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Fa Zhou was arranged to be married to Ti Li, a neighbor's daughter, when he turned twenty. The first time they saw each other it was love at first sight. Their marriage was a happy one and within a year Fa Li found out that she was pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy was filled with complications. Things only got worse when Fa Zhou was sent away to join the army. Fa Li went into labor a week early and even though the midwife did everything she could Fa Li lost her son. The baby girl lived was named her Mulan or Wood Orchid. The son who they named Kong, or Hollow, was buried the next day. a Zhou was still grieving his son when he was called back to the army. Fa Zhou had a mission to complete: find the General's son.

"Fa Zhou are you sure your up to it," asked the nervous General Li.

"Yes, General, I am," Fa Zhou turned and left. A few days later, Fa Zhou found the little boy hiding uder a rock. The boy was very dirty, and he seemed frightened. Fa Zhou coaxed the little boy out, and returned him to the General. Fa Zhou then returned home into his waiting wife's arms.