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"Nate, it's Eliot. Parker's gone."

"What do you mean she's gone? How could you let this happen?"

"She drugged me Nate!"

"Alright fine. Just hang on then. We're on our way back now."

By the time Nate and Sophie got back to the apartment, it was already late afternoon. Elliot had tried to track Parker and Chaos but came up empty on both ends. Try as he might, he could not get Hardison's computer to work in any way, shape, or form.

"So what's the plan Nate? Do we go after Parker or Chaos first?"

"We go after Chaos. We know Parker's goal and if we can get there first we can stop her. First order of business, find out where he is."

"I already contacted all my contacts Nate. No one knows where he is." Sophie said.

"Mine too Nate. Whatever he's doing, he's doing it himself."

"Okay then, I guess I'll just have to use mine." Sophie and Elliot smirked at each other.

"You have contacts? Does IYS track people now?"

"No, but last time I checked, Interpol does."

"Great. We're gonna use Sterling? The other guy who drugged me Sterling? This day just gets better and better."

"Come on Elliot, it's for Hardison. Besides you don't even have to see him. I need you to go back to Chicago. Something's going down and I don't want to take any chances."

"What about you guys. I can't leave you guys alone. I'm not letting Chaos get to you guys too."

"We'll be fine. We're going straight for the NSA. There's nowhere safer for us, okay? Now Sterling's in town meeting with Special Agent Durst. Yeah, apparently he got promoted. Sophie you're going to have to get us to them. Since he doesn't know you it'll be easiest for you to get in. Hopefully once we're in, we'll have enough leverage to get us to help locate Chaos. Now, let's go steal us a hacker."

It was a short drive to Langley, but they had a lot of planning to do. Since their last visit, Fred had given them his contact information and now they intended to use it to get to Sterling. As well as they knew Sterling, they knew he still had no intention of helping the team unless he had to. They figured the best place to ambush Sterling would be during his meeting with Fred Durst.

As they entered the conference room, Sterling and Fred greeted their intruders.

"Just the people we were talking about. We were just discussing how best to bring you in," Sterling said motioning toward Nate. "Come on in. We have a lot to discuss, you and I. "

"Indeed we do. I find myself in need of your help."

"Let me guess. You need help tracking a certain hacker and need us to do it." Nate just nodded his head suspiciously. "We think we have a location. Let's take a walk." Nate couldn't shake the feeling that something was out of place.

Fred took lead as he lead them down the basement and explained what had happened. "Earlier today we had a breach of security. We were extremely lucky to catch them. Here's our lead cryptanalyst, Jason Sheppard."

"Actually after reviewing the code some more. I'm under the impression that they wanted to get caught. You see these are the logs from earlier this morning. At 7:24 am only 678 people were logged in at the time. 3 minutes later the number spiked up to just under 4,000. Obviously most of those were real employees coming in during rush hour. Unfortunately the hacker exploited a loop hole wherein when the system receives more than a certain number of log ins a minute, it opens additional lines of entry in order to accommodate the increased traffic. Normally this is not a problem because all of the lines added are already wired into the network that lay dormant when not in use in order to conserve resources and narrow down the size of the network for security reasons. However this morning, there was an additional line added without our knowledge and implemented seamlessly. It was through this line that our hacker was able to take the information.

It was implemented so seamlessly that we didn't even know there was a breach until he disengaged the line. Now this is strange because the hard part isn't getting the line out, but getting it in. If a hacker is skilled enough to be able to do what he did, there is no reason he wouldn't be able to get away clean with it. It was almost as if he wanted to get caught."

"What was the data that he took?" Nate asked.

"That's the first reason we wanted to bring you in," Fred replied quickly. "It was the data that you got from the NSA and the Senator that was taken. We had started to go through the data trying to sort out the relevant information and deleting everything else. Right now, the only people who know about this secret who hasn't been cleared is your team. Any idea who would be capable of breaking into our servers and stealing the information?"

Nate looked at Sophie unsure as to what they should say. "We just had a run in with Colin Mason, a.k.a. Chaos who had just broken out of jail. We were in New York for a job when he showed up."

"New York? So was he involved in the bombing?"

"Yes and we need your help tracking him. We can help each other out right? We catch him and you make sure he stays in prison?"

"I'm sure we can make a deal." Sterling said smiling. Just another win in his book.