The darling nekolin couldn't post this, so I did it for her... ^.^ This is strictly hers, not mine.

Plot bunny won't leave me alone!

Hao panted as a hot tongue swept over the tip of his cock. "Y-Yoh!" he groaned out, "Stop fucking teasing m-AH!" His knees almost gave out as his twin enveloped his swollen member in his mouth. "Mmmm, you taste good, nii-san' echoed in his head, making Hao double over in pleasure "ahh! Yoh, tha-ah-t's so hot!" he writhed as Yoh gave a hard suck, dragging his tongue over the bottom of the shaft. 'You know what else is hot? You fucking my ass' Hao arched his back "Ng, Yoh!" He pulled him off his aching cock and flipping him around, and pushing himself in "AH! Nii-San! Faster! I want you!" Yoh gasped out in a lust filled voice. Hao grunted and sheathed himself completely in his brothers' hot, tight heat. Both Yoh and Hao let out cries of pleasure, and started rocking into each other "Yoh! Yoh! Nng!" Hao yelled as he came hard into the body pressed against him, "nn! Nii-San! Aahn!" he came at the feeling of Haos' seed filling him. The twins collapsed, panting. "well, brother, I think the sex is better when we haven't seen each other in a while, you always seem so... Happy to see me" Hao chuckled. Yoh blushed "it's not only that! You kept sending such sexy texts! I was sitting beside Anna once, and I got hard! Do you know how much training I had to do after she saw it and yelled? 600 laps! And that's a bit hard with a boner!" Hao smirked. "you love it" Hao snickered and pulled Yoh to him. "now, sleep!"

Waah, that was short :P Remember, this is not mine, this is nekolin's. Ok?