Here goes a Darwin/Charlie fic... title inspired by OneRepublic's All the Right Moves. Don't own the Alphas series... because then Skye and Taz would've ended up together in the end.

we're going down

Because they were Darwin and Charlie, and even Taz wasn't going to mess that up. Shira, however, wasn't going to give up that easily. Darwin/Charlie

Because they were Darwin and Charlie, and even Taz wasn't going to mess that up. Shira, however, wasn't going to give up that easily.

Shira was a woman of power. An alpha, if you will. She gave a new meaning to the word. She was the epitome of the word.

And so, she had alpha-high standards for who dated her sons.

She was a smart woman. She knew that having her assistant's daughter so close to her third son, it would turn out into no good.

That was the first time she didn't trust her instincts.

The second time she didn't trust her instincts was when they went to Costa Rica—Charlie came back smelling of cinnamon, and Darwin… Darwin was brighter than the sun and happier than a kid in a candy store.

She let it slide.

The third and final time she didn't trust her instincts was two years before Alpha Academy came into existence. They were in Tuscany visiting the Uffizi. Melbourne, Sydney, Dingo, and Taz had broken in on skateboards while Darwin and Charlie stared at The Birth of Venus for hours and hours, holding hands.

She didn't understand why her other sons didn't disrupt them. They seemed happy together, but Charlie was a beta in Shira's eyes and Darwin was her son—and her son should date an alpha.

So that was why when Charlie asked to join Alpha Academy when one of her actresses dropped out, Shira used her instincts—Charlie would get the chance of a lifetime if she broke up with Darwin. Sure, she'd loose Bee—the best assistant she'd had yet, but in Shira's mind, it was worth it.

Finally, twelve years could be undone and Darwin could get a proper girlfriend. It sounded fantastic in Shira's mind until she saw Darwin. He looked as if his heart had been ripped out and crushed… he looked dead, almost. But it would get better, Shira was sure of it.

But that was the only time Shira's instincts were wrong. Things didn't get better.

When Allie J was revealed to be Allie A, Darwin didn't look heartbroken… he looked furious. He was hurt she didn't tell him the truth, angry that she waited for his mother to reveal it, and betrayed that everything he'd built up to try and forget his twelve-year relationship with Charlie was a lie.

So he told her he wanted her back. When Shira lifted the boy-ban, they got back together.

They both knew Shira wouldn't give up trying to break them up. If she did, Taz would've stopped being a serial lip-kisser, Dingo wouldn't pull another prank, Sydney wouldn't be so sensitive, and Melbourne wouldn't care about his appearance.

But because they were Darwin and Charlie, and they were in love, nothing Shira did would split them apart.