Title: Howl (or As If You Had A Choice, depending on how you feel)

Author: Harley

Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
Length: 4,321

Warning(s): Sex, sex everywhere, so much sex I don't know how I wrote this, almost pure smut, but some plot

Pairing/Characters: Vaako/Riddick, mentions of other characters but not really part of the story

Disclaimer: I do not own this series, if I did, this story would have been and ending scene, modified, but would have been an ending scene to Chronicles of Riddick, and the whole third movie would just be smut and sex, and hints of manly fluff and more sex. But I don't own it, I can only claim to have watched the series and now own the blue rays of the series.

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From the day that Vaako came to Riddick with a new foreign language on his lips, things were going to be different. He could feel it. He wonders now if he even thought on what he was getting himself into when he picked up that data pad to learn a third language. In hindsight, he probably didn't. He probably should have.

It wasn't like the change was bad, more like, it was distracting. Not just distracting, infuriatingly so. Riddick would lay a hand on him as often as he could. Nothing too extreme (usually), a hand on the small of his back, a brush of their shoulder's, fingers brushing, a tug to the braids, a knee bumping his, anything and everything that Riddick could do to get them to touch in public. Anything more personal, Riddick made sure there wasn't anyone else around. Vaako didn't mind, he wasn't a woman. They didn't hold hands, or whisper sweet nothings. Their relationship was less than that. And far above it.

As unconventional as a relationship as they had, it was not without its teasing, its flirting. After picking up on what exactly Riddick was doing with his occasional touches, Vaako decided to start playing along. For every touch Riddick gave Vaako when outside the Lord Marshal's chambers, Vaako would respond with something just as distracting.

The first time he did it, it was during a meeting. Riddick had waved a hand in Vaako's direction, and from practice Vaako knew the gesture, handing his Lord the data pad he needed. Overshooting his grab, Riddick ran rough fingers over Vaako's pale wrist peeking just above the arm bracer the Commander insisted on wearing, before taking the pad. With his normal chiding tone, Vaako quickly responded.

"Careful with the gestures, people might talk." The language was easy to slip into, and despite looking down at his own data pad, he could see Riddick out of the corner of his eye. From how fast his head whipped around, Vaako was surprised he hadn't snapped his own neck by accident. Those close enough to have heard Vaako's statement stared in confusion and a sort of surprise. When he finally looked up Riddick had the biggest grin on his face, and though those who saw it started squirming uncomfortably, Vaako had to do his best to keep his breathing normal. Most would think of it as his grin right before he killed someone in a potentially very brutal way, Vaako knew otherwise. It was the grin Riddick would give as the last second warning before he would jump his First Among Commanders and take him where they stand. Vaako had never seen him give it in public.

Riddick turned back to his data pad, the grin still in place. Vaako had never been in a meeting that had gone so quickly. He wasn't sure if it was because Riddick was rushing things, or if the meeting members were.

It didn't really matter. With the meeting finished, those in attendance rushed out as fast as they could, leaving their First Among alone with the Furyan man. A strong arm wrapped around the small of the Necro's back, gripping his hip tightly with a deadly hand. His mouth dove towards that pale neck, with the purification scar as his mark, knowing how it drove Vaako crazy. He never made his target. With a glare, he pulled back from the data pad that had been smacked into his face by Vaako.

"We have a schedule to keep." He knew that despite the fact that it wasn't Universal, Riddick understood not the words but the reprimanding tone he used.

"You wouldn't." Riddick growled the words around his teeth, trying to control the need to pounce the man in front of him. It was confident, and needy, a touch desperate and a little worried. He got a smirk for his efforts, but Vaako did move a bit closer and leaned in ever so slightly.

"The faster you go through the schedule, the sooner we can do what you want." He went ahead and let himself slip back into Universal, for the sole purpose that he wanted Riddick to know what he said. To miss the look of defiance and lust cross the man's face would have been unacceptable. Pulling back, Vaako turned and left through the same doors the others had.


The day went slowly, despite Riddick's urgency to rush through it all. There was an inspection of the engines that the Lord Marshal had to do twice a month, the provisions storage had to be accounted for, plans for invasion had to be made. There was a meeting with the elemental woman, and another gathering to be had with the nobles in the Necropolis of the Basilica. Riddick had trouble keeping his hands away from the other man, and ever touch brought a teasing sentence, a reprimanding word, and some filthy anecdotes in hushed tones. And he wasn't allowed to act on his urges. Vaako would smirk, and continue on with work, despite the odd looks and surprised stares from others.

Riddick did well to hold back the impulses, the need to pin the pale man down and have his way with him, fuck who sees. It's not like he cared, or that it was some big secret. It was just the idea of someone other than himself seeing Vaako in the throes of pleasure. Vaako was his and he wasn't willing to share. He got halfway through some whining noble droning on and on about as nobles they should be getting more rations then menial workers. Or something equally as boring. This was never good for his constantly wandering mind. He didn't like sitting still, and Vaako didn't like it either. It gave the killer ideas.

Fingers fiddled with the clasps of his Commander's shirt at the small of Vaako's back. He didn't undo any, he just let his nails scrape at them, and his palm lay against the thick fabric. The skittering hand slowly made its way down, running over the back of the other man's pants. Rubbing teasing fingers against the firm ass, before grabbing a hold of it and squeezing. Shifting his stance, he leaned to whisper in his Lord's ear. A hard feat with the way the man was lounging, but if anyone could do it without drawing too much attention, First Among Commanders Lord Vaako could. No one knows what Vaako said, no one was close enough, nor would they have understood him if they were. All anyone knows was that the moment he straightened, so did their Lord.

"I'm Lord Marshal, my word is law. If you want to live, you'll leave now." The nobles were taken aback, unsure of what just happened, it was so sudden, and he hadn't even waited for the nobles to finish as he normally did.

"B-but… my Lord?" The man that had been talking took an uncertain step back.

"You heard me. Get out. Now." A trembling silence fell, the nobles unsure of themselves. Many ran seconds after the second demand, others took stuttered steps before briskly following, some seemed rooted to the spot with fear. But when Riddick made a twitch of his limbs, as if to stand, they bolted. "Guards, get out. Close all the doors. And if someone steps one foot in here before my say so… you're dead." The loyal soldiers didn't need telling twice and were out of sight behind the clicks of doors.

A hand wrapped around Vaako's left arm bracer, dragging him down. Despite Riddick's claim that Vaako no longer needed to wear armor around the Basilica, he kept the metal arm bracers, and the knee high boots. Which only ever became a problem occasionally. Like now. His knee cracked against the stone seat, forcing him to slide the uncomfortable metal alongside his lover's thigh. Almost the moment Vaako was settled, leaning over the other man in a peculiar position, Riddick dove in. He mouthed and licked and bite at the circular scar under Vaako's left ear. Like flipping a switch Vaako simultaneously snapped his back into a long arch, and turned to gel. Barely keeping himself upright, he was unable to do more than screw his eyes shut and pray he didn't die from the overload. Almost as if hearing his wish, Riddick pulled back and let his teeth find Vaako's ear.

"Commander Vaako," a shiver made its way through Vaako's body at the growl in his Lord's voice. He would never admit to it, but there was a thrill that got his heart pumping when the Furyan said his name like that. "Kneel, like a good soldier." The aggressive shove to his shoulder had him sliding his foot to the stone once more and staring down at Riddick. The man snapped his goggles up to his forehead to burn his gaze into Vaako's. It was the self-assured look of a man that was gonna get his way, and knew it all too well. Before Riddick, there was a time where his Dame wanted to go down on her knees in front of him while he lounged on the throne. He didn't understand why it appealed her so much, until he did the exact same thing that she had dreamed of. Riddick spread his thighs as Vaako slowly fell to his knees in what would be a submissive gesture, if they both didn't know that the Necro soldier was going to have all the power here.

It was easy, as per usual, to open Riddick's customary attire enough to get a handle on what he was after. Not that it was in Vaako's book to compare, or to really care, and it wasn't like he was particularly fond of sucking cock. But Riddick was impressive, in all aspects of life. And it wasn't above Vaako to boast that he learned quickly how to handle him in many ways. So it was easy to say that he had Riddick in the palm of his hand… or on the tip of his tongue. Right now it didn't matter, not to either of them. Riddick let his head fall back running a hand through stiff strands to knot his fingers in long intricate braids. He tugged and pulled trying to get that clever mouth to move quicker. But the Necro man just glared up at him, slowed the slide of his mouth, and slackened his throat.

He was surprised at how erotic the echo of Riddick's growled moan was. Vaako became acutely aware of the room they were in and the very fact that this was Necropolis, where previous Lord Marshal's sat and looked down their noses at their followers, and many after Riddick probably would. And here, a First Among Commander, was making a great and powerful man bend to his will. With that thought thrilling in his veins, his normal confidence of power over the man grew and allowed him to be more daring. He sucked harder and moved in almost graceful patterns, leaving trails of tongue and gentle glide of teeth behind him, only to take more on the way back down. The nails digging into his scalp with fingers twisting in the loose strands at the base of his neck became more insistent. Risking a glance up, dark eyes caught the lighter shinned ones of his Lord obviously intent on remembering every second of this moment. It was a testament to one's ability when they can honestly say that they pulled off a confident smirk while simultaneously managing to deep throat someone, well it would be quite a testament. Vaako was one of the few men that could, and probably would if prompted.

It wasn't until Riddick began rocking his hips that Vaako finally let himself pull away. Loosening strong fingers from his hair, Vaako stood out of Riddick's reach.

"Be patient, My Lord." He indulged their growing habit, making quick work of the many clasps that held his boots to his legs. Kicking off the offending articles, they landed somewhere down on the steps, but he didn't bother to look where. Seeming to understand his intentions, Riddick dove forward grabbing him by the hips and reeling him back to stand in between his legs. With the help of overly excited tugs from his lover, Vaako managed to pull himself free of his lower garment. Stepping out of it as it hit the floor, and up into the other man's lap almost immediately after. Riddick's mouth quickly found purchase on his neck, biting and licking and marking as usual. Pushing on his shoulders trying to get him to back off a bit, Vaako whispered into the other man's ear, "Sit back, sir, I'll take care of it."

"God, Vaako." Riddick snarled from around a piece of Vaako's neck. "Hurry up."

"Patience." He insisted, finding a comfortable spot that didn't twist his legs or cramp up muscles. His nails skittered down the man's sides, catching slightly on the cloth and clawing at the muscle underneath. Tugging at the hem Riddick reluctantly let the shirt that he usually wore be pulled free of him and tossed down to join Vaako's boots. There was some sort of symbolism to the sprawl of the metal boots and the fabric sliding down the steps, some sort of meaning behind it that Riddick wasn't willing to dwell on. Not with blunt nails and searching fingertips crawling their way back up his ties to his neck. They cupped the back of the shaved head, playing with the straps of the goggles the man wore before flinging them off to join the boots and shirt.

The kiss that the Necro placed to his lips was almost chaste, something never used in the same context as their relationship. Especially with the way Vaako was starting to rut against him, on the throne no less. There was something to be said about their kiss too, but the thought left Riddick as fast as it came when it turned biting and passionate and desperate. It was everything like all their other kisses , but still different, still felt electrifying and almost beautiful in the way their mouths slide just right, perfectly together. They both gave all, and took all in the way their mouths slide slick and hot together, mimicking the slow glide of their hips.

Vaako's hands slide from their place on Riddick's head, moving down to rest one on the crook of his neck as the other rested on the blue print on his left pectoral. The fingers were gentle, a contrast to the rest of their bodies, as they ran over the glowing hand, feeling the gentle pulse of knowledge and power from under the skin. While the man in his lap was preoccupied, Riddick let his own hands wander to the back of the man's neck. He pushed the braids aside, yanking at the clasps there, eventually getting the complicated contraptions to part for his fingers to press into the other man's spine. The kiss broke with a soft hiss, the man's head falling back, and with a flick of the Marshal's fingers the collar of Vaako's shirt folded over revealing the pale skin of his neck.

Scraping his teeth over flesh and tasting the hidden skin, his hands slide down the rest of the clasps leaving them hitched to reach his main goal. His fingers curled around his lover's ass, preparing to lift Vaako and seat the man properly on his weeping cock. Before he could manage it, tight grips pulled his wrists away and pinned them to the back of the throne.

"No, let me take care of it." Vaako snarled, the words sounding even more menacing in the harsh pronunciation of another language. Riddick growled something unintelligible, obviously done with the foreplay and ready to just fuck the man. He broke the Necro soldier's hold on him and grabbed him by the sharp hips, throwing him to the floor. As if anticipating this, Vaako landed mostly on his side, rolling the weight onto his back. Riddick was on him in a manner of seconds, their hands grappled with each other, trying to get the upper hand without resorting to actual blows. Knowing that Riddick had a completely different style from what Vaako was used to fighting, he knew he couldn't play fair in this case. Letting go of one of Riddick's wrists and diving his hand down, he grabbed hold of Riddick's weeping cock with just the right pressure, twisted just right, and ran a thumb over the head. With a shudder, the Lord lowered his forehead to lay it to the stone next to Vaako's ear.

"Damn you." He groaned, and with a winning chuckle Vaako flipped them, Riddick sprawling on the stone at the feet of the throne under Vaako's cunning hands.

"Let me do this, Riddick. Or I swear to Underverse and back, you will not have sex for a week."

"You wouldn'."

"You wanna try?" Vaako shifted, making as if to stand, letting his hand pull away from Riddick's cock, and the other pull from the killer's hand. Both the Lord Marshal's hands shout out and gripped Vaako by the hips.

"Fuckin' tease." He ground out. Settling himself back down, Vaako could only sneer at the man under him.

"Yet you stay."

All arguments died when Vaako, finally praise the high heavens till Underverse come or whatever bullshit, finally slide Riddick inside him. The groan Riddick made as his head fell back against the floor was almost that of a dying man come back to life. But he didn't really care. His fingers clutched at pale hips leaving marks behind but not daring to make Vaako move faster from the slow glide up and harsh drop down. It was like an anchor in the storm, pale body rocking down onto him and rolling up from him. His thumb nails scraped at the jutting bone of his hips, rubbing them with the pad of his thumbs, wishing Vaako would move faster. The Necro man looked down on him, eyes gleaming under half closed lids. A smirk crossed his lips and on instinct he moved just a little bit faster, tilting forward just so, coming down that much harder. Growling, Riddick dug his nails into the pale hips, almost wondering why he wanted to torture himself more. He just wanted to move, to push up and lose himself in the man, but his mind was still active and the threat from earlier was still very vivid.

Keeping up the steady rhythm, Vaako let his fingers trace the muscles of the other man's chest. His hand came to rest over Riddick's heart once more, letting the pulse of energy tingle along his fingers. For a moment, he felt acutely jealous of the mark. Of the woman who left it. Riddick didn't explain it with great detail, but it didn't change the fact that here was a mark left on him, under the skin on his very soul. And Vaako could never pull that off. The ability to leave something on this man, who everyone knew was made for something, seemed impossible. He curled his finger into a fist, scraping against the skin and the print glowed brighter. He wished for an instant he could mark this man in some way, make him remember when all things fall apart.

He pushed himself up higher and fell farther, trying to get as much of Riddick in him as possible. His movements grew impatient, striving to get the proper leverage to move faster. His legs shook and feet slipped on the stone. He growled, the mark laughing at his struggles. Trying to focus on the task at hand, or the animalistic gleam in Riddick's eyes. Something. He picked up the pace minutely, slowing down to readjust his legs to pick up the pace again. Riddick didn't seem to mind in the least. He shook with the pleasure, groaning when Vaako would slow down, growling when he sped up. Vaako kept at it, deciding to tease the man a bit longer. But it became too much too quick and they both needed more. He wouldn't admit defeat, but Riddick didn't need to know it.

"Move." Vaako hissed with, and neither would ever bring it up, a hint of desperation. Moaning in appreciation, Riddick understood the tone and grabbed hold of Vaako's ass bringing him down hard while shoving up to meet him. The jolt that ran up Vaako's spine shuddered through his bones and came from his lips as a shaky gasp. Vaako closed his eyes on the print as it stared up at him with every heave of Riddick's chest, and let himself go in the sensations. He focused on the hot flesh moving inside him, on the blunt force put behind it as it pounded into him. On the fingers grabbing his ass, making him move faster, he couldn't help the quickening of his breath as he focused on all that. A jolt, and a shiver up his spine had him gasping and opening his eyes to stare down at the Furyan as a nail scrapped at the sensitive skin stretched around Riddick's cock.

"Don't." It was a stern order, yet somehow reassuring. Shinned eyes glared up at him, the persistent thrusts into him making the moment that much more captivating.

"Bastard." He whispered, biting into his lips to stop the noises that were ready to come from his throat. Keeping eye contact was one of the hardest things Vaako had ever done, specifically when Riddick drove into him just right prodding Vaako's prostate with the head of his cock. His spine bent, head falling, his eyes unable to focus on the high ceilings above him. His Lord shifted, sitting up so his chest pressed to the thick material of Vaako's shirt, Vaako's fisted hand still caught between their bodies. Biting and licking and sucking marks into Vaako's pale neck Riddick drove in faster. Vaako was sure he would be unable to keep up with Riddick for much longer, his head already resting on the man's shoulder, feeling the body underneath thrum and rock with every movement up. He felt euphoric and needed more.

"Harder!" He snarled diving in to violently bite Riddick's neck. The thrust up pushed Vaako up as Riddick slid in deep. He held on with his teeth, his fingers spreading on Riddick's chest over the mark while one of Riddick's hands made its way between them grabbing hold of Vaako and jerking his hand fast. His teeth let go, leaving dark bruises behind, a trickle of blood with copper taste in his mouth and a small gasp as he came.



The stumble back to the Lord Marshal's chambers was a blur. Their clothes were sloppily thrown back on, and Vaako was sure he saw that Elemental bitch smirking at them from behind a pillar before the door swished behind them. He's also quite positive one of the buckles for his boots is probably siting at the feet of the throne, but the menial crew are good workers and know where to return it.

When his senses had returned to him, Vaako was aware of two things. One he felt sore, but in a good way, the kind of sore after a round of good exercise. And when you are bedmate to the Lord Marshal, you get plenty of good exercise. And two, that he was surrounded by warmth, but not in the good way. It was overly hot, and almost sticky in the heavy shirt he wore. A warm body was pressed to his back, a hand gripping at his hip tightly, almost too tightly for comfort but Vaako was used to that. He knew it was Riddick, and he knew there was nothing to worry about. If Riddick wanted to hurt Vaako in some physical way, there were better ways for him to achieve it, and much more creative ones. But there was also something pressed close to his front. And from the feel, and the snag when he breathed, it wasn't something he was willing to open his eyes for. That was until the smell of burning metal filled the air.

Eyes flashing open Vaako tugged his arm free from under where the Alpha Hellhound had rested its head on one of his bracers. He snarled at the beast and it seemed to glare at him for waking him quite unpleasantly before standing up stretching its scales and sauntering off. Tugging at the pristine bracer, Vaako wondered why he hadn't taken them off before bed. It didn't matter at this point, but usually he wasn't so careless. The bracer the creature had rested its head on, however, wasn't going to be useful anytime soon. The metal had been melted together, and was rabidly cooling. The pieces had attached to the each other and over the clasps that kept them securely on. Groaning he fell onto his back staring at the bracer. He couldn't move his wrist properly now, and there was no way he was getting this off on his own. This was going to be an awkward visit to the smith several levels down.

Glancing at the Furyan who was, surprisingly, still asleep. The dark teeth marks on his neck caught keen eyes and he stared at them. He smiled to himself thinking then he had no right to be jealous of some stupid mark left by a woman who doesn't even exist. Riddick has trusted four people in his lifetime, each left their own mark not visible to the eye. And Riddick remembers them a lot better than any visible mark could leave one to believe.

The thought was lost when the Alpha returned to pounce on Vaako's stomach, knocking the wind from him and resting it's head on his chest.