Title: Oddly Synful

Author: Harley

Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
Rating: M
Length: FF says more, but it lies, Word has always been good to me, so I'm going with: it's an even 3,000

Warning(s): Gay Sex, language kink, don't like, don't read

Pairing/Characters: Vaako/Riddick

Disclaimer: Siiiiigh, I don't own the Chronicles of Riddick or anything, I can only claim to have seen the movies, and read a butt load of fics.
A/N: Ok, David gave me the prompt of: Syntax, Vaako/Riddick, They land on a planet that speaks Vaako's native language (or something close) and Vaako speaks it fluently, some misunderstanding with the natives, and then Riddick finding he has a language kink. So that was my prompt, if you didn't get it, my title was a clever (not so clever) pun at syntax+sinful=synful yea, I felt so stupid and so cool at the same time when I did that. Added some indicators for scene changes, because I forgot that FF doesn't like double spacing, which is my love affair, I love double spacing to indicate scene changes. As for the actual story, I will say now, that I had massive writer's block while writing it, you can ask David, I drew a little picture and everything for how massive my writer's block got. Fortunately, this meant that I was so frazzled I forgot to mention hide or tail of the Dame, which is fine cause I really don't like her. However, if there are errors or confusion or whatever, that's a mistake on my part, and I apologize now. Let me know if you find any, and I'll be happy to fix it.

Alright, that's about it, sorry for the long note, have fun, enjoy and drop a review if you feel up for it!

There were times when Riddick would let the troops land, take what they needed and make a tactical retreat. They would convert here and there, and depending on his mood blow up the planet afterwards. Mostly on the larger planets. After a while it got mundane and he'd try and mix things up. On the smaller planets, though, Riddick enjoyed wandering around the foliage and the shadows, lurking in the corners and observing. Getting into occasional fights were fun too, and sometimes they would even pick up new recruits. But he usually left the smaller planets, not sure why, just never felt like it was worth it. Very routine, almost clean. It was a good system.

On this particular planet they came across a small colony. Riddick and his First Among ran into a small group that immediately took them to speak with the leader of the society that had established on this almost rural planet. Vaako watched thoughtfully, familiar sounds forming oddly familiar words. The children running past shouting something and the soldier had to stop a moment to watch. As the others realized that they had lost one of the strangers for a moment they halted their movement, nervously eyeing the man who was listening to the rolling letters and exotically pronounced vowels. Pieces of Vaako's past life clicked somewhere in his mind and his lips twitched in a hint of a smile before they started on their way again.

When the door was opened into a decent sized home the people only allowed Riddick and Vaako through, the two other soldiers with them forced to stay outside. Their leader was a man about Riddick's height, not as chiseled and was at least ten maybe fifteen years older his shoulder length hair swept back with strands of grey mixed into the dark chestnut color. The man smiled happily at them, obviously enjoying having visitors, being such a small colony on such a small planet they must not get many travelers passing through. Words passed through his smiling lips in some form of greeting as he grasped Riddick's arm and pat his shoulder. He looked quizzical when Riddick didn't respond and seemed to ask a question. Vaako stared for a moment, listening to the syntax and recognizing the pattern.

Vaako gently touched his fingers to the man's arm getting his attention. Drawing forth information he never truly forgot Vaako spoke the words of his home.

"Excuse my friend, our people come from many worlds and are not accustomed to speaking anything but the universal. However, you and I have ancestry together, for your language is mine." Vaako explained softly, quickly falling into the formality and speech of his birth. The two other men both displayed a level of shock before the Leader broke into a grin greeting Vaako as a brother rather than a stranger. Gripping Vaako's arm as he had Riddick however kissing the man's forehead and both cheeks he lead them further into the house talking quite happily with Vaako. Riddick didn't know what was going on, what they were saying, or where they were going, but they sat and the two discussed as Riddick sat idly to the side.

For once, since he first became Lord Marshall, Riddick felt out of place. He couldn't answer any questions for himself, and he couldn't even negotiate some quick trade of some food for at least the Basilica. He almost wondered why he stayed with Vaako, if only to show what a strong force they were on how nonchalant and bored he looked at the discussions with the leader.

He found it easy, however, to get lost in Vaako's speech. The words were so foreign, and new. On the Basilica things were very easy, very monotonous after a while. He wondered how long he'd be able to survive before having to abandon the Necromongers, or before he started killing people for the change of pace. But Vaako's voice, for now, was doing a good job at distracting him and giving him something that wasn't so repetitive. Every once in a while, he'd realize he was staring at the other man's lips and turn away to catch the Leader giving him a look of amusement. He didn't understand the look, but he couldn't ask seeing as he didn't understand the language.

After the discussions were over the man shook Vaako's hand in the same manner as earlier, kissing his forehead and cheeks once more. He gave Riddick an odd look when Riddick looked away from the act. The man smiled and asked something of Vaako who, for the first time since he had known Vaako, stuttered his reply slightly shocked his pale cheeks turning a soft pink. After he finished speaking he grabbed Riddick by the arm and dragged him out the door obviously too flustered to stay inside any longer. When they got out Vaako stopped and took several deep breaths.

"What's got your panties in a bunch?" Riddick teased as they started walking again. Vaako immediately glared at him, his cheeks coloring again but not as bright as before. Clearing his throat he schooled his expression again before Riddick could comment.

"Their leader asked if we were a couple."

A pause. A humorous roar of laughter startled some people walking past, Vaako tried hard not to blush.

"He thought you and I? That's ridiculous! What you tell 'im?" An almost disappointed expression flitted across the First Among's face before Riddick could properly decipher it.

"That we weren't." He stated steady and almost a little flat.

Riddick nodded, "good."

Despite the language barrier, Riddick actually liked the small planet. Great culture, and the food was way better than the bland stuff the ship served. A couple days in and Vaako had quietly been able to convince most of the colony to join. Most went through the purification, Riddick made sure any that were cooks didn't, wanting the variety the colorful food provided to stay. Most the people that joined didn't have families, or joined in pairs, but those that had children stayed behind on the colony. Apparently there was another settlement a couple days north that they would move to. They were sad to lose their friends, but it was their choice for a new life, and one that was free of pain. Though, their newest recruits avoided the purifications for a while, still unsure about the idea of it but that was fine with Riddick, it was more entertaining than a bunch of sulky half dead.

And Vaako, Vaako was growing more and more fascinating to watch. His First Among's purifications didn't stop, but on a few occasions a rare and actually pleasant smile crossed the man's lips. He helped the colony's people learn the Universal language, but still talked with many of them in their native tongue. Settling them into the military life wasn't hard. From what Riddick understood, Vaako's home planet had been a militarist world, and the people of the colony had been sent out many years before the invasion. Through this they learned quickly and even taught many of the Necro warriors a few tricks. None were matches for Riddick, but it was something new. More of the colonists converted, despite the religion having gone under some major renovations since Riddick took the throne, the purifications stayed. Only for the sole reason that it wasn't something that the Necromonger people could just quit.

He saw the colonists often, who were quickly changing to perfect warriors. He had been surprised, when the Leader of the colony joined, but wasn't surprised when he joined the military as soon as he could, rising amongst the ranks as fast as was physically possible. Despite knowing the universal language, he still spoke to Vaako in their native. And it was one of those evenings when they were talking that the man glanced at him and it was almost as if he could see Riddick in the shadows.


It would be later on that Riddick would blame the colony. And then the people. For the curiosity and the wonder. He watched Vaako, and the way he spoke his home's language, and it was different from when he spoke universally. And he knew it wasn't the language, it was Vaako speaking it, and the expressions he made, and the way he moved his hands, it was completely different from how he normally spoke.

So, there he was, glaring at the back of the man's head as he checked over several data pads scattered across the surface of the Lord Marshall's dining table and was saying something that should have been of relevance to him. It wasn't. And the more he stared the more irritated he felt. He kept hearing him speak in a strangely beautiful language, seeing him flustered every time someone from the colony had asked if the two were together, or mentioned a nonexistent relationship. Yea, he'd blame the planet, and the colony, and the damn language while he was at it. It wasn't like he was against those kinds of relations. Not at all, he'd been all over the universe in (and out of) every slam, he has been in all sorts of flings. So he was definitely not against it.

But it's Riddick… and tall, serious, emotionless, stick up the ass Vaako.

And it wasn't until Vaako said it, until they landed on that damn planet and the foreign words slipped from the other man's lips that Riddick started thinking about it. He hadn't stopped thinking about it. He'll blame the navigator of the Basilica too. Just for good measure.

With his mind made up, Riddick moved forward with purpose. Fingers tangling in long black braids, he tugged and turned Vaako's head to meet him. Lips crashed together with little passion. It was all teeth and tongue and possession and curiosity. Nipping Vaako's lip, blood filled across his waiting tongue and he lapped at the mouth catching a moan with the copper tasting liquid. He pulled back licking his lips and getting a sharp aroused stare from the other man.

"What was that?" He whispered, his usually flat tone questioning.

"That was you." Riddick sneered. Vaako glared and pushed Riddick back crowding him close to the wall grabbing his Lord Marshall's face he snarled.

"Then do excuse me if I repeat it." He wasn't even able to get a single quirk of his lips before the red with blood lips pressed back at his. They pressed their bodies close and Riddick swore that he gripped the man's hips hard enough to break bone, but it only got a hum of appreciation from the man that was ravaging his mouth. When they pulled apart for air Vaako looked unsure and slightly dazed almost.

"I've… wanted to do that…" Before he could say anything more Riddick rolled his hips switching their positions so the dark haired man was shoved against the wall instead.

"Don't." He bit at the slightly dark lips again, making small nips up the smooth pallid jaw. "If you're gonna speak, say it in your native." Dark eyes locked with Riddick's dark goggles. There was silence before nails clawed slightly at his temples pulling the goggles over the shaved head and tossing them somewhere in the direction of the table. Leaning forward teeth scraped against his ear.

Vaako whispered something in the exotic language, he had no clue what but he ground his hips forward getting a panted expletive for his work.

"Don't stop." He growled, sweeping the soldiers feet out from under him he dropped the man to the floor, almost falling on top of him in his effort to get everything going quicker.

Something similar to the word careful slipped in a hiss from the other's lips, and only made Riddick want to tear at him more for the sinful way the dark haired man said it. Sneering, Riddick ignored his glares, ripping the clothes from the body under him. Apparently Vaako didn't like that, and Riddick almost got a fist in the face for shredding the material. He barely dodged the punch thrown at him by his First who used the misbalance of his Lord Marshall and was quickly on top of him pressing his Lord against the cold stone and he had to grin up at the other man as he continued speaking in an erotic whisper as he sat on Riddick and forced him to keep still.

"Babe, I don't know what you are saying… but god do you sound sexy." Thrusting his hips up he rubbed against the unsuspecting man getting a groan before Riddick took the upper hand again rolling them over and pinning the struggling man down. Wrapping pale wrists in the shredded shirt Riddick tied his hands together tightly. "And I always do like a challenge."

Vaako rolled his eyes and his tone grew sarcastic but the fact he was still speaking his native tongue told Riddick that he was still game for anything the Furyan man had waiting for him. He made short work of the rest of his Commander's clothes and was running his hands anywhere he could reach. He growled and bit his hip hard when Vaako had let his words fall silent. A surprised yelp of something came from his lips and he tried to kick Riddick, but it was bat away easily and he gave him a stern look.

"I told you, don't stop. You do, and I do." Vaako groaned and said something in frustration. Lips sucked on the slight bruise he left just a moment before for his lover's cooperation. From there on, Vaako continued a murmured chant of words that Riddick didn't know, just to keep him from stopping his wonderful touches. Riddick smirked when the chant pitched into a cry as he thrust into the willing man. He settled himself and let the panting man catch what breath he could.

The man under him mumbled something, his eyes closed his head tilted back and face turned to the side. Brushing his lips over the taunt neck he could feel the vibration as Vaako was obviously telling Riddick he could move. Riddick felt a rumble in the back of his throat echo against Vaako's throat who groaned as their hips started moving. Hot and slick, their bodies slid against each other and Vaako's voice grows needy and more demanding. He growls his wants in a language Riddick doesn't know, but it doesn't hinder him from understanding the Necro's desires. Pushing harder, grinding into the warm flesh and getting pleased words, heavy with arousal. Riddick has no clue what he said, but the tone told him it was something filthy, and just that alone has him growling and thrusting faster, trying to break the man. The rambles get louder and bound hands strain, the fingers coming to claw at Riddick trying to find a grip, get a hold of something as he's broken down to a moaning gibberish spewing mass.

Silver shined eyes stared down at the man unblinking, and even through closed lids, Vaako could feel the searing gaze take in his every move and scour his whole body. A hand dug into his pale hip, and he knew there would be a dark bruise joining the others. A large hand wrapped around him and jerked. He growled out demands he knew his Lord Marshall didn't know. It was then, that Riddick bit down, hard, on Vaako's neck, feeling the words and sounds vibrate in his mouth and causing Vaako to shout more of the language that Riddick loved to hear from him. He curled his toes against one of Riddick's calf, his other leg wrapping around Riddick to press the small of his back down, bringing Riddick in further. The hand on him moved faster and he wanted to bit his lip but he knew he couldn't. He hoarsely snarled one last word before growing tense and curling his body against Riddick's, the man's teeth still pressed against his throat, the body over him, in him, still moving against him, hard and hot. Spending himself in shuttering waves, Vaako collapsed on the stone that had warmed in his prolonged contact.

Riddick grabbed Vaako's legs spreading them wider and with one last harsh thrust he came, without a single sound into the trembling man below him. Collapsing, hot and sticky, but sated, Riddick ran his nails down Vaako's sides, watching the slightly red path it left on pale skin.

"God… that was amazing." Riddick's voice rumbled, gruff from their previous engagements, resting his forehead on the stone next to Vaako's head.

Clearing his throat and swallowing Vaako bit at Riddick's ear. "Yea…"


A week later, and Riddick was pissed.

Vaako had been slipping through his grasp all week. Dodging him, and disappearing, hiding around the ship away from Riddick. He knew the man wasn't so childish as to hold a grudge or something, or be so immature as to try and fool himself into thinking that he didn't enjoy the Lord Marshall dominating him.

So when Riddick turned to find the man entering the Lord Marshall's chambers, determinedly striding towards him, his clothes loose and obviously easy to remove. Fingers grasped at goggles flinging them off and gripping Riddick's head dragging him into a heated kiss, full of all the passion their first kiss had been lacking, the breeder wasn't going to complain gripping at Vaako, just as hard and possessively. Pulling back for air the paler man ran his lips over Riddick's ear.

He whispered something in a completely new language, one that Riddick was familiar enough to understand what Vaako was saying, but it was not Universal, and it was sure as hell not Vaako's native tongue.

"God, babe, you know how to turn me on." Riddick growled slamming the other's body against the table, determined to wipe that arrogant smirk from his face as he continued speak such obscene promises in the new and unique language.