Leslie Knope was sitting at her desk, immersed in her work as always. Her office was littered with idea binders, plans for the baseball tournament, traffic diagrams, and campaign posters. For someone as busy as Leslie, it was still an organized mess.

"Why yes, I am currently in the running for the city councilwomen position. I have a wonderful campaign team behind me and hopefully in the upcoming election all of our hard work will be paid off." Leslie gushed, showing off her 'Vote for Knope' pin. "But I do that on my off time. At work I'm completely focused on making this year's Little League tournament the best ever. And making sure no raccoons ruin that."

"As much as I'll miss having her do all of my work, she does deserve to get recognized. And it would be nice to finally have a non-corrupt voted official in the government." Ron Swanson told the documentary crew.

"Well, um, yeah we broke up." Ben rubbed the back of his neck and looked away from the camera. "We decided that it wasn't a good idea to sneak around anymore, especially with her campaigning. So we mutually agreed to just become friends."

"No there's no tension between us, no hard feelings. I go to him occasionally for campaign advice, but other than that we don't really have much interaction outside of meetings." Leslie reassured the cameras with a smile. There was no hint of remorse or sadness on her face. Just the same old Leslie Knope, optimist extraordinaire.

Leslie sat in Chris' conference room, discussing the contingency plans for the Little League Tournament.

"Currently we have the Visitor's Bureau handling all of the hotel reservations and advertising. We have Sweetums signed up to run all of the concession stands."

"Is security already scheduled for the event?" Ben asked her, barely glancing up from Leslie's 50 page informational booklet.

"Yes, Chief Trumple has already received our requirements and EMTs stationed for each field and officers directing traffic."

"Leslie Knope, you are literally amazing. Isn't she amazing Ben?"

Ben looked up now, and gave Leslie a genuine smile. "Yes she is."

The camera crew had come across Leslie's blue Honda parked at Ramsett Park, hours after the park had been closed. The car had been turned off and would have looked abandoned had it not been for the steamed up windows. The crew was not the only one watching the suspicious vehicle. Shortly a police cruiser on patrol pulled in behind her car.

Leslie quickly sat up at the sound of the police siren alerting them, slamming her head against the roof of the car. The lights of the squad car shown into her Honda, revealing a rat nest of tangled hair and her button down shirt half off her shoulder. Leslie quickly scooted off of her companion's lap and fell into the driver's seat as the police officer walked up to the car and tapped on the window.

"Good evening officer," she said as diplomatically as she could while still breathless. She patted down her hair and straightened her shirt nervously.

"This park is..." The officer stopped as his flashlight illuminated her face. "Leslie?" The surprised look on the police officer's face was no match for the look of horror on Leslie's.

"Hi Dave," she grimaced through a strained smile. Of all the people she thought she was going to be seeing tonight, he was the last one.

"Dave?" Her companion choked out, leaning forward to see the man attached to the name he had not thought he would hear again. The light from Dave's flashlight revealed Leslie's secret companion to be none other than Ben Wyatt, Assistant City Manager.

"Okay, maybe neither of us is that sneaky." Ben admitted to the documentary crew, covering his face with his hands, peeking at the camera through his fingers. "This isn't going to air right?"

The crew was at Leslie's house, with Dave awkwardly glancing at the cameras in the living room. Ben and Leslie were in her dining room, arguing in hushed tones. Ben was pacing, wringing his hands.

"We have to make sure he'll be discrete, this could destroy your campaign." Ben warned her.

"Ben, I'll handle it. Don't worry." She reached out to touch his arm, but he continued to pace back and forth. Once she grabbed a hold of his arm to stop him he turned and gave her a serious look.

"How did things end between you two?"

Leslie's confidence waned. This was the first time exes were being brought up between her and Ben. The bubble was officially popped. She was secretly hoping that would be one of those topics they would never have to discuss.

"Well, she looked over at Dave, who quickly pretended that he wasn't trying to eavesdrop on them. "He asked me to move to San Diego with him and I said no."

"It was that serious? Oh god." Ben pulled at his hair. Ben Wyatt, human disaster.

"Ben, this is nothing to be concerned about. You stay here, I'll handle it." Leslie gave him a reassuring smile before walking into the other room. Only if she was able to convince herself that everything would be okay.

"So Dave, how was the army? Has it been a year already?"

"It was okay. Are you guys dating?" Dave motioned to Ben. Ben, realizing he was caught watching them, turned and looked at the ceiling. That crown molding was very interesting.

"Um, kinda. We work together and can't date, government policy nonsense. So..." How could she explain this without sounding crazy. When he left she was involved in another sex scandal, involved with the man she was currently running against. Though the difference there was that she wasn't actually having sex with him.

"So, you sneak around and get caught?" Dave offered.

"Yeah, pretty much." Leslie smiled, watching awkward Ben try and hide his adorable face. "But right now, with me campaigning, we have to be even more discreet."

"I saw your campaign poster in the station. Though Leslie, from my experience, you are the least discreet person in the world. You get super excited about everything and don't stop until everyone knows about it."

Leslie grinned at the compliment. "Thank you, but we can't let anyone know that we are together, or we would both lose our jobs. So, I can ask you for a favor and not mention it to anyone?"

"Anything for you Leslie. But, what about the..." he signaled to the camera crew that was capturing the entire conversation.

"Oh, we don't have to worry about them." She leaned towards him and whispered, "this documentary is never going to see the light of day."

"Alright, well I better get back on duty. It was nice seeing you again Leslie. Maybe I'll see you around town."

"That would be nice." She smiled, shaking his hand in goodbye.

"It was nice meeting you Ben." He calls into the other room.

"Uh, thanks. You too bro." The familiar sentiment hit all three of them like a slap. Dave stares at Ben, unsure on how to take him.

"Ben! Still?" Leslie rolled her eyes. Ben mouthed a silent apology and covered his face with his hand again. "I apologize for him. He's socially awkward. It seems to intensify around cops." Dave just briefly nodded in acknowledgement before walking out.

"Honestly, I was hoping she would be waiting for me to come back. Guess all of the good ones are taken. Though I guess now I can stop watching the news and go back to Sports Center."

Leslie closes the door behind Dave and the camera crew and leans against it. She wants to block the world from her and Ben's relationship, doesn't want anything to affect them.

"Why does this have to be so hard?" She asks, watching him collapse into one of her dining room chairs. He holds his arm out towards her, gesturing her to come to him. She slowly walks over, hesitant with each step. The walking on egg shells has begun. She stands in front of him, knees on either side of his. She places her hands on his shoulders as he runs his hands along the back of her legs.

"Because we both want to announce our relationship from the roof tops, but in order to do that we have to risk our jobs, and our dreams."

"You're my dream now Ben." She leans down and presses her forehead against his.

"Your dream is to be the first female president, and to build a park. And to walk in that park with your cabinet."

"And what's your dream? What are you risking to be with me?"

"My dream is to make you the happiest woman on earth."

"Woman? Not person?"

"Well, I already claim the happiest man on earth slot, so you'll just have to settle."