I'm not going to go into the details because in all honesty I'm doing what I can to forget them. I seem to remember Oz caught somewhere in between laughing and telling me to be a man and crying and yelling that I was holding his arm too hard, and then I think I just fell asleep right at the end. Can you blame me? Giving birth is hard enough, and having two at once just makes it harder.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention? They're twins, a girl and a boy. Apparently I was in and out of consciousness for about two days after they were born, so I was sort of upset that I had actually missed the first two days of my children's lives but Oz said that no-one blamed me. He said it was pretty messy and it would have been exhausting for anyone. That was when the twins and I were introduced for the first time. God, they're gorgeous. Oz told me he didn't want to name them until I was properly awake, so apparently for the past two days they had been referred to as 'the twins' or 'she' or 'he'. We had already agreed that we wouldn't name the babies after anyone- that would just be ridiculously unfortunate for the kid. Oz had been a bit reluctant to rule out the option of calling one of them Oscar, but then I said that there was only one Oscar and that was Uncle Oscar. I think he's still a bit touchy, but if he is he doesn't show it because he seems pretty damn proud right now.

All that aside, though, we did eventually get around to naming them. Maya and Oliver Vessalius. Maya has Oz's hair and my eyes, but Oliver has my hair and Oz's eyes, which I thought was kind of cool. They have virtually the same face, but that could change as they grow up. They're not good for much now except sleeping and eating and staring into space and just generally existing but I just find it adorable. When I was younger, I always went on about how much I hated kids, but now I don't even know how I managed to think something like that. They're perfect.

People came visiting not long after. Gil was bestowed the honour of godfather to Oliver (because he's Oz's best friend) and Sharon became Oliver's godmother (because she's one of the only other people of the female race I let come anywhere near me). Oscar had the place of Maya's godfather from the get-go and after a little bit of debate we agreed to give Ada the spot of aunt and godmother because there was no-one else to have the job. Break got all melodramatic about not having some sort of role in the bringing up of Maya and Oliver but then we just dubbed him Cheshire's godfather to make him happy and left it at that.

Gil's softened up since meeting them. I think he's already selected Oliver to be his favourite because he's his godfather and everything, but as long as he's not smoking or drinking as much as he has been around them I really don't mind. As much as he annoys me, I'm really glad that he and Oz can be friends again. Oz said that Gil said that he thought things would get harder after we had the baby but if anything I think the twins will bring them closer. And as for Sharon and Ada… Let's just say that I'm more than happy that we're moving out of town.

I can't say the same for everyone else, though- most of the others don't want us to go, but Oz and I have already bought the house and we've decided that we'll go as soon as we can, and seeing as the nurses said I'll be out in just a few more days, we'll probably be in the new house sooner rather than later. Sharon and Ada insisted on some kind of house-warming party but Oz fended them off by saying that we had enough stuff that we'd stashed away in the mansion to fill up any house, no matter the size. He then did some more fending off and eventually the ward was empty, except for us and the twins. He was holding Maya and I had Oliver. We didn't say much, but then we didn't have to either. It was just amazing, looking into their little eyes, that we had done this. After all this time, after everything, we've come to this and it's just incredible.

We moved into the new house about a week and a bit later. Oliver and Maya are in our room for now but they have a nursery and everything set up. Despite Oz's warnings, everyone else had put in some money and bought me a treadmill to get rid of my baby belly.

The bloody cheeks!

A/N: TA-DAAA! Thanks for reading and being such a supportive audience, you're all awesome ^^ But I have to say, this may be the last of the She's a Lady series or whatever you want to call it… Don't be disheartened. I had fun writing it and I hope you had fun reading it ^-^