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Twinkling stars littered the dark sky above Pine Valley. The cold late November air had a familiar chill to it. JR had grown up in the small upstate Pennsylvania town, he recognized the slight change in the air that the layman could ignore; snow was coming. There was something about the air before the first winter snow, there was a freshness a renewal that could only come from the first dusting of the pure white snow. With the snow came a newness a freshness; a cleansing of the previous year.

As a young boy JR loved the nights before a snow storm, going to bed wondering how much snow would drop. He'd pray they'd get enough to close the schools. Snow days for a seven year old were magical, filled with sledding, snow men, snow ball fights, and hot chocolate. As he got older the magic of winter had slowly faded away. Right now he would give anything for an ounce of the magic to return, it seemed that magic like miracles were in short supply in his life right now.

A gust of wind cut through him as he pulled his jacket tighter around his broad shoulders. He had escaped up here needing to find somewhere that he could feel close to her, to find the strength to carry on for her.

"JR?" A soft voice called out in the wind, he recognized her voice; up until just a few days ago she was one of the only ones who carried the burden of keeping Greenlee's secret. "You ok?" Amanda asked as she made her way to the edge of the hospitals roof, knowing he was far from ok.

If he had the strength JR would have laughed at the question, how could he be ok? "I betrayed her." JR answered simply, knowing Amanda of all people would understand.

Amanda grabbed his hand, the warmth of her's enveloping his cold one. "No, you could never betray her."

JR snatched his hand from hers, the last thing he deserved was comfort. "I told Jackson, the one thing she had asked me not to do, and it was for nothing. NOTHING!" He shouted angrily. Greenlee had trusted him to wait for the right moment to bring Jackson and her family into her secret, and now that Jack wasn't a match JR couldn't up but feel that he had let his love for her blind him. He should have waited to tell them, let her make that decision, not make it for her.

"Greenlee trusted you JR." At his schof she continued, "No, she did. She wrote those letters knowing there may come a time that she might be too sick to tell them. She trusted that you would know the right time to bring Jack and her family in.

"JR I know how much your hurting. I know how much you love Greenlee. No, Jack's not a match but at least if Greenlee doesn't make it Jack and her family will get a chance to say Goodbye."

'Goodbye' the simple word, so often used casually, broke his heart. He had said 'Goodbye' to Babe long before it was her time. He had thought Annie might be the next love of his life, only to lose her to her own mind. Now, with the chance of true love, he was faced with saying that word all over again, and it wasn't fair. JR couldn't help the tears that formed in his blue eyes, the sob that escaped his lips was just as visceral as the tears that snaked their way down his cheeks.

Angie sat at her desk looking over the lest results for what felt like the hundredth time, hoping that this time they would magically change; that somehow Jackson would be a bone marrow match for his daughter and her patient would have a chance at a happy life.

Doctors lost patients every day, death like breathing was a part of life. Hospitals all over the world held life and death within their walls. Just a few floors beneath her was new life, the first breath of an innocent child; hope of the future. Looking at the folder on her desk was the weight of death, the price of living, and Angie Hubbard had never felt as useless as she did in this moment. Despite all her medical training, despite the newest and best money could buy, she was going to lose a patient; a friend.

"Angie?" A soft knock on the door as it slowly opened. A young dark haired woman stood before her. "Is it too late to be tested? Maybe I could be a match?"

And just as the darkness started to engulf their world a small glimmer of hope shown through. She may not be a match, heck it was a long shot, but it was a shot. With each person that had come forward was a possibility that somewhere there would be a match, that she wouldn't lose the young woman she had grown to love like a daughter.

The soft amber glow of the candle illuminated the otherwise dark room, combined with the other lit candles the hospital chapel was a welcoming haven in a world that ceased to exist outside these walls.

Jackson Montgomery stared at the candle he had just lit, sending a prayer up for the daughter who was fighting for her life, the daughter he didn't deserve. Each candle a prayer, a hope that their love one's would see the world outside. Jack couldn't begin to guess how many times they had been here before, how many times they lit candles and sent prayers up to heaven. It didn't matter how often they were brought here or why, it was always the same pain that almost seemed overwhelming.

Just a week ago he had returned from an amazing honeymoon with the one woman on this earth he had given his whole being to, he had finally gotten Erica Kane done the isle for what they promised would be the last time. They had come home to their family, a family that if he would have been honest himself, was one person short, the problem was, he had let himself lose the one blood relation he had left in this world. They were going to sit around the family table and toast to another year of blessings, he had been ignorant to the truth that had been staring him in the face for months.

It had taken the likes of JR Chandler to finally rock his world and get his head out of his, for lack of a better term, ass. For months his only child had been fighting a battle on her own – no not alone she had trusted JR Chandler with her secret. The news that his child had Leukemia had rocked his perfect world and made the man face his short comings.

Jackson had spent the last week by her side, holding her hand, begging her to old on, to just fight just a little longer. Angie and JR had believe that the moment the truth came out, the moment that Jack learned the truth, they would finally be able to save his daughter. The truth was so much worse. The hope that he alone could save her, that his bone marrow would be the miracle she so desperately needed had come crashing down with the revelation that he was not in fact a compatible match. It had been her blood that saved his life years before and he could only sit by and watch her die, and as a father there was nothing more helpless.

Blowing out the match Jackson stared at the soft movements of the flame, praying to the God above for just one more chance to make this right, a chance Jack didn't deserve but Greenlee did.

The waiting room outside of the ICU was full, the threat of a snow storm hadn't kept them away. Pine Valley had been here before, and most certainly regardless of the outcome they would be here again; maybe not for her but undoubtedly for someone else they love. Kendall sat with Zach their fingers intertwined, both holding on to regrets they had tried to apologize for; both feeling as if they had let their friend down. As soon as the news of Greenlee's Cancer came out their argument seemed petty and pointless.

Tad and Dixie sat on the other side of the room talking about how to help their son, how they could make it just a little better for him if Greenlee didn't make it.

Ryan paced back and forth despite Madison's pleas to sit for just a minute. He had loved Greenlee once, still did if he was man enough to admit it. He had confused the love he had for her and in the process had hurt them both. Ryan knew their love wasn't the 'be all end all' they had once believed it to be and if he had realized that sooner maybe they wouldn't be here. "Please God don't take her." He prayed silently for his friend.

A year ago Greenlee's betrayed had seemed so humongous so unforgiveable, and she had been willing to accept that. She allowed them to feel their pain, to let out their anger; she had accepted it feeling as if it was deserved. Pain and anger was natural but it should never have caused the cracks in their town they had allowed it to, maybe just maybe this would pass and they could repair the damage they had all caused and finally move on; it would take a miracle but this was the season of miracles.

Erica's heel's clicked as she moved down the hall, scanning from side to side trying to find the man she loved. Erica hated hospitals, hated the pain associated with them. Too many people had been lost within these walls, too many tears too much heartbreak. Oh, sure there had been smiles and laughter but before that was always the pain; Erica was tired of the pain. Erica was tired of the intrusions this hospital had in her life, she was ready to move on to have the perfect marriage to Jackson and the perfect family with their children.

"Jackson!" Erica called out as Jackson walked slowly out of the chapel, the sadness that permeated from his body not lost on the petite woman. "Any news?" She asked cautiously as she wrapped her arms around him, feeling the way his body soften in her arms.

Jack couldn't find the words, couldn't form the words that would admit he could lose his daughter anytime. His head shook back and forth answering where his words fell short. "I can't lose her." Jack whispered into Erica's shoulder as he pulled her closer needing her more in that moment than he had realized.

JR watched Jackson and Erica having a hard time holding in the anger he still felt for the man. Jackson had shown up acting like being here now made up for the months he had been absent, like it would make up for ignoring as his daughter had wasted away at the effects of "beating" Cancer.

He knew Amanda was right, despite his anger for the man Greenlee needed him right now. Greenlee deserved to know that she was loved that she still had at least one parent with her; that she wasn't alone no matter how dark and bleak things got.

Angie walked into the waiting room not surprised to see it full, to see all the people Greenlee had once called family there waiting; she only wished it hadn't taken Cancer to bring them together, to mend the broken fences they had all been guilty of creating. Just behind her Jack, Erica, JR, and Amanda followed. All eyes looked to her hoping and praying for a glimmer of hope.

The bright smile on her face was contagious as she opened the folder in her hand. "We found a match!" Angie proclaimed not caring at the break in her voice, this was it they had their miracle and it couldn't have come a second sooner.

"Oh my God!" the gasps from Greenlee's family filled the room, a weight lifted from them. Questions were flying all over, they all wanted to know who would save her.

Angie smiled at the young woman who had come to her office just a few hour ago hoping there was a chance they had enough family connection to be a match. It turned out Greenlee's cousin was a match.

Jackson took quick notice of the way Angie looked at his niece, he knew just who it was that would save his daughter. "Bianca? Are you sure?" Jackson knew there were small risks to being a donor and he didn't want his niece feeling as if she had to do this. Bianca's confident nod told him all he needed, instantly she was wrapped up in his arms.

"No, Bianca you can't!" Erica's shrill cut through the happiness they were all feeling as the petite fashionista broke up the moment.