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Genre (s): Adventure/Supernatural/Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 5,251

Pairing (s): Ash/harem (slowly), and a few others

Summary: Two thousand years ago, two proud clans by the name of Ōraians and Dākuōraians, born from similar bloodlines with unique abilities, were chosen by fate to defend the world from evil and keeping the balance between man and Pokémon at peace. Overtime and for every two hundred years or so, fate would choose two "special" children, one from each clan, to carry on their proud legacy and be their "Ōra Prince". Unfortunately, the Ōraians and Dākuōraians didn't like the idea of having two Ōra princes. To their eyes, there can ONLY be one true Ōra Prince between the two rival clans. No sooner, debate exploded between the two and soon afterwards, a bloody war was set. After years and years of gruesome conflict, the Ōraians and Dākuōraians finally split into two separate bloodlines, in order to prove one another who is the superior clan and who had the right to be fate's ONLY defenders of the world. Not only that, who they had the privilege to have their children and their descendants carry out their legacy as their rightful Ōra Prince.

Now, two thousand years later, a young boy by the name of Ash Satoshi Ketchum, a descendant of the Ōraians and one of the new Ōra Princes, must fulfill his undying role as a Ōraian descendant and Ōra Prince to carry out his bloodline's legacy and responsibilities. But can he handle it alone? Much less, can he live up to his bloodline's standards while dealing with troublesome trials and foes along the way? And what is the deal with him having three female bodyguards as his protection? Much so, they are willing to protect him with the cost of their life. Can this be for real? Only time will tell.

Characters' Age (s):

Ash Satoshi Ketchum = 4 ½ - 5

Delia Hanako Ketchum = Early-30's

Professor Samuel Oak = Mid-40's

Gary Shigeru Oak = 5 - 5 ½

Cynthia Shirona = 12

Solidad Saori = 12

J/Jane Hunter = 12 ½

Unnamed parents = Late-30's

The Ōra Prince- The Child Prince Arc

- Getting Along -

An awkward silence fell upon the kitchen…

It was quiet…

…too quiet to be exact,

No one spoke a single word…

No one did…

…especially not Cynthia, Solidad, and J.

The news about them being new bodyguards to Mrs. Ketchum's son completely took them off guard by surprise and left them completely speechless. Neither of them expected this. Heck, even they didn't know how to react to this, at all. How can they? It was so sudden and unexpected. Just a few hours ago, they were busy watching over Ash who they thought at first, was just an ordinal descendant of the Ōraians. But now… after a few hours later, they were now his bodyguards, without any further explanation, as to why they were. After all, things weren't adding up. Well, to the girls' point of view, they weren't, but to others, except for Ash and Gary who were really, really confused about everything that is going on before them, that's another story.

As much as the three girls were so confused and surprised about Professor Oak's sudden announcement, no one was more confused than Ash and Gary. The two youngsters were standing there with a complete clueless look on their face. They didn't have the slightest clue what the hell was going on and who could blame them. They were strangers to the whole situation. They couldn't make out from head to toe what Professor Oak was talking about. Or for that matter, why the old researcher suddenly appointed the three girls who they barely knew, as Ash's new bodyguards? What made Ash so special? Who knows? But by the expressions on Cynthia, Solidad, and J's faces, they were just as surprised as they were and Gary didn't blame them. He would freak out too, if he was suddenly Ash's bodyguard like them. Needless to say... he was glad, he wasn't. Nonetheless, this wasn't the time to think about that. It was time for some answers and the only person who has those answers was Professor Oak. However, just before the boys could get a chance to ask the old professor for some answers, something unexpected happens.


Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the proud daughter of the Hunter family slammed the dinner table with both of her hands before getting up from her seat. Her action alone caught everyone off guard by surprise and before long… all attention was on her. From where it looks, she was definitely in a foul mood. Her eyebrows were twitching violently while her icy blue eyes were completely shut. She still couldn't believe what she just heard from the old professor's mouth. Was this for real that she's going to be a bodyguard to some brat? How was this possible? If she didn't know any better, she had a feeling that her lousy parents had something to do with this. Or at the very least, was part of it.

In any case, J CANNOT accept this. Why should she be a bodyguard to a little snotty brat, in the first place? What reason is there? If there is one, it better be a DAMN good one. Otherwise, there is NO WAY she is going through with this without an explanation. There was nothing, but a mockery, a joke to her and her pride. And who's to blame for this? Well, that's simple. It was none other than Professor Oak, the man who brought this whole situation up in the first place. And speaking of him, he was now on J's Top Shit List. Talk about bad luck for him and there was no doubt that he was holding all the answers. Time for him to fess up or else.

"Is this… some kind of a joke, old man?" J growled through her gritted teeth and shooting the Pokémon researcher one of the coldest glares that she has ever given to anyone, thus far. "…Because I'm not laughing."

"It's no joke, J." Professor Oak firmly stated with a straight face, completely ignoring the death glare that he was getting from the silver-haired girl. "I'm being serious. You three are now Ash's new bodyguards."

J narrows her icy blue gaze even harder than before. "For what reason?"

"What other reason is there?" The Pokémon researcher countered with another question. "It is your family's duty, is it not?" He questioned.

"I couldn't care less about that!" The female mercenary spat dangerously. "Until I can get a straight forward answer from you,I'm NOT going to follow this stupid routine and be this…" She quickly glances at the small boy who she was told to protect and be a bodyguard to. Her icy blue gaze made the small boy shiver in fright. Ash didn't know why she was looking at him in that way, but he had a feeling that she wasn't too happy about something and he didn't blame her. He too was still baffled about the whole situation before him. But either way, that still didn't stop J from pouring her hatred onto him.

After sending a cold message to the small boy, J quickly went back to Professor Oak and continued where she left off. "…brat's stupid bodyguard without a proper answer." She finished.

Professor Oak sighed deeply. He knew this wasn't to be easy. He had a strong feeling about it from the very beginning. Why didn't he trust his instinct? I guess Professor Oak made a small mistake when he made his final decision. Oh, well. It's too late to turn back now. He might as well do J a favor and explain himself before things get out of control.

Just when he was about to, Solidad abruptly interrupted him. "As much as I hate saying this…" All eyes were now on her. "…J does bring up a good point." Cynthia nodded in agreement.

"Indeed she does." The blonde girl said calmly before casting her lonely gaze onto her parents who was somewhat avoiding any sort of eye contact with her. Cynthia raised an eyebrow at that. Talk about suspicion. She can tell right away that her parents were hiding something from her. By "something", she had no idea what it was, but had a feeling that it was important, really important. Just the look on their faces told the story. But even so, Cynthia decided to shrug it off and worry about it later. For now, back with the topic about her and her friends being bodyguards to Ash.

Once the young blonde shifted her attention right back onto Professor Oak, she continued where she left off since she still had something she wanted to say. "…And just like her, I'm pretty curious on why you suddenly chosen us three to be Ash's new bodyguards, Professor Oak. Is there a special reason?" She asked calmly while eying the Pokémon researcher closely like a hawk.


"Is that a yes or no?" The young blonde asked calmly.


"Professor, please… Just tell us the reason already." Cynthia demanded with a soft sigh. Her patience with Professor Oak was growing thin.

"Alright…" Professor Oak finally gave in, sighing softly and knowing that it was pretty useless to hide the truth from the girls. They have the right to know about everything and that is what they are going to get.

"…The real reason you three are Ash's new bodyguards is because… Ash is the new Ōra Prince." He informed while waiting for some kind of reaction. He did get some, but they weren't the ones he was expecting, at the very least.

After hearing the news about Ash being the new Ōra Prince, Cynthia, Solidad, J, Gary, and Ash didn't know how to react to it, literally… they didn't know how. Most of them can only… blink and blink.

Cynthia blinked…

Solidad blinked…

J blinked…

Gary blinked…

…And Ash, well… he just stood there like the clueless boy that he was since he didn't have a slightest clue what Professor Oak was talking about. And needless to say… no one can blame him.

In any case, while Ash and Gary were scratching their heads and trying to look for some answers, Cynthia, Solidad, and J couldn't help, but stare blankly at Professor Oak. Was he for real? By the facial expression on his face, he was. But even so… the girls didn't know if they should trust his words or not, it was just too much to bear. For one thing and to their knowledge, it was just too soon to crown a new Ōra Prince. Fifty years ago, the previous prince died, so there was no possible chance they can believe Mrs. Ketchum's son is the new Ōra Prince. It was just too soon, one hundred and fifty years too soon. Was it possible that Professor Oak was pulling their leg? There's a possibility, but most unlikely. But even so… there's always a chance that he…

"Are you being serious here?" J suddenly asked Professor Oak with a frown, causing everyone to stare at her. "Or are you just leading us on with this s-…"

"No, J." Professor Oak quickly cut off the young girl before she could get a chance to finish her sentence. "I'm not pulling your leg. It's the truth and to prove it…" The Pokémon researcher suddenly turned his attention to Delia and gave her a solid nod, as if he was telling that it was her cue to make her move. The young mother took notice of his nod and nodded right back.

Suddenly, the young woman took a step forward, causing the three girls to give her a slight look of interest. What was she up to? "Ash honey…?" She called out to her young boy with a sweet tone.

"Yeah… Mom?" Ash said awkwardly as he turns his attention to his mother.

"Come here."

"Um… okay…"

The young boy didn't know why his mother wanted him to walk over to her, but… he did it anyway. And once he made his way over and stood right in front of her, the young mother slowly kneeled down to her son's level and placed a hand on his left shoulder, smiling sweetly at him. "Now honey, stand still," Ash blinked confusedly at her. "Mama needs to show these nice three girls something on your back, all right?"

"Um…" Ash didn't know how to respond to that. What was so special about his back? Was there something special on his back? Who knows? But nonetheless, the young boy nodded his head, despite not knowing what was going on.

As soon as her son gave her the "a-okay" signal, Delia quickly lifts up his shirt to where his back was completely exposed. From there, Cynthia, Solidad, and J's eyes slightly widened when they spotted a blue circular-like tattoo with angel-like wings on the back of the boy's left shoulder blade.

At that moment, the three girls couldn't believe their eyes. Were they hallucinating? Maybe? Or… maybe not. Either way, they still couldn't believe they were seeing the exact same tattoo that was given to those who were chosen by fate to be the Ōra Prince. Usually, they would see a plain blue sphere tattoo on any ordinal Ōraian, but not this time. It seems… this time fate has taken a different route in the cycle and has chosen Ash to be the first to be in that route. Talk about being special.

At any rate, the girls were still unsure if they should trust what they were seeing before them. Sure, it was quite clear that Ash had the Ōra Prince's tattoo, but still… How was this possible? The only person who can answer that is Professor Oak himself. And speaking of that man, he never left his eyes off the three girls who soon turned their attention right to him.

"Professor… Is this for r-…?"

"Yes, Cynthia." He abruptly cut off the young blonde before she could even ask her question. "What you saw on Ash's back is the proof that he is no doubt the new prince of the Ōraians." He stated.

"But how is this possible, professor?" Solidad asked him, still looking a bit confused about the whole situation.

"It could be fate."

"Fate?" Cynthia and Solidad blinked while J frowned at his answer. Professor Oak nodded.

"Yes, but that's not important right now until I do some further research about it." The Pokémon researcher informed. The girls couldn't help, but feel disappointed about that. "At any rate…" He continued. "…It is your duty to guard Ash from harm at any cost."

"But why us?" Solidad asked, out of curiosity. Cynthia and J wanted to know the reason as well, just like her since the Pokémon researcher haven't told them the reason yet, as to why they were bodyguards to Ash.

"...Because we have faith in you girls." Mrs. Saori suddenly said, completely beating Professor Oak to the punch.

"Have faith in us?" Cynthia and Solidad said confusedly while J cocked an eyebrow at her friend's mother. The young mother nodded.

"Yes. We all believe you three are the right choice for this job." Mrs. Saori explained with a warm smile. "Isn't that right, honey?" The young woman asked her husband when she turned to him. The man gave a solid nod to the girls.

"That's right." Mr. Saori firmly stated. "…Because we all know that you will make us proud."

"Dad…" Solidad smiled warmly at her dear father and his kind words. It was nice for him to say that.

"…And that is why…" Mr. Saori continued while completely ignoring his young daughter who was still smiling at him. "…You three will be living with Mrs. Ketchum and her son from now on until further notice."


Mr. Saori sighed softly while pushing his glasses upward with a finger. "Is that really a big shock to you three?" He asked dryly, without knowing the end results to that question.


Mr. Saori shook his head at their response.

"What is the meaning of this?" J growled, baring her fangs while glaring at the man hatefully.

"I tell you." The raven-haired man started, quickly taking notice of the silver-haired girl's glare and matching it with his own. "Just before we got here, we all came to an agreement that we should put all three of you under Mrs. Ketchum's care and have you live under her roof with her and her son. That way you can perform your duties of protecting the prince without any further problems." He carefully explained while eying each girl to make sure she was sinking in all the information that was given to her by him. So far, they were, but J still had a problem with it, more specifically, a problem about living with the young mother and the boy she was signed to guard. It was downright degrading for her to do that.

"What makes you think I'm going through with this?"

"I'm glad that you asked that, young lady." Mr. Saori said sternly, narrowing his gaze at J. "If my memory serves me correctly, your parents also agreed on this." J gritted her teeth and clutched her fists when she heard this. It was so typical that her parents would do something like this to her. Damn them. "Therefore, you have no say into this. Live with it. The decision is final."

J bit the bottom of her lip until she tasted her own blood. The young girl wanted to go on and say something to oppose the idea, but it was no use. The decision was final. Her parents already accepted the terms with these fools without her knowledge, so there was nothing she can do about it, at this point. Her fate was sealed, no matter how much she hates it.

"Fine, whatever," She scowled before sitting back down to her seat and looking away with her arms crossed.

"Okay…. With that being settled…" Solidad slowly turns away from her friend who was in a bad mood. "What about-…"

"No need to worry, girls." Cynthia's mother cut her off. "Some of your things are on their way here." She assured if that's what Solidad was going to ask.

"…And from time to time, we will send you girls some funds, in case you need some cash." Mr. Shirona added.

"We really appreciate it, Dad." Cynthia thanked her father with a warm smile. The father smiled back at his daughter.

"Alright then..." Professor Oak suddenly spoke up when he cleared his throat, gaining everyone's undivided attention once again. "…With the preparations out of the way, shall we inform the girls about the other details they need to know?" He solely asked the parents than the group itself. The parents nodded in agreement to that idea.

While Professor Oak and the parents were busy informing the girls about other matters, this left Ash and Gary to attend their own little business, which was figuring out if they completely understand about the whole situation that happen so far. From where it looks, the grandson of the famous researcher of Kanto was somewhat on the ball. The newly crowned Ōra Prince, on the other hand… well, he wasn't on the same ball as his childhood friend/rival was. True to be told, Ash was just clueless as ever.

Slowly, the spiky-haired boy made his way over to his clueless rival's side. Once he did, he called out to him in a tone that only he and Ash can hear. "Hey, Ashy-boy?"

Hearing his name being called on, the raven-haired boy turned his attention over to Gary who was standing right in front of him with a curious look on his face. "Yeah, Gary?"

"Do you know what's going on?"

"Um…" Ash took a second to glance over to the chatting group, then to his mother who was listening in on the conversation before turning his attention back to his rival who was waiting for his answer. "…Not really…" He replied honestly while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

Gary sighed heavily. "Figures…"

"What's that supposed to mean, Gary?"

The spiky-haired boy shook his head. "Nothing… Although…" A teasing smirk tugged against the corner of his lips. "Maybe you should ask your Mom-my since you're so slow." He laughed.

"That's NOT funny, Gary." Ash puffed his cheeks and glaring at the laughing boy.

Sensing that something was up, Mrs. Ketchum moved her attention away from the group's conversation over to her son. "Honey, is something the matter?" She asked worriedly, glancing down at her only child.

Hearing his mother's worried voice, the young boy quickly turned away from his rival and look up at his mother with a curious look on his face. "Um… mom?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Do you know what's going on? Because… I don't."

A soft giggle escaped from the young mother. "Of course I do, honey." She replied happily. "Starting today we are getting three new housemates to live with us."

"Huh?" Ash blinked at her and titling his head to his side in confusion, but it was in a cute way.

"You will find out soon enough, honey." Delia assured her dear son with another giggle.

"O…kay…" The little boy said awkwardly, not quite get what his mother was getting at.

Poor little Ash…

Starting today and days to come, his life will never be the same again. And with Cynthia, Solidad, and J now living with him and his dear mother, anything is possible.

Time Skip - Three Days Later -

"I still can't believe I'm living here with the likes of you people, especially that stupid brat."

Sighing, Cynthia who was busy reading an interesting book in her comfortable seat in the living room, turned away from her reading over to J who was busy polishing her AK-103 assault rifle and sitting on a separate sofa. The silver-haired girl was in a grumpy mood ever since they moved in with the Ketchums. Sure, Cynthia too didn't like the new living arrangements at first, but over time, she got use to it. So this was no point in crying over spill milk about it.

"Now, now, J, there's no reason to talk like that." She tried to reason with her dear friend, but failed miserably when J shot her a murderous glare, which she didn't take notice and continued. "And don't call Ash a brat."

"Yeah!" Solidad who was listening on the conversation while polishing her family's swords from her seat, suddenly agreed to her friend's words. "Show the kid some respect. After all, he is the one we have to protect and all."

"Tch…" J snorted. "Why should I?"

Solidad sighed in frustration. Sometimes her friend can be a stubborn bitch. "You need to, Jane."

"My name is J!"

Rolling her blue eyes, the pink-haired girl continued. "As I said… you need to warm up to him, otherwise he won't like you and it's going to make our job a lot harder than it is." She explained, hoping all of this was getting through J's stubborn thick head.

"Look who's talking." J said sarcastically, glaring at her friend. "You and Cynthia haven't made any progress with him either." That was true. In the past three days of living with the Ketchums, neither Cynthia nor Solidad made any progress with Ash, just like J. And there was a reason to it.

"It's because he's a little shy." Cynthia said truthfully. Solidad totally agreed with that answer.

"Yeah, that could be it." The pink-haired girl supported her friend's claim and continued where she left off. "Before we came here, it was just Ash and his mom. Now that we are here, he's just not used to the extra company around him."

Cynthia nodded, and then added. "Nonetheless, it will take him some time to warm up to us. Until he does, let's try to get to know him a little better." She suggested.

"Good idea, Cynthia." Solidad liked the whole idea while J, on the hand, thought that plan was nothing, but a waste of her time.

"Stupid idea if you ask me."

"No one ask you, Jane."

"IT'S J!"

"Whatever, but anyway…" Solidad continued while ignoring the cold glare that she was getting from J. "That sounds like a good plan, Cynthia." The pink-haired girl went back and complimented her friend's suggestion. "That way, Ash will feel more comfortable with us."

"Precisely," Cynthia said with a nod, smiling at her comrade and fellow bodyguard.

"And also…" A teasing smirk tugged against the corner of Solidad's lips. "…He will be less scared with Miss Grumpig here."

"Watch it, Saori!"

"Or what?"

And just like that, the two female bodyguards engaged in a staring contest, sparks flying from their intense stare down. Sighing and shaking her head in disbelief, Cynthia couldn't believe her two friends were at it again. Those two are really something, all right. But needless to say, they needed to stop this at once before things get out of control.

Just as the young blonde was getting to step in and intervene, a familiar voice suddenly cut her off. "Um…"

Suddenly, the trio turned their heads over to the kitchen's walkway entrance where they find the same boy that they were talking about earlier, standing there with a nervous look on his face. "Oh… hey there, Ash…" Solidad said awkwardly.

Ash didn't say anything. He just stood there, avoiding any sort of eye contact from the girls. From there, the trio can tell that he's still hasn't broken away from his shyness around them, but he will, eventually. Until he does, the girls, except for J who didn't seemed to bother to take interest, were more interested on what brought Ash to them. Did he want something from them? Or did he come here to have a small chat with them? Who knows? It was too difficult for them to tell since Ash hasn't said a word. Whatever it was, the young boy was having some difficult time telling them what was on his mind. For all we know, it could be important.

After a few minutes of waiting for their "prince" to speak up with no such luck, the girls decided to shift gears and try the next best thing, which was… ask him straightforward what was going through his mind. "Ash…?" Cynthia called out the little boy's name in a gentle tone. Ash didn't respond to her call. "Is there something on your mind?" Once again, the young boy didn't answer. The young blonde slightly frowned at the lack of responses she was getting from him. Now it was Solidad's turn to give a shot.

"Don't be shy, Ash." She said to the nervous boy with a warm smile. "We don't bite. Well, Jane might, but that's another story." She couldn't help, but teased her cold-hearted friend at her expense.

"Shut up!"

"So…" Solidad continued while completely ignoring the second cold glare that she was getting from J. "Please tell us what's on your mind, kiddo."

"O-Okay…" Sensing that the girls mean no harm, the young boy turned his head over to the trio and said. "Um…" A faint shade of pinkness started to creep up to his cheeks. "…Mom said that lunch is almost already, so please come to the kitchen and sit down."

"Alright, we'll be there shortly. Thanks, Ash." Cynthia thanked the little boy with a warm smile. Ash blushed, but nodded, nonetheless before running back to the kitchen.

Cynthia and Solidad smiled softly at the boy's retreating form. Their attempt to get along with Ash was somewhat a success.

…But they still have a long way to go.

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