The scene changes to a couple days later Melinda is sitting in the shop Eli comes in the door and over to the counter were Melinda's at "Hey"

Melinda looks up at him "Oh hey"

Eli looks at her "You ok"

Melinda looks at him "I'm fine Emily's just hasn't been sleeping well thanks for keeping them this weekend by the way"

Eli looks at her "no problem you and Jim deserve to take a trip on your own just bring them be the college tonight I have a late class and then I'll take them over to my place"

Melinda looks at him "thanks for doing this Delia wasn't out of town I would have got her to watch them"

Eli looks at her "No problem" he looks down at his watch "I'll see you later" he then walks out the door

The scene changes to later that night Eli opens the over he's in shorts and a tee shirt he pulls a pizza out of the oven and walks over to the table where Emily and Aiden are sitting in their night clothes "now don't tell your mom and dad ya'll ate this late"

Emily looks at him "ok Uncle Eli"

Eli starts to pick up a piece of pizza and eat it "Emily your mom said you haven't been sleeping well"

Emily looks at him "Yea I keep having this dream it feels like someone's grabbing and pulling me"

Eli looks at her confused "grabbing and pulling you"

The scene changes to later Melinda and Jim as asleep at a hotel the scene splits to Melinda's dream she's walking into Emily's bedroom she sees a black hole it's pulling Emily into it Emily's screaming for her all of a sudden Melinda shoots straight up in the bed Jim comes up behind her "What's wrong?"

Melinda looks at him "I have to call Eli"

The scene changes to Eli's apartment which is pitch dark it pans over to where Eli and Aiden are on Eli's bed and Emily is in between them the phone rings as Eli reach's out and grabs it "Someone better be dead"

Melinda smiles "Is that how your start all your phone conversations at one in the morning"

Eli sits up a little "Melinda? What's wrong?"

Melinda looks around "I was just making sure Emily and Aiden where alright you know that nothing's happened"

Eli looks at her "Their fine why"

Melinda continues to look around "Oh no reason just checking" she then hangs up the phone

The scene changes to Eli walking into the store and over to where Melinda is he hands her a bag "Emily left her bear at my apartment"

Melinda takes the bag from him "thanks we've been looking for it everywhere how did everything go ok this weekend"

Eli looks at her "Everything went fine but after you called the other night I started feeling this presence"

Melinda looks at him "What do you mean?"

Eli looks at her "It felt like some dark presence and Emily said something about it feeling like someone was pulling her"

Melinda looks at him "You don't think"

Eli looks at her "that it could be the shadows"