I slipped on my simple white dress. It was form fitting and it stopped just above the knees. Slipped on a pair of strappy silver sandals and I sprayed myself with perfume. Today is the day, I'm marrying Eli. We didn't want a big wedding so we are just going to the courthouse. Nobody knows it's today and that's sort of the way I want it.

I walked out into the living room where he was putting the finishing touches on the new décor. I had to make room for his "guy stuff" since he's moving in with me. We looked at each other, not saying anything but smiling. I grabbed my sweater and my bouquet made of white roses and we left my apartment.

We went into the courthouse and told the secretary we had an appointment with the judge. She rang him but while he prepared to marry us we had a few moments to sit in the waiting room.

"Are you ready to do this? Be stuck with me forever…."

"Forever? I thought we might only try it for a year."

"Eli! I'm serious. Come on…"

"Yes I'm ready to be stuck with you forever… maybe a little longer…if you don't get fat."

"Eli! I can't believe you just said that!"

"I was just joking. You didn't have to punch me so hard."

"You deserved it. I'm nervous."

"Nope…no backing out on me now. I sent your dad a cow and ten sheep… you're mine love."

"You're a total weirdo…"

"Elijah Goldsworthy, Clare Edwards, the judge will see you now."

We linked fingers as we walked back to the cramped little office. We sat in the two chairs in front of his desk.

"So you two youngsters want to get married aye?"

"Yes you honor."

"Yeah… I see kids your age coming through here all the time and two months later they are right back in front of me wanting to get out of what they've gotten into. Are you sure?"

"Positive. I love Eli and he loves me."

"You don't have to marry just because you're pregnant."

"Oh I'm not pregnant."

"So this isn't a shotgun wedding… interesting. Well I hope you two kids know what you're doing."

"Yes sir we do."

"Well now that that's all done… let's get down to business."

The ceremony was quick which was just as well because we were impatient and about to explode. Once the judge declared us husband and wife I jumped into Eli's arms and he carried me over the threshold of the judge's door and into the lobby of the courthouse where all our family and friends were waiting for us.

"Oh my god! What are you all doing here?"

"We couldn't let you two get married without us."

All of our family and friends were there including my parents whom I haven't seen since the standoff. Everybody came bearing gifts, Alli had the biggest gift of all because right there, in the courthouse she doubled over in pain and water trickled down her legs.

"I'm going into labor!"

"Right now?"

"Right now!"

Eli put me down and everybody scattered like rats, unsure of what to do. As for Drew, well, he passed out. Eli and Adam tried to wake him but he was out like a light. Me, Fiona, my mom and Winnie rushed to Alli's aid to help her to Morty, since he had the most room in the back. Eli was our driver and since Chris was a doctor, he rode with us in the makeshift ambulance. Adam and Bullfrog had the daunting task of getting Drew, still unconscious, into the car they came in. it was a scene worthy of a movie.


"Alli its going to be okay… think of puppies and cotton candies and those little mini gummy bears an…"

"Not working!"

"Okay well think of Prada having a blowout everything must go sale."

"It's working a little! Ahhh…. Tell me about the shoes!"

"They are stilettos…"

"Sandals or pointy toe."

"Sandals. And they are cheetah print with a red heel!"

"It's working… I think… I think this contraction is over."

Chris took Alli's vitals and stats before we made it to the hospital. Once we arrived he gave the information to the doctors and nurses there. They got Alli in a room and she proceeded to scream her head off. Drew woke up, but he passed out again when he saw the midwife checking to see how far dilated she was so Eli had to stand in.


"Ah! My hand!"

"Ahhhhh my vagina! I think my pain is worse than yours buddy!"

Alli was in labor, with no medicine and Drew was out cold… still. Seeing the baby crowning sent him right back into his state of unconsciousness… who'd think Drew would be the type to pass out over… well… the horror. Clare was videotaping while Winnie and Mrs. Edwards dabbed Alli's head and told her encouraging words. Mr. and Mrs. Bhandari were on a plane from Japan as we speak and Sav was driving all the way from Seattle and the Torres's were on a plane coming back from a shopping trip in London.

"Okay Alli, its time that you push."

"Finally! I just want this thing out of me!"

"Well that's not a nice thing to say about the baby."

"Shut up and give me your hand Elijah!"

Clare just stood back taping it all and looking shocked, I guess as she saw what was going on. Alli started pushing and the bones in my hands started breaking…. Maybe not breaking but it did hurt. She screamed and I screamed and then it was all over. The only screaming to be heard was that of the little baby the doctor was holding up. Alli released my hand and reached out for the blood and slim covered child.

Drew walked into the room looking dazed and confused. He came over to the bed and took his rightful place beside Alli as they admired their new baby boy. Clare passed the camera to Drew and we tipped out of the delivery room and into the waiting room where the rest of the crew was waiting. Today has been eventful.


I cannot believe I recorded a birth today. I can't believe I witnessed a birth today! Once Alli was cleaned up and moved into a regular room we went in. She and Drew were sitting up admiring their baby. He was chubby and adorable.

"Congrats Alli!"

"Oh Clare, I was wondering where you got off to. I want to thank you and Eli for staying with me on your big day and Eli… I'm sorry for yelling at you and hurting your hand."

"No biggie."

"That's why I want to ask you two to be little Junior's god parents."

"Me? A godmother… I couldn't possibly…okay!"

"Yeah that sounds great… "

We dined on food from the hospital's cafeteria, which wasn't the best but it was better than nothing. Eli and I shared a muffin instead of cake. Afterwards we chatted with our family and friends and I started to truly forgive my parents. When it started to get late and both Alli and the baby were too worn out to go on me, Eli and the rest of our bunch left.

We went back to my apartment and when we got out Eli swept me off my feet. I was expecting to go and consummate the marriage but a stray Doberman had other plans. Eli put me down and we ran for our lives, finally climbing a tree to escape the crazy animal. It was foaming at the mouth and everything. I called animal control so that they could come and get the dog. It stayed there barking and clawing the tree for two hours because that's how long it took them to come. When they did finally arrive they sedated the dog and put him in a kennel. We can down from the tree and gave them a report. After the rabid animal was gone we finally went up to our humble abode, only to find that a window was busted out and a baseball was the culprit.


We are having some bad luck but nothing can be too bad as long as I'm with Clare. We got the window fixed and cleaned up the glass and then we finally had the opportunity to consummate the marriage but we were too tired so we ended up changing into our pajamas and going to bed wrapped in each other. Today has been a crazy day in both good and bad ways but it will definitely always be something we will remember forever.


While Eli was sleeping I got up and looked around my apartment at all the little changes like the addition of his bobble head collection and his scary movies to the DVD rack. One thing that caught my eye about the living room was bloody fingerprints on the wall from the first time Jake ever hit me… the night my life changed forever. I got a little breathless but then it became clear what I needed to do. I got the marriage certificate out of my purse and I pinned it to the wall with a thumbtack, covering the bloody print. That stage of my life was horrible but it's over and I'll get over it. Eli and I are the future and that's all that matters.

This is the end of the story. Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading.