Origami Lesson

Blaine's fingers fumbled with the crease of the floral design paper. An ever growing crumpled pile of the same paper sat at his elbow. He grumbled an obscenity underneath his breath as he mashed his latest victim tossing it unceremoniously with the rest. He shot a playfully jealous look at his boyfriend. Kurt had as many cranes in front of him as Blaine did squished failures.

"Origami is not my strong suit dear," Blaine sighed as he slumped against Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt patted Blaine's head with an understanding look, "Yes I figured that was the way this was going to end ten minutes ago when you smashed the paper into a ball and accompanied it with dying bird squaks."

Blaine chuckled, "No warbling for this crane."

"Here," said Kurt as he grabbed a fresh sheet of paper; "let me help you this time." Kurt placed the paper on the table in front of Blaine then he stepped behind the curly headed boy. He placed his hands on top of Blaine's. "Now the key to origami," Kurt instructed his lips close to Blaine's ear, "is in the creases. Strong, sharp creases have the best result."

Blaine's heart beat just a little faster when Kurt's soft, perfectly manicured hands touched his. He could hardly think of anything else except how much he loved Kurt's voice at his ear. Even after nearly a year they were still crazy for each other.

Two minutes later a small paper crane, wings spread outward, faced the two boys. "And that's an origami crane."

Blaine looked up into Kurt's eyes, "I may need to repeat the course, because I have a crush on the teacher and was distracted the entire time." Blaine reached up and cupped Kurt's face in his hands pulling Kurt close to meet his lips sweetly.