I writhed upon the once white colored sheets of my bed. They were now stained red with the blood from my body. I knew it would be too late soon enough. I had my crimson cloaked eyes clenched shut, blocking out the sights of my dorm room. No one knew what went on behind my closed door. No one knew except for me and one other person.

Another scream ripped itself from my throat as my body contorted once more in agony, all the breath leaving my lungs. My throat was dry, and no matter how many fake blood tablets I took I could never sate the thirst. I could never close off the beast in me that wanted to awaken.

I knew by now I was only making it worse by scratching myself. The loss of blood would just provoke the beast even more. My finger nails had grown into claws and currently were digging into the palms of my fisted hands. Scratches covered my torso, my throat, and my face. There was no getting around all of it.

My canine teeth had elongated and furiously cut into my lower lip as I tried to contain even more sounds expressing my lack of rapture. None of this was pleasurable to me, only painful. The taste of my own metallic blood made bile rise in the back of my throat. The smell of iron burned in my nostrils.

The white shirt of my uniform was open, exposing my blood speckled chest, and becoming stained in the same red as the sheets. I did not care about the exposure of my body or the indecency; I could barely even focus on remaining conscious at this fatal point.

Just before the final moment where my consciousness was nearly swiped away a pair of arms tugged me up. I was pulled tightly against a clothed body; a males body. As my face was pressed in closer to this male's neck I could hear his heart beat racing through his veins. I tried to struggle out of his hold. I did not want this. I did not want to become a beast and suck out the very thing that keeps that heart beating.

To no avail my struggles were all in vain. The male just pulled me closer to him, not fretting about the blood dripping onto him from my body. The beast tore at my insides, making a fire of pain rip through my nerves. I could barely keep it together anymore.

"Stop trying to do the right thing for once, Zero. I want you to live… so just bite me already." A stern, recognizable voice filled my ears and made me momentarily freeze.

Quickly after my pause I plunged my teeth into his neck. I felt the blood pour out around my fangs and I sucked at it greedily. The rich, chocolate-thick flavor sweeping over my taste buds. The warmth of the liquid soothed the ache in my previously dry throat.

I could not stop. My breathing became shallow and my head fuzzed over. The crimson veil over my eyes faded back to its original color. Blood was my drug, for it made me high. I did not know if it would be enough to calm to beast or if I had been too far gone to begin with. The only thing I knew was that it was too late to start worrying about if the one I love died… If Kaname died in my arms at the mercy of the beast within my soul.