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Chapter 27: Black and White; the End to Everything

Mayu and Yuri arrived back into the park where they had both disappear at. Yuri is complete shock and can move so Mayu walks her all the way until they get to a rundown apartment building and unlock one of the doors.

"The place still looks the same," Mayu said. "I'm sorry please forgive me"

"Forgive you, who told you that I wanted to leave… if it was going to be like this I never wanted to see you again," she said.

"We can always go back to Hattusa…" Yuri looks at her. "If you every pay any attention in history you will remember it was a very popular city now"


They were at the city of Hattusa; everything was just how they remember it. when they walked up to the palace they were able to get in as a couple of tourist, when they got to the seats of king and queen they stop and let the tour group leave them behind.

"We were up in here just a few days ago," Yuri said. Then a young good looking Man came into the room who look a lot like Zannanza.

"Zannanza…" they boy look up and saw her.

"Can I help you?" he asks.

"I'm sorry its just that you look like the person that I knew," she said.

"What happen here?" Yuri asks.

"Well my many great uncle Kail lost the love of his life he soon pass away and they crown prince was only a child so my many great grandfather Zannanza took over the kingdom. But the crown prince soon became ill and his body became weak so he wouldn't have children that when Prince Amir was name Crown Prince. And then his son, his son, his son all the way down to me," he said. Both Mayu and Yuri began to cry. The men that they had loved had passed away and their child grew up without them.

"I'm so sorry I would do anything to take everything back to be able to see Zannanza again… I'm so sorry Yuri," everything had got dark and only Mayu and Yuri were in the room and they saw a black and white figure.

"You said that you would do anything to be with Zannanza again"

"Even lose the child that is in your womb"

"Yes I would…" Mayu said.

"And are you the same way will you give up that child to be with Kail…."

"Yes I would…" Yuri said. Both of the figures smile at each other.

"Then we will help you"

"How can you do that?" Mayu ask.

"We are Black and White we determine if the nature is unbalance or not"

"Not the Spirits"

"So will we take you back to your husbands or will we have to wait and see how long before you have your child"

"I'm ready," Yuri was shock.

"Mayu; how can you say something so fast," Yuri said.

"I can always have more children with Zannanza later," she said with a smile.

"Do you agree?"

"I agree," Yuri said. In a second and they both where swallow by the darkness. It was not until what felt like hours later that they came to Mayu woke up and felt Asad licking her face.

"Asad, stop it I'm awake," that was a shock to her. Mayu was awake and she was talking in her own voice so what just happen wasn't a dream and she was back in were her husband was. Mayu woke up Yuri who looked so pretty now even asleep.

"Stop, I'm up," she said.

"Yuri you hurry to your man and I will hurry to mine," they both ran different ways. When she found Zannanza he was alone by himself. She went and wraps his arms around him. "Zannanza I love you," she said in his ear.

"How long will your voice torment me?" he asks.

"Until you say that you don't love me so until your death but I don't plan letting you die on my watch," she said. Zannanza pulled her over and started to make out with her.

"If this is a dream I don't want it to end," he said.

"It's not a dream," she whispers. Then Mali and her children came to them.

"Mom!" Amir yells. Zannanza was shock and looks at the person in front of him.

"Isis… Mayu," he said.

"It's Isis I will always be your Isis…." She said as she gave him a long kiss.

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