Author's Note: First I don't own Transformers and in fact don't even own the idea for this fic. The idea came from Hittocere in the form of a review and I got attacked by a rabid plot bunny tonight that insisted I write this. This story is a sequel to Chinchillas so you might want to read it to get the fully effect. Enjoy and Hittocere this is for you

Rodents Return

Soundwave was sulking to one side of the large common room, Barricade was twitching in his sleep and muttering about glasses, Starscream was scheming, Megatron was off base, and Frenzy was bored. All in all an ordinary day on board the Nemesis. That was when Frenzy looked up chinchillas. It turned out what had Soundwave sulking was a small furry rodent that some squishies kept as pets. Instantly an idea struck the minibot, one that would make his day much more exciting. Frenzy zoomed off into a hallway to transform and returned moments later small and fuzzy. "Hi Soundwave," the minibot said as he zoomed by.

"Hi Frenzy," Soundwave said absentmindedly before actually looking at the minibot and screaming like a little girl. "Frenzy what the slag are you supposed to be?"

"A chinchilla," Frenzy said innocently. "I thought a cute fuzzy animal would put the squishies at ease so I could sneak up on them an infiltrait the Autobot's lair." Soundwave considered this for a moment while Frenzy remained waiting, smug about his reply to the communications expert.

"Well I suppose it could work," Soundwave agreed reluctantly just as Starscream entered the room and began laughing hysterically.

"That is just too much," the Seeker managed to get out between laughs. "Even your symbiote has it out for you in the teasing department." His hysterical laughter woke Barricade just as Frenzy made his hasty escape.

"What in Primus' name was that?" Barricade asked but all he got was laughter from the SIC and a punch from an irate Soundwave as the large mech stalked after the minibot. Starscream stumbled out the door, holding his sides and laughing, to watch Frenzy's impending doom leaving Barricade with several thoughts. First something was bothering Soundwave. Second Frenzy had taken it into his head to become small, fuzzy, and (here the Decepticon shuddered) cute. And finally Frenzy had better move fast.