As Rachel sat in her room listening to Will's favourite music, she prayed their paths would cross again someday. She hoped she would see him again. She didn't want to go back to William McKinley High School if he wasn't there. The Glee club wouldn't be the same, the school wouldn't be the same and her life wouldn't be the same.

She never wanted to leave him, but everything has an end. She thought through every single memory. Remembering every smile he smiled at her, every word he said, every glance he gave her and every time they were together. She was going to miss him a lot.

She was crying her heart out as his favourite song came on. She was thinking about him every single second and she knew he wasn't thinking about her at all, as he would probably be making out with Emma. She wished she could see him once more and tell him she loved him, it wouldn't make a difference, but at least she could go to sleep knowing he knew what she felt.

As her cell vibrated she saw she had a message from Kurt.

Are u ok?

She smiled slightly as he seemed to be the only one that cared about her. She replied quickly.

I've been better :/

She waited for his reply and thought about what she would say, if she saw him in the holidays.

I'm sorry about what happened with Mr Schue :(

She replied to his message.

It's not your fault but thanks Kurt

She got his reply a second later.

Anytime xx

She smiled and put her cell on her bed as she walked over to the window. As she looked up at the sky, she wished that Will Schuester would appear in her life once more, and that she could tell him everything she wanted to say. Until then she would pray and wish every day until it came true.

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