Hello. I have to be honest; I didn't think of this story until a few days ago. And the way parts of it are written, that will become obvious very quickly. But since this is likely to be the final appearance of the show Chuck at Comic Con, I guess I just couldn't let it go without having some sort of mission where the team heads to San Diego. Anybody who's been there knows the cast of Chuck is a fan favorite there (I'm sure most of you have YouTubed the video of Zachary Levi imitating Yvonne Strahovski's Australian accent or Joshua Gomez 'not awesome' imitation of Ryan McPartlin.) But the idea came to me to have things go a little crazy for the Chuck crew as the sci-fi, comic book, TV, and movie worlds descended on Comic Con.

For the purposes of this story, I have to set up the universe a bit. This will mainly follow the canon of the show through the end of Season 4 with one or two guesses as to how Season 5 went. However, in order to incorporate a few elements into the story, I borrowed a bit from the Jimmy Slade AU I created in my stories. Therefore, Agent Alex Forrest and Agent Jimmy Slade will be joining the fun. (Based on title, you can guess what kind of trouble Alex will be in.) They are together and in love with each other, but he is sans Intersect. I have a personal rule about only one person with an up-to-date Intersect. For this story, I'll follow Chuck writers and give it to Morgan.

Anyway, enough with the author notes, other than to thank BDaddyDL for telling me this is a good idea, and I hope you review the story and let me know if it is indeed a good idea. If not, you can say that, too.


Nashville, TN
July 17, 2011
2:30 AM CDT

Jay Roberts was one to appreciate a good irony. Unless of course it only reminded him of how bad things were.

He was a comic book fanatic who lived in his parents' basement. However, it wasn't his choice. He was laid off from his job as a computer programmer ten months ago, and he hadn't found any work since. To make matters worse, his parents wouldn't let him move his extensive comic book and action figure collection in with him when he could no longer afford his two-bedroom apartment, so it sat in a storage facility two miles away. He snuck his Battlestar Galactica DVDs in to keep him going, and his parents gave a concession regarding his TiVo. After all, they already had satellite TV and high-speed internet, so it wasn't as if Jay's nocturnal activities would cost them anything.

Jay typed away at the computer, watching his program track down the correct IP addresses to the server he was attempting to access. He joined Hackers United more for his own psychological well-being rather than following any sort of manifesto to take down anything and everything government or corporate-related. After six years on the job, he was let go along with two hundred of his fellow workers without so much as a by-your-leave from his bosses. What little money he had saved up disappeared quickly, and he was forced to move back in with his parents. He kept looking for a job because he wanted to get out from under them. He didn't need to hear yet another 'request' by them to make some money by selling his comic book and action figure collection. Besides, he planned to get rid of some of it next weekend in San Diego anyway. His friend, Brodie, had already promised to drive them; Jay just had to help pay for the gas. It was worth it to get away from his parents for a few days. He hoped the part of his collection he could part with would fetch enough money to pay for the trip and keep him afloat for a few weeks.

His computer beeped; he found what he was looking for. A slight smile came to his face as he downloaded the file. The file wasn't as important as its source: the NSA. He considered this quite the feather in his cap to have hacked into one of their servers. Granted, he knew a few people who had hacked systems far more secure, but at least now he had something to brag about. Maybe it would even be enough to impress that cute brunette who tried, unsuccessfully, to cultivate the Goth look she had since high school. But Jay didn't judge; he was no Ryan Reynolds himself, and Libby was a really cool person.

He stood up and stretched. He needed to walk around a bit after spending five hours in front of his computer. He walked upstairs to the kitchen for his fourth Red Bull of the evening. The back door burst open, and several large, intimidating men wearing full combat gear and balaclavas on their heads streamed through the door. One of them took the butt of his automatic weapon and smashed it in Jay's face. He promptly fell to the ground and found himself bound at his wrists and ankles. Two others carried him out of the house and into a waiting van while a fourth man emerged from the basement with Jay's laptop.

The van sped away into the night.

Echo Park
July 18, 2011
8:00 AM PDT

The hot water stinging his body felt so good.

Chuck Bartowski yawned and stood as the water hit him. He never expected this to be so difficult. At this point, the $877 million Sarah and he received from Hartley Winterbottom was just a number. Right now, he was busy almost every waking moment rebuilding Castle and making sure the Buy More didn't implode. He never gave consideration to the corporate structure behind the Buy More that took care of the books and made sure the merchandise got to the store. He used to be content to take care of his little corner of store.

Now every corner of the store belonged to him. He WAS corporate.

Chuck sighed. He had to interview several accounting firms today to have bids submitted to handle the books, and he also had to meet with an appliance distributor today who was trying to raise freight charges. He then had servers being installed in Castle that required his personal supervision.

And the person pressing her soft, warm flesh against his at that moment was making him lose his concentration. Damn that gorgeous woman, anyway.

Chuck turned around to see his wife with her hair pinned up and a smile on her face.

"Good morning," Sarah Bartowski quietly cooed. "How are you doing?" She didn't bother waiting for an answer as she gave him an ardent kiss.

"Mmmm," Chuck moaned into her mouth. "Now I totally forgot everything I was supposed to do today. I hate when you do that."

"But 'Shower Together Mondays' was your idea," she pouted. "Didn't you say it always helps if you start the week on a positive note?"

Chuck nodded. "I did, you're right." He returned her kiss and planted a few more on her neck. Sarah reached for a sponge and lathered it up. She handed it to Chuck, who dutifully…and quite happily…ran it all over her body.

"How do you do that?" Sarah asked in astonishment.


"You must have seen me naked hundreds of times now, we've been married for three months, and you still have this 'kid in a candy store' look every time you see me."

"Well, I think the whole naked thing might be part of it. I mean, seriously, have you seen you? If I looked like that, I'd be borderline narcissistic."

Sarah shook her head as she took the sponge and started rubbing it all over Chuck. "You do that every time you see me. When we wake up in the morning, when we're out at dinner, even when we're working. How have you managed to have that same look in your eyes for four years?"

Chuck smiled abashedly. "Ellie asked me once how we were able to keep our relationship going like that. Ironically, it was when our relationship was a cover. I just told her I act like I have to win you over every single day. I guess I'm still doing that."

Sarah caressed his cheek. "But you did win me over. I never wanted to be with someone more in my entire life. I'm not going anywhere."

Chuck took the handheld shower head and ran it over them. Sarah sighed contentedly and pressed up against Chuck, wrapping her arms around his neck so he had full access.

Chuck gave her a kiss behind her ear. "I know, but I don't want to stop trying. I get this feeling the minute people stop doing that, that's when you have problems."

Sarah paused for a moment. "I've heard that before. Jimmy mentioned something like that."

"Wait, you talked with them recently? I haven't heard from Jimmy or Alex since the wedding."

"No, this was last year in Las Vegas. We talked about how things had changed for us and he mentioned that he never saw us take each other for granted. I think it's like you said; you keep working at it and you can make it last."

Chuck smiled and held her tightly. They shared a passionate kiss. "OK, then we will let each other know if there's a problem. Communication is supposed to be the key to a good marriage, right? Sarah?"

Sarah shook her head clear. "It's a little hard to talk about serious matters when you're poking me in my stomach.

Chuck looked down and his eyes widened. He quickly stepped back. "Sorry."

Sarah grabbed his ass and pulled him forcefully back to her. She gave him a heated kiss, her tongue hungrily tasting his. "I didn't say for you to back away, either. Wow. I guess we do need to work on our communication."

Chuck playfully growled and lifted her up in his arms. He planted hot kisses along her neck. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him. She slid her hand between them.

"Can you guess what I'm trying to communicate now?" Sarah purred lustfully.

"The benefits of Shower Together Mondays," Chuck said with a smile as they continued to kiss.

Castle Underground Facility
July 18, 2011
8:15 AM PDT

"Oooh, that feels so good."

John Casey ran his hands over the smooth surface. He had to admit it; he was completely turned on. He gazed at her hardened form. He never saw one this perfect before. And she wanted him. He just had that feeling.

"You like it when you're all oiled up, don't you."

He looked over every inch of her like a starving man would look over a porterhouse steak at Peter Luger's. Casey was embarrassed to actually be drooling a bit.

"Let me slide this in you."

Casey buried it all the way to the hilt. He caressed her one final time and gave her a little kiss. It was OK; nobody was watching.

"Ready?" he whispered. She was ready.

He took aim and fired his new Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite pistol at the paper target forty yards away in Castle's new shooting range, once again thankful Sarah overruled Chuck when it came to rebuilding the facility.

He wasn't out of a job for long. When Chuck came to him with plans to keep Castle and the Buy More cover thanks to Hartley's generous donation, he was more than happy to stay with the team and help to bring down Clyde Decker. Even though Chuck's Intersect wasn't working, much of what he did in the last year was because of him, not the computer that sent Casey to Burbank in the first place.

Although continuing his cover as one of the Buy Morons was not exactly what he was hoping for.

He thought he had a little more pull with the new boss. But Chuck was going to have a hard time setting up a management structure that would also help maintain the store as a cover without government resources, and Casey was still instrumental in helping Morgan and Big Mike keep that unvarnished lot in place. Given everything Chuck and Sarah did for him over the last four years, both as partners and as friends, he could live with putting the fear of God into Jeff and Lester a bit longer.

He fired the last shot at the target, safetied his weapon, and activated the slide to return the paper target. He smiled; nothing but 10s. He replaced the target and sent it fifty yards away. He put a fresh magazine in the gun.

"Hey, big guy."

Casey turned and growled when he saw Morgan Grimes standing behind him. He pulled off his safety glasses and ear protection.

"Why are you here so early?"

"Well, Chuck told me he had a lot of meetings today and he wanted me to make sure I got here early so everything was ready on time. Also I dropped Alex off at USC so she could pay her fees for the fall semester."

"Nice of you," Casey muttered.

"Well, she made me breakfast, and…"

Casey's eyes flared. "Reminding me that you're dating my daughter is never a good idea when I'm playing with my new toy," he growled.

"Oh, come on, Case," Morgan angrily replied. "I've been going out with her for eight months. Have I been anything less than a complete gentleman around her? Think of all the creeps who could have been dating her."

"Getting rid of one of them would require far less paperwork than getting rid of an agent."

"Look, the more you try to scare away her potential suitors, the more determined she'll be to find one you hate even more just to spite you. Do you really want that kind of aggravation?"

Casey grunted in frustration. He hated when anybody was right and he was wrong, particularly the bearded troll.

"Don't forget her birthday is next week. Her present better be a good one," Casey said with a threatening glance.

"Already set on that, big guy," Morgan beamed.

"And it better not be anything involving a homemade coupon."

The smile on Morgan's face disappeared instantly. "I'll work on it."

Casey was about to make quick work of another paper target when the main computer at the desk beeped. Morgan walked over to it and checked the message.

"It says 'Dinner party, 0000L, invite the Smiths'."

"Beckman needs to conference with us," Casey replied. "Midnight Langley time, so she must be keeping it off the books. 9:00 PM tonight, our time."

"Who are the Smiths? Ellie and Awesome?"

"No, Agents Forrest and Slade. Beckman has them flagged in the system where they can work directly for her whenever she wants. This must be important if she wants their help, too."

Morgan was confused for a moment until it clicked in. "Oh, the Smiths. Like, from that spy movie. Sweet. But then, what are Ellie's and Devon's code names?"

"Carol and Mike," Casey replied matter-of-factly.

"No way." Morgan broke up laughing. "So, what's mine?"

Casey shot him a look. "You don't want to know."

"Oh, come on. Tell me. Is it bad? What am I? Robin? Kato? Ooh, Inigo Montoya would be so epic!"

Casey gave a combination grunt-and-laugh. "You wish it wasn't that bad."

"Oh, just tell me. Please?" Morgan begged like a puppy jumping up for a treat.

Casey checked his watch. "Better go open the store. The employees should be there any minute."

Morgan checked his watch and huffed. "This is so not over," he said angrily as he bounded up the stairs to the Buy More. Casey gave a quiet chuckle as he sent a text message to Alex Forrest and Jimmy Slade.

Unknown Location
July 17, 2011
7:00 PM

Jay Roberts looked around the empty room. He was handcuffed to the chair he was sitting in. He didn't have a blindfold on, but he may as well have for all he could see in the room. There was a single light over his head which did not reveal anything else about the room. However, he could tell there were others in the room by their breathing.

"Who are you? What's going on?"

"You've been a very, very bad boy, Mr. Roberts," a voice called out from the dark. "And a very stupid one. Did you honestly think you achieved some great accomplishment by what you did?"

Jay thought for a moment. Bluffing worked in the movies sometimes. "You should know the file I stole from you is on its way to someone who knows what to do with it."

He got laughter in return. So much for bluffing.

"Mr. Roberts, the file you stole is a series of briefs from the Bush administration. The first Bush. Just bios on a few techno-geeks who died ten years ago. You would have had a much easier time filing a Freedom of Information claim to get them."

"What are you talking about?"

"You just committed the hackers' equivalent of stealing a police bait car. Only you're not going to do five years in the county lockup. Unless you do something for us."

"Like what?"

"Just pass some data along to someone. You'll like it; you won't even have to change your plans for next weekend."

"What kind of data?"

"Best that you don't know," was the reply, but the room suddenly felt a lot colder to Jay.

"And if I don't?"

A video monitor turned on just ahead of where he was sitting. The area of the room it illuminated did not help Jay identify who was in the room, or even how many.

Not that he was paying attention. The image of his parent's house shook him to his core.

"As you can see, we planned your capture very carefully." Jay watched his parents be injected with some sort of medication. "Your parents probably had the best rest they've had in years. And they woke up in the morning like nothing ever happened, other than an email saying you left early because your friend, Brodie, wanted to make it 'an epic trip, man!'."

The video image changed. Jay saw a hooded man walking near the furnace in his house.

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

"Your parents like their peace and quiet, especially on Saturday nights. It's their movie night at home, isn't it? Well, next Saturday night, if you haven't handed off the data to your contact, the furnace in your basement is going to develop some issues. A backup of gas into the home, a spark ignites somewhere, and another tragic accident in the Heartland."

"You're bluffing!" Jay screamed as he struggled against his handcuffs.

"Are we?" the voice calmly asked.

Jay looked to his left as a light turned on. Seated unconscious in another chair was Brodie.

"What have you done to him?"

"Nothing," the voice replied with an eerie calm. Jay couldn't stop his body from trembling. "Of course, we had to keep Brodie under our close, personal care. After all, if he didn't find you, he'd start calling around and asking questions. That would not be helpful to us.

Jay could sense the man speaking to him was directly behind him. "So, do we have an agreement, or do you need further incentive?"

An arm reached out from the darkness and placed a large, sharp knife at Brodie's throat. Jay sunk in his chair and shook in fear.

Madrid, Spain
July 18, 2011
5:30 PM CEST

Enrico Salazar studied the face of the man sitting across from him. It was unreadable, but he had the feeling the man was hiding something. He wasn't sure what it was. Something about this felt too perfect. He had government files a group of Basque separatists would find useful, and the man sitting in front of him could deliver those files…for a fee, naturally. It was exactly what he needed. That's why he was worried.

"For someone who deals with so many different clients, Mr. Murdock, I must say you dress more like you own a multinational corporation," Salazar observed.

Murdock shrugged. "Well, if I was in the jungles of Uganda dealing with a power-mad warlord, I'd dress in khakis and wear breathable long-sleeve shirts to discourage the insects," he replied with an English accent. "For the top floor of the Torre de Cristal, I find a tailor-made suit from Anderson & Sheppard on Seville Row in London to be adequate."

"As do I. However, I do not believe you came here to talk about your fashion sense."

Murdock shook his head. "No, I have not." He slid a piece of paper over to Salazar. "There is the wired account where you should transfer the funds. Once I've confirmed the money is there, you hand me the files, and I transfer them to my contacts. They'll communicate with you at a later point to negotiate further…business?"

Salazar nodded. "Very well, Mr. Murdock." He typed some information into his computer and took a bottle of wine out of his refrigerator to celebrate.

Murdock and Salazar were interrupted by a knock on the door. A tall blonde woman in a stunning white flowing dress entered the room and walked…glided, in fact…over to Salazar.

"Querido, we must not be late," the woman said to Salzar as she took his face in her hands and kissed him.

"Un momento, mi amor," Salazar replied. "I am just finishing business for the day."

"Quickly, darling," the woman said as she ran her hands all over him. Salazar gave her a quick kiss before stepping away from her and back to Murdock. He sat down at the desk and glanced at his computer monitor.

He then glared at Murdock. "I have one last question for you, Mr. Murdock. Whom do you work for?"

Murdock kept his expression unchanged. "What are you talking about?"

"I was a bit suspicious of your accent. If you listen carefully, whenever you say 'the' or 'there', you can hear a faint pronunciation of the letter 'd'. Not something you'd hear from a Londoner. I would guess you are really an American. Midwestern born, probably raised in Chicago."

Salazar turned his monitor to face Murdock. "But the clincher was the account you gave me. The account is from a bank that is a front for laundering Central Intelligence Agency funds."

Murdock shrugged and smiled. "What can I say? The Spanish government doesn't take too well to those who would commit treason and aid a terrorist group."

Salazar's expression turned to red-hot anger. "You will not make a fool of me," he seethed as he reached for his gun.

He heard the sound of his gun being cocked behind him. He turned to see his lover with his gun aimed right at his head. Alex Forrest had a smile on her face.

Jimmy Slade raised an eyebrow. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? I wasn't working alone."

Salazar slowly stood with his hands raised. He then lunged for the bottle of wine and swung it, knocking the gun out of Alex's hand and sending her off-balance. He smashed the wine bottle against the table and pointed the jagged edge at Jimmy. Salazar lunged at him, but Jimmy sidestepped him and grabbed his wrist, smashing the bottle against his knee. He then brought his knee up into Salazar's midsection, who doubled-over. Alex landed a judo chop between his shoulder blades, and Salazar fell the rest of the way to the ground.

Jimmy quickly searched him and found the flash drive with the files. "Did you have to make out with him that much?"

Alex glared at him as they went to the doors. "I was doing my job," she tersely replied.

They opened the doors to find three of Salazar's security agents. Jimmy head-butted the nearest one back while Alex sent an elbow that connected with the face of the second one. She kicked out his knees to collapse him and landed a shot to keep him down. Jimmy finished off the first man with a roundhouse while Alex back-kicked the last one to him. He leaped and took the man out with a butterfly kick.

"Well, could you at least enjoy your job a little less next time?" Jimmy pleaded as they ran down to the elevators.

"Are you actually jealous?"

Suddenly Jimmy was confused. "I thought women wanted their boyfriends to be jealous. I mean not, like, Ike Turner jealous. But I thought a little wounding of the pride went a long way."

"Not with me, it doesn't."

Jimmy rolled his eyes as the elevator opened. "OK, fine. I won't say another word."

"I didn't say that's what I wanted," Alex crossly replied as they got on and headed for the lobby.

"Whoah, wait a minute. First I was wrong for being jealous, and now I'm wrong for promising NOT to be jealous?"

"No! Quit saying things just so you won't piss me off."

"OK, then I don't know what to…"

The elevator opened in the lobby to a half-dozen of Salazar's men. Jimmy grabbed the handrail of the elevator and kicked out hard, knocking two of the men down. Alex landed a jab at a third man and followed it with a roundhouse kick. Jimmy threw a wicked haymaker at a fourth man and took him down with one shot while Alex sent another man down with a brutal hook. The last man tried to pull out his gun, but Alex chopped at his hand as he tried to aim it, and Jimmy knocked him out with a kick to the face.

Jimmy and Alex ran to their waiting car and headed for the airport.

"OK, then what should have been the correct answer?"

Alex exhaled and tried to regain her composure. "Stop thinking about right and wrong answers. I came in and kissed Salazar. What was going through your mind when it happened?"

Jimmy paused for a moment. "I didn't like it, and I felt some jealousy. But I knew you were doing it for your job and it didn't mean a thing to you."

"And why is that?"

"Because we're in love, and we know we can trust each other."

The car pulled up to their private jet. Jimmy got out of the car and handed the keys to a waiting steward. He opened the door for Alex and gave her his hand to help her out of the car. She took it and stood next to him, taking his other hand as well.

"That's the right answer."

Jimmy smiled and gave her a kiss. "I'll get this relationship stuff figured out one day."

Alex wrapped her arms around his neck. "For this being your first time in a relationship, you're actually pretty good." Jimmy gave her a more passionate kiss and started feasting on her neck. "Mmm, especially in certain areas."

They were interrupted by the beeping of their mobile phones. Both of them checked the email message.

"The CIA wants us to go to Burbank?" Alex asked.

Jimmy looked at the same message on his phone. He shook his head. "The email header is from the wrong source. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey want us in Burbank."

Alex walked up the stairs. "Captain, can we be in Los Angeles within twelve hours?"

The captain nodded. "If the weather is on our side, sure."

"Wheels up, then."

"A twelve-hour flight to Los Angeles?" Jimmy asked as he boarded the plane. "What are we going to do all that time?"

Alex grabbed him and kissed him hard. "You really need to ask?"

Castle Underground Facility
July 18, 2011
8:55 PM PDT

Morgan descended the stairs into Castle. "OK, Big Mike is locking up the store. Is everybody here who's supposed to be here?"

Chuck and Sarah looked around. "Is Casey still upstairs?" Chuck asked.

Morgan slapped his hand to his forehead hard enough to make Homer Simpson proud. "Ugh, I forgot. How do Jimmy and Alex get down here if…"

"…someone doesn't let them into the store?" a voice called out from the stairwell. Everybody turned to see Casey, Jimmy, and Alex descending into Castle.

Sarah put her hands on her hips. "Three months and not a word from either of you?" she pouted.

"Sorry, kiddo," Jimmy replied as he gave her a hug. "But someone has to still work officially for the CIA. We don't get to sit on a beach earning twenty percent like all of you do."

"Oh, don't even start that," Chuck quietly seethed in annoyance as he gave Jimmy a hug. "We've been working our asses off getting our little company off the ground."

"The place does look different," Alex noted as she gave Chuck and Sarah hugs as well. "A lot more tech than even the wondergeeks in Langley have."

"There's even a new shooting range and gym," Sarah added.

"Wow," Jimmy said in surprise. "No wonder why Casey looks like he finally added some fiber to his diet."

The videoconference computer beeped. Everybody took seats as Morgan punched the code to connect with General Beckman's secure line.

"Team Bartowski, glad you could make it. Agent Forrest, Agent Slade, I gather your mission in Madrid was a success?"

"More or less," Alex replied. "Our communication skills could use a bit of work." Jimmy quietly growled, and Alex pinched his ass out of sight of everybody.

"I have a mission that needs to be handled outside the normal scope of the Agency." A photograph appeared on the screen. "This is Jay Roberts. He's a low-level hacker with suspected ties to the Hackers United group."

Jimmy and Alex turned to Chuck, expecting him to flash. They were surprised when everybody looked towards Morgan. They turned to see Morgan complete a flash.

Jimmy's eyes widened. He pointed back and forth between Chuck and Morgan. "Uh, did I miss something?"

"We'll explain later," Sarah replied.

"Yeah, this Jay guy. Big comic book geek," Morgan said. "Poor guy got laid off ten months ago. But he's got a clean record. Why would he be mixed up with a hacker group like that?"

"We're not sure, Mr. Grimes," Beckman responded. "However, he managed to download a file from an NSA server two nights ago."

"Was the information top secret?" Alex asked.

"No, and that's the first problem. Roberts didn't get any data of major significance, but the server he hacked had a firewall on it, behind which were top secret files from MI-6, French SIS, and the Mossad. There's no way the file Roberts stole would ever be kept on that server."

"Was he set up?" Casey asked.

"If he was, that would be the second problem, as there are no authorized operations going on right now, and Roberts hasn't been seen since."

"Someone is setting him up to be a fall guy," Jimmy concluded.

"Clyde Decker is," Chuck said in a solemn tone. "He must be planning something."

Beckman nodded. "That's why I contacted you and tasked Agents Forrest and Slade to assist. Find Roberts and see if Decker is behind this. If he is, stop whatever he's doing."

The monitor went blank, and everybody started looking at each other.

"OK, let's walk through this," Sarah began. "Decker kidnaps Roberts and forces him to do…what?"

"Half the geeks in Langley have ten times his talent, so it can't be for hacking a computer system," Alex said.

"Maybe to hand off something," Jimmy thought. "If things go south, he's the one who takes the fall."

"Decker doesn't have a need to make money off of this; he's financed by the taxpayers," Casey said. "A power play, then."

Everybody nodded in agreement. "Decker lets some information leak, the government thinks it has a problem, and Decker gets more leash to operate," Alex concluded.

"So now we know the 'what'; we just need the 'when' and 'where'," Sarah said.

Chuck was beginning to worry. "But Decker is using someone who never did this before. Jay might think they'll kill him whether he does what they want or not. How does he deal with that?"

Casey sat back in his chair for a moment. "If I were forcing someone to do something and I couldn't put a gun to their back, I'd make the environment public; some place that would act as familiar surroundings for him. Just to keep him relaxed so he doesn't accidentally spook his contact."

Morgan's eyes lit up. He punched up the picture of Roberts again. "Guys, wait. Look at this picture. See the Green Lantern t-shirt he's wearing? He's got a Stargate and a BSG poster on the wall. He's, like, a total sci-fi and comic geek."

Chuck studied the picture, and a huge smile spread across his face. "And where will there be large crowds of sci-fi and comic fans?"

Sarah shook her head in aggravation. "No…"

Chuck and Morgan nodded and smiled as if they just won the lottery. "We're going to Comic Con."