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His fist flew at my face like a bullet from a gun. He hit me and I fell to the ground clutching my cheek. I saw blood on my hands, I'm bleeding. I scooted over to the wall. To try and pull myself up but he kicked me in the back.

"Jake please!"

"No you fucking cunt! If you want to flirt with other men this is the price you pay. This is your punishment for being a whore."

"I'm not! He was my friend! I was just saying hello!"

"Fuck that! I'm the only guy you say hello to! Got that bitch!"


"You better agree or else."


I can't believe he hit me. He's never hit me before. He seemed so nice. I just don't know what to do right now. Do I call the police or leave? Where can I go from here? I feel so helpless! As soon as he was in a asleep I went to my parents not bothering to take a cell phone or even a change of clothes. I have to leave, and I have to do it now.

When I got there and opened the door the sight I saw was frightening. My father was being kicked by three men, one in a cop's uniform, while they held my mother and made her watch. They were both gagged so they couldn't scream.

"What is going on here! Leave my family alone!"

"Well if it isn't the princess now!"

Jake came from the back with a baseball bat in his hands. He was at sleeping, how can he be here right now? Why is he here right now?

"I thought you loved me Clare. Isn't that what you said after the first time we fucked? That you loved me…"

"You did this?"

"Look Clare… I love you. I got a little carried away tonight but I need you to come back."

"Why should I do that?"

"Because if you don't… I'll kill your mommy and daddy for borrowing the millions they did and not paying my family back."

"Mom, dad, what's going on here?"

The untied my parents mouths.

"Clare we were about to lose everything. Your father gambled it all away so we borrowed money to keep our houses, cars, insurance and to pay your tuition and then your father gambled away the money we were going to use to pay half back."

"See Clare… I don't know if you knew this but your daddy is a drunk and a gambler… We would have killed him months ago but when I met you and found out you were his daughter I decided not to do it. I mean a couple million missed is worth having a pretty girl."

"So you…. I'm collateral?"

"Exactly. You are collateral… I like that word. So if you leave again, I put an apple in their mouths and I send them sinking to the bottom of the Hudson River with cement shoes to keep their feet warm… But if you stay, mommy and daddy can live and the debt will be waived. Clare the choice is really yours here…"

"You can't do something like this! The police…"

"That's funny, the fucking police work for me! Do you not see this man in blue uniform right here. I'm the one who is signing his fucking check… Clare so decision making time. Either you choose me, or death. Time's a wasting."

I looked at my parents and then I looked back at Jake.

"I'm stay with you."

"Great. Guys, back off… Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, have a lovely evening."

I left with him and that was the first night I cried until dawn.


"So your dad is really cool."

"Adam just cool it."

"I'm just saying. I don't know anybody with a dad who is part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!"

"Adam just drop it! Do you want me to uninvited you from my birthday dinner?"

"No sir."

"Okay… Look don't ask him a bunch of questions please."

"Okay…no questions. You got it."

We got to dinner. My dad was already there waiting on us. Adam and I got seated and my dad slid a beer my way.

"Adam, Eli… I'm happy to see you. Happy Birthday son."

"Thanks dad."

"Mr. G do you have a gun? Can I see it?"

"Adam! Shut up!"


"It's okay… Adam I like to leave work at work…okay?"

"Okay, totally…got it. Are we on a stake out?"


"Okay, got it."

So Adam was a little over excited to meet my dad. It's not easy having him be a part of the RCMP. I spent a lot of time alone growing up but it's always been our tradition to have dinner on my birthday. He always treats me to a steak and a beer. As I enjoyed the dinner with my dad and best friend a very saddening conversation came up.

"So…heard from Clare lately?"

"No… I mean I see her around campus but we don't really speak. She's dating a new guy."

"Well, there are other fish in the sea."

"Not for me."

"I used to say that about your mom."

"And look at you… still single. It has been twelve years."

"Don't worry about me boy… you just focus on your love life."

"Uh huh."

After dinner my dad got back to his job and I dropped Adam off. I went back to my apartment and I decided to call Clare. I know she's dating somebody else but I still want to hear her voice. I miss her… I can't deny that. I miss her golden locks, her big blue eyes and the way she would argue with me. In the end I just had too many skeletons to deal with for us to be together. I wish I'd dealt with them earlier.


"Hi Clare, its Eli. I was just…calling to say Hello."

"Eli…happy birthday. I was going to call I just…"

"It's okay. I just really wanted to hear your voice. Is he there? Is that the reason you are whispering?"

"Uh huh…"

"Oh... Clare, you don't have to say this back but I love you and I miss you."

"Me too…"

The next thing I heard was a loud crash and the call ended. I guess she had to go. Probably having sex with the new guy.


I've never missed Eli more than I do now. I miss how sweet he was and how he listened to me. I mostly miss how he never raised a finger to harm me. Jake came out of the bathroom and caught me on the phone with Eli. It was worth the beating to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday.

"So you were making arrangements to fuck or something? I see."

"I swear I wasn't Jake. He's an old friend and I was just wishing him a happy birthday. He called me."

"Fucking liar!"

He smacked me and I fell off the bed, hitting the nightstand on my way down. I managed to crawl into the bathroom for refuge. I locked the door and I looked for something, anything to aid me in protecting myself. There was nothing, not even a razor. I suddenly saw water pouring in under the door. I noticed the smell immediatel and realized then that it wasn't water, but alcohol! The next thing to follow was a flame. He's smoking me out! I fled the bathroom and right into his fist. I wish I was dead.

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