Hey guys! It's me again!

Genesis: Yes yes, what do you want now?

Why, to keep you guys company is all!

Zack: Uhuh...

Do you doubt my sincerity! *le Gasp* How dare you question my motives!

Cloud: We can't question what's already questionable.

Touché... Anyway! This is my new (hopefully short) story! In it Cloud and the others are ANGELS!

*audience gasps*

Genesis: How original...

Sephiroth: Very...

I know, huh? Now, I know most of you are think, "But, Tora, Angels is so overused!" and honestly, you'd be right! BUT... there are going to be a few things different!

First: Cloud is going to have his demonic KH wings! You'll see why soon...

Second: Seph, Gen, and Ang will have TWO wings, of varying colors... I'm soo tired of them having only one wing! So, Seph is going to keep his black wings, and Angeal will keep the white, but Genesis... Well, Genesis is going to be graced with a beautiful pair of 'Golden Eagle' wings! Exciting isn't it? While Zack is going to have the wings of a 'Spotted White Falcon'.

Third: Cloud is Blind! And he will remain so throughout the duration of this fic! He was blinded as a child by a bully, so he remembers things like colors and what grass and trees look like, but not much else.

Fourth: There are a few guest appearances from some familiar KH faces, but no KH worlds will be added, so this really isn't a crossover... just some cameos! You'll see who by the third chapter, I'm sure!

Zack: Gah! How could you do such a horrible thing to my thunderstorm? *cuddles Cloud*

Cloud: Z-Zack! You're chok...ing m... *trails off*

Angeal: Let him go puppy, he can't breathe.

Zack:*looks down at Cloud*

Cloud: *passed out*

Zack: Oh crap...

Anyway... let's get on with it, shall we?

Disclaimer: DO NOT OWN!

(Flashback: 12 years ago)

A small blonde boy sobbed quietly, curled in a tight ball in a shadowed corner of an alleyway between two buildings.

He was hiding… the older boys were trying to get him again. He didn't understand why, but every time they saw him, they made horrible faces and tried to hurt him!

They always said it was because of his wings. They said he was different from all the other angels, so he didn't deserve to be happy like the rest of them.

Whenever they managed to catch him, they would hold his wings and threaten to pull them out if he ever told anyone; then he would be banished from living with the angels.

The boy cried harder. He didn't understand why he was different; why his wings were different. Both his mother and father had normal wings!

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of the others getting closer, and the boy whimpered, alerting them to his location accidentally.

"Hey, he's over here!"

"Where? I wanna teach that little reject a lesson!"

"What he do this time, Micha?"

"Everything! He looked at me funny today during training! So Imma—"

"Hey, don't do anything stupid, Micha…"

"Hehe, of course not… I'm just going to make sure he never looks at me again,"

The boy cried out as he was roughly pulled up by the hair until his face was just inches from another's. The other boy, Micha, sneered and threw him back to the ground, "Hold him down Aril, I don't want him thrashing and getting this stuff on me,"

Aril, shook his head vehemently, "No, Micha! This is what I was talking about! We can't do this!"

Micha growled, "Are you gonna back out now!"

"I'm not doing this Micha! I'm going to leave if you continue to do this," Aril threatened.

The boy beneath Micha sobbed harder, unknowing of his fate.

"Whatever coward; leave for all I care! I'm going to finish this and you're not going to stop me!"

The small child soon found himself pinned more forcefully to the ground and he panicked as Micha pulled a small vial from a pouch. He writhed wildly, causing Micha to curse. But the older, stronger boy succeeded in stilling him, and the blonde child could only watch in growing horror as Micha popped the cork on the glass and held the container over his face; more specifically, his eyes.

The boy doubled his efforts, but to no avail.

Micha managed to get a few drops of the unknown substance into each of the child's eyes before he was violently ripped from the boy.

The small child howled in pain and clawed helplessly at his eyes.

'It burns,' the boy thought. 'So much… Make it stop!'

The boy heard deeper, rougher voices over the sound of his screaming and he looked—as well as he could— over to the source. All he saw was a large blur hovering above him.

'Make it stop! Please!'

And suddenly, the world turned black.

(Present Day)

Cloud Strife sat bolt upright in his bed, panting and sweating. He gripped his shirt in his hand tightly.

He'd had the dream again… the one where he'd had his sight stolen from him…

The day during which his life had been changed forever…

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