The scene is Jim coming in the kitchen door it's early in the morning he walks over to Melinda who's standing at the sink "good morning" he kisses her on the cheek he then bends down to her stomach as he rubs it "Hey there"

Melinda smiles at him "Hey stranger"

Jim stands up and looks at her "I know night shift"

Melinda looks at him "how'd it go?"

Jim looks at her "rough I think there are more people that come into the hospital at night then they do during the day I'm just going to go take a shower and go to bed I'll see you later"

Melinda kisses him "I'll see you later" he starts walking towards the stairs when Aiden comes down "hey dad"

Jim rubs his head before he walks up the stairs "hey bud have a good day at school" he kisses him on the head then continues to walk up the stairs

Melinda looks at Aiden from the kitchen door "Come on sweetie I'll take you to the bus stop"

Aiden runs out the door "ok mom" he runs out the door as Melinda walks out behind him

The scene changes to Eli and Melinda in the kitchen looking at the book of changes Eli looks at her "It's been almost nine months you have two more weeks till your due date there's still not anything in the book about a second child" he looks at Melinda as she looks at the book "look you should be happy about it not being in there

Melinda looks at Eli "Yea but I mean what if she feels left out what if she doesn't inherit my gift what if she feels left out"

Just then Jim walks in the kitchen and over to the medicine cabinet sucking his thumb in his mouth

Melinda looks at him "What did you do?"

Jim pulls a bandage out of the cabinet I hit my last good figure with the hammer" he holds up his hands to show band aids on all his fingers

Melinda looks at him "see this why you're a doctor and not a builder"

Jim looks at her as he walks out of the kitchen as he walks out of the kitchen Eli looks at her "Well don't worry about it you still have two weeks I'm going to go help Jim before he kills himself" he gets up and walks into the other room as Melinda continues to look at the book

The scene changes to a couple days later about 1 in the morning Jim walks into his and Melinda's room Melinda is laying on the bed asleep as Jim pulls of his scrubs top off and lays down on the bed with his scrub bottoms still on as he falls asleep

A little while later Melinda shoots up in the bed she looks over to where Jim is sleeping she shakes his shoulder "Jim wake up"

Jim sits up a little trying to wake up "What, What's wrong?"

Melinda looks at him "I think I just went into labor"

Jim sits up and looks at her "Are you sure"

Melinda looks at him "Yes I have contractions coming and going"

Jim jumps out of bed and pulls on a tee shirt leaving his scrub bottoms on "Ok the baby bag in the closet right" he grabs the bag out of the closet "ok we need to get Aiden" he runs out the door he runs back with Aiden waking up and grabs the baby bag of the bed "ok that's everything lets go"

Melinda looks out the door still sitting up on the bed "Jim"

Jim runs through the door and helps Melinda up of the bed "Sorry" he then helps her out the door

The scene changes to a little while later the phone rings in Eli's apartment Eli shots up in the bed wearing a sleep mask "What" he takes the sleep mask off as he reaches for the phone "Hello"

The scene splits to Jim in the car "Melinda's having the baby"

Eli looks at his clock "Now"

Jim continues to speed to the hospital as he continues to talk "yea were on the way to the hospital now"

Eli gets up and starts to pull a jacket on over his night clothes "ok I'll go get Delia and Ned and we'll be there in a few minutes"

Jim pulls into the hospital as he finish's "ok see you in a little while"

The scene changes to a little while later a nurse comes in the room where Jim and Melinda are now resting

Jim looks at Melinda as she rest "You did great"

Melinda looks over at Jim "So did you"

Jim leans over and kisses her on the forehead as the nurse comes in Jim sits up and looks at her "Melinda, Jim do ya'll want to meet this beautiful little girl"

Melinda looks at Jim "A girl"

Jim smiles at her as the nurse hands the baby to Melinda

Melinda smiles down at her "You're not just a little girl your names Emily, Emily Beth"

Just then Delia pokes her head in the door "Is it ok?"

Melinda smiles at her "yea come on in there's someone we want ya'll to meet"

Jim sees Aiden with them "Come meet your new baby sister Bud"

They all gather around the table as the scene ends