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Odessa has fallen. The Fenrir Team retreats on board Jukon submarines.


The Hunted

November 10th UC 0079, 0230


The Black Sea

After rendezvousing with the Dobday team, the Jukon submarines hurried to the east to meet with the rest of the Fenrir squad.

"Where are they? We can't wait much longer." The commander of the submarine said angrily as he stared at the clock. The Fenrir team and the allies they were supposed to be escorting were almost an hour late to the rendezvous. The commander knew that, if he stayed on station too long, there was a good chance that Federal anti-sub plans would detect and destroy his unit.

"Commander, I'm detecting a small number of ground vehicles moving towards us at high speed. I'm picking up a number of pursuers and weapons discharges as well."

"That must be them. Bring us to the surface and prepare for emergency recovery."

"Aye sir!"

The Jukon subs surfaced quickly into the early morning darkness. There was a heavy rain coming down. As the lead sub extended a ramp to the shore for the vehicles and mobile suits to board, the scopes picked up flames in the forest not far from the shoreline. The trucks and Magella Attack tanks flew up the ramp at high speed. Three Zaku IIFs units appeared out of the forest next, heading for the second Jukon, firing behind them. 240mm explosive shells and machine gun bullets flew out of the forest after them.

"Okay that's everyone. Let's get the hell out of here!" The sub team commander shouted.

"Not yet! I still have one team out there!" Schmitzer shouted as Swaggard helped him into the bridge.

"Major, I cannot endanger my team any longer. We will have enemy mobile suits on us in minutes, not to mention anti-submarine planes. We must leave!"

"I'm not leaving my best man! Let the other two subs go, but we stay!"

"Fine. But if the enemy gets here first, we leave."


Right after they had finished arguing, Roher's Zaku team staggered out of the forest. One was missing its head and another was dragging a barely usable leg behind it.

"Forscythe, O'Donnell, get on the sub, I'll cover you!" Roher shouted as he turned back towards the forest and fired his 120mm at their pursuers. His Zaku was missing its right arm and its thruster pack was inoperable.

"But Captain, you can't reload! You'll never make it alone, that psycho Guncannon is still out there!"

"That is not your concern lieutenant. Now get on the sub, leave your suits!" Roher ordered his wingman.

They abandoned their suits on the shore and ran up the ramp towards the hatch. Roher ran out of ammo and prepared to ditch his own suit as a single Guncannon emerged to his left, just ahead of the Jukon's bow. As it took aim at the sub, Roher hit his boosters, using what little functionality remained in the thruster unit and hit it, throwing the shot off. Using his remaining momentum, he turned and pulled the other mobile suit with him into the sea.

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