Chapter 1

It had been 6 months since Greenlee Smythe had made a decision that would change her entire life. But really everything changed that fateful Valentine's Day in 2009.

Kendall Slater had taken off in her car along with her husband, Zach. They were engulfed in a very heated argument. Kendall approached the blind turn not paying attention to the road she was too focused on giving Zach a piece of her mind. On the other side of the turn Greenlee drove her motorcycle too fast intent on finding Zach and clearing up what had happened after the wedding rehearsal. As Greenlee maneuvered the bike around the turn her eyes shot wide open there was car speeding right in front of her. She swerved the bike just missing the car but lost control of the bike and flew over a cliff into the icy waters below.

Over the next year Greenlee's family and friends had to face a world without her in it. Her so called fiancée drowned his sorrows in other women, Greenlee's best friend the very married Kendall Hart and Greenlee's father's ex-wife Erica Kane, specifically. Zach and Kendall honored her memory by hiding their real involvement in her death. Her mother Mary grieved long enough to get back in Woodruff Greenlee's good side and get some of her inheritance back. The only one who really honored the young women was her father Jackson Montgomery.

David watched them disrespecting the memory of this incredible woman who deserved so much better and he would make sure she got justice. The people of Pine Valley had no idea that David had been in Connecticut that fateful night and witness the horrific event that as far as they knew took the life of Greenlee. There was so much that these idiots didn't know though. He had gone to Connecticut in hopes of convincing Greenlee to not throw her life away again but instead watch his sister-in-law fly over that cliff and then listened as Zach and Kendall worried more about themselves then her. He had found her and he took her away from them letting them believe that she had died. Hell he never really believed she would survive but he fought for her anyway. Somehow his medical skills didn't let him down this time he was able to save her. She woke up from her coma a few times but that Christmas night in Gloucester proved to be the miracle he prayed for. She awoke for good and continued to heal. She beat every obstacle thrown her way.