. She then swallowed the lump in her throat and walked next to him, towards Will's office.

When they got there, Kurt stopped her and Sue walked past and nodded at Rachel. Everyone knew about her love for Will. She had told someone, who had spread it around the whole school. Will knew and he was going out with Emma and she wasn't very happy about it.

"Okay he's with Miss P," Kurt said reappearing.

"Okay, let's go," Rachel smiled.

Rachel and Kurt walked slowly in to Will's office, the door was open and the lights were off. Emma and Will were on Will's computer, with their backs to them. It was as if Will knew when Rachel was there as he turned around instantly and smiled at her.

Emma looked at him and then turned round to see the two students. Rachel swallowed audibly and looked at Will's beautiful, deep eyes and his brown hair, and his cute little butt chin.

"Hey Rach," He greeted, relaxed and smiling.

"I just came to say goodbye," Rachel smiled slightly.

"But I'm not leaving until next week," He pointed out.

"I know, but I'm leaving today, cause I'm going on holiday," She said sadly.

"Where are you going?" He asked interested.

"I'm going to New York," She added.

"Aw. Come here you deserve a hug!" Will smiled, standing up and walking towards her.

Rachel walked towards him and he almost tripped over two chairs as he wrapped his strong, gentle arms around her. She wrapped her arms around him and leant in to his body, feeling hotter as she was so close to him. She wanted to stay like that forever. She breathed in his scent and smiled as he rubbed her back before pulling away.

She looked disappointed but she smiled. She then reached in to her pocket.

"I know I shouldn't but I can't let you go without this," She smiled and handed him a card, in a red envelope.

Inside it said:

To, Mr Schuester

You're the best teacher I could have ever wished for so thank you :)

Love from

Rachel xx

PS. I'm going to miss you

He smiled back "Thanks,"

Rachel reached in to her bag and carefully pulled out a grey teddy bear, wearing a t-shirt that said 'Best Teacher'.

"And just to show how awesome you are I got you this," She smiled as he took it from her.

"Aw thank you Rach. I love it! Miss look at this," He smiled holding it in front of Emma, who seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

Rachel smiled and felt tears welling up in her eyes, and she fought against the urge to cry. Will began speaking to her again. Mentioning about what he had told her, to stick in at school, to do her best, to go for her dream, not to be upset that she won't see him ever again.

Rachel nodded and began walking away from him slowly with Kurt next to her. She wanted to stay with him, and kiss him once, just once. Then she had achieved her dream. As she realised that was the end she spoke her final words to the man she loved.

"See you sir," She said.

"See you Rach," He said sadly.

"Goodbye Sir," She said her voice breaking and she felt a tear roll down her cheek.

"Goodbye Rachel," He said and he waved at her.

She waved back and as soon as she left his room, she broke down in tears and put her face in her hands. She didn't want to say goodbye to the only man she loved and will love forever. She wished she had told him she loved him, one last time but she couldn't go back. She regretted not telling him she loved him and she knew she wouldn't get any sleep in a long time now.

Rachel stood there in Kurt's arms crying her heart out and wanting to stay with Will Schuester forever and eternity. But that only happened in fairy tales.

Thanks for reading guys. This is a true story. This was the last time I saw my amazing teacher, Joe, and it hurt a lot. Anyway please review :)