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Chapter 1: Sent back in time

It's June 22, 1995; the most trying summer that it's ever been in. It's been four months since I last heard from my friend Yuuri. Most people say that she ran away but most said that she has been kidnapped. It's mostly been hard on me and Himuro since we were the closest to her and of course her family. I just wish that where ever she was I could be there with her. It was a normal day at school. I was walking down the hall and saw Himuro.

"Himuro!" I called out to him. He turns around and notices me. When I final caught up to him I put on a big smile. "Let's have lunch together," I said.

"Not today I'm having lunch with the guys," he said.

"Oh, I see, I'll just hang around Sakura then," I quickly turn around and walk away.

"Hey, why did you turn Mayu away she cute," one of Himuro friends said.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter," he said as he walks away. Later that day; Mayu was walking down the street till she got to the last stop where Yuuri was at when she just stood there. Suddenly she went and started to cry.

"Yuuri, why did you disappear? Everything had just become harder without you why didn't you take me with you?" she said. All of the sudden a big gust of wind just went and surrounded her body. She had no clue to what was going on all she heard was a voice.

"Your wish is my command all you have to do is give me your," the strong wind said.

"My voice," she said.

"You get to be with Yuuri again all you have to give me is your voice," the wind said again.

"To be with Yuuri you get to have my voice," she said. Suddenly the wind went and started to swirl around her; then she disappears with the wind.


Yuuri had just left Prince Zannanza… suddenly Mayu appear next the Prince. She looks around and then her hand felt a bit wet she look at her hand and saw blood. She tries to scream but no sound would come out of her.

"My voice it's gone," she thought. She went over to Prince Zannanza. "Hey if you can hear me then please wake up," she saw the spear in the middle of his chest. "Please forgive me if this hurts," she grab the spear with both hands and pulls it's out. "Hey, is out are you feeling a little bit better, Hey say something," Mayu thought; the next moment she went and put her hands on his chest then suddenly a shock of electricity from her fingers to his body. She move her hand and the open wound in his chest started to close. Once it was completely close he started to breath slowly. "There must be some way out of here," she looks around and saw a horse and got up and went to it. "Come on horsey get up I want to get out of here," she thought. She touches the horse and within seconds it stood straight up and was on all four legs. "Good girl, now come this way," she leads the horse to Prince Zannanza. Mayu tried to pick him but it didn't work, she look at the horse and thought "I could use a bit of help," the horse went and use her neck to get the Prince on her back. Mayu had trouble getting on but eventually got on the horse back. She looks around and saw nothing but desert. "Please girl; get us to a town as soon as you can," she thought as she was touching the horses mane. Then the horse took off and they were traveling thru the desert as fast as they could on a horse.