"Angel you must be really disappointed in me now." Mark Collin said in his breathe, now in one of the parks in New York City. And to think it has been two years since Roger met Mimi, Maureen dumped him and met Joanne, and Collins met Angel till his/her death. Mark still remembered Angel and all she/he did to keep the group together. The group really missed Angel especially Collins, now since he was single. Mark knew that pain since the day Maureen told him she was leaving him for a woman that really crushed Mark's tiny nerdy heart. Mark looked around at all the couples in the park either ice skating or eating roasted nuts together, oh how Mark envied them.

"Well, time to stop dwelling in the past." Mark said getting up from one of the bench he sat on, pulled out his camera and began filming. He saw many people: feeding birds, ice skating, making snow angels, and other winter junk. Some were with family or friends enjoying time together the time he should be doing with his friends.

"Well, folks it is another Christmas day here in New York. We see family and friends enjoying the wonders of this lovely winter season and -" Mark as cut short when he saw a young woman in: a neon orange coat, with blue jeans, and long black hair that reached to her knees. Mark had to blink twice at the woman and looked out of his camera. "WOW. That is really long hair! Well, anyway back to - Hey! Where'd she go?"

"SMILE!" Mark heard as he turned around not able to see who said that but only see a flash that blinded him and made him land in a bush.