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Torra- Tora
Rene- Eli
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Ignatius- Toxra
Felix- Furi
Sven- Ryo

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Chapter 13

Cloud eventually fell asleep, tucked in as he was next to Leon. The over-exertion of his powers after so long going without took its toll and the poor blond didn't even try to fight as unconsciousness took him into a dreamless slumber.

This all happened shortly after Sven and Felix sauntered over, asked him their questions and given their concerns, before promptly getting into a conversation with Genesis, who lingered nearby to make sure Cloud and Zack were really both okay.

When the bell rang to signal the end of this block, Cloud didn't stir and continued his rest. Leon had no inclination to move, and remained peaceably where he was. He only had one other class today, but it wasn't for another several hours. He saw Vincent and Yazoo, as well as the other large group lead by the mysterious Torra; leave the large room for their own classes. Sephiroth and Angeal managed to help Zack stumble over to the lion and the wolf currently curled into his side before he collapsed and passed out himself.

Angeal changed into his normal form and nudged Zack closer to Leon with a fond smile. The big man gave the newly changed Sephiroth a glance as the silver-haired male stood gracefully, lean muscles rippling, hair softly dancing, and followed suit.

"As much as we'd like to stay, Sephiroth booked us training room time for today," as he said this, Angeal sent Genesis a pointed look, "Genesis, it's best we get going."

Genesis made to argue, but seemed to think better of it and shifted back, his skin-tight outfit hugging his well-built body. Leon was momentarily glad that they were in a public place and that he was otherwise occupied, or they might've had to peel the younger brunet off his lovers with a crowbar.

The lion huffed at the wayward thought and pulled Cloud closer with his front paws. The blond whined quietly, but quieted when Leon licked between his ears. The wolf turned his head and snuffled into Leon's shaggy chest with a sigh.

On the other side of the big cat, Zack awoke momentarily at Cloud's small sound. The bigger wolf managed to heave himself over Leon's larger body, much to the feline's hissing displeasure, and curl up next to Cloud, his head laying happily on Leon's furry flank.

The other three chuckled at the sight with fond eyes, but had to leave to get dressed.

The lion watched them enter the changing room, come out a few minutes later, and leave to make their training appointment.

Leon observed the door for a few moments longer as a couple students meandered their way in. Thankfully, the three of them were in the far corner and out of everyone's way. Reno's new class of younger students noticed the massive lion and his companions in the shadowed corner rather quickly, and could only gape at the senior Shifters.

Leon would've laughed if he could, (after all, they were just children and probably couldn't hold their form for longer than a few minutes at most) but settled for laying his head over Cloud's neck with a contented purr and fell asleep.

He definitely didn't notice as Zephyr and Ignatius, the little snow leopard and his lion mate, slunk back into the room to stand guard by the door, inciting the students to shuffle warily between the large predators.

As soon as Genesis entered the secluded training room and saw the looks on his lovers' faces, he immediately turned to leave, but Angeal lunged for the door and stood in front of it with his patented 'you're-going-to-explain-your-conniving-out-of-con trol-thought-process-to-us-lowly-mortals-or-I'm-no t-going-to-be-happy' frown.

Genesis held up hands in surrender when Sephiroth came up behind him as he tried to back away.

"What, exactly, are you expecting to happen between Cloud and the rest of us, Gen?" Angeal questioned sternly.

The redhead sighed and lowered his hands when he saw nothing but confusion and a wish to understand shining in Angeal slate eyes.

"Honestly, Ang, I really don't know. But, I just— I feel something…" Genesis' right hand came up over his heart as he considered to floor thoughtfully. "—in here, and it's…" Genesis tapped the space on his chest and brought his other arm in to make an odd looping motion with his hand in a frustrated gesture as he tried to think of the proper words to describe these sensations he'd been having since he met the lithe blond, "I don't know. It's like I had a piece missing that I didn't know about, but as soon as I saw Cloud, it just clicked into place, like it'd never been gone." The auburnet regarded his oldest friend earnestly, "It's the same feeling I got when I met all of you. One by one, all of my previously unknown missing pieces were coming back to me, and Cloud's was the bit that completed the puzzle and showed the picture in its entirety! I feel whole! For the first time in my life, I feel like there's nothing in me that's absent, and I can finally stop searching for whatever's left, because there's nothing gone anymore." A blissful expression overcame Genesis' angular face, and Angeal and Sephiroth shared a look over their lover's shoulder. After a moment, Sephiroth nods and Angeal feels a vague sense of relief.

They don't know for sure, but maybe Cloud is the piece they were all secretly missing…

It wasn't until much later that Cloud woke up, slightly sore, but healed for the most part. It was clearly the middle of one of Reno's younger classes, as most of the students were transformed and tumbling around with each other while the fox observed.

The wolf looked one way and found Zack's furry back legs curled up by his shoulder, and looked the other way to find Leon lounging on his side with a wide, heavy paw thrown over Cloud's shoulders. Zack's head rose and fell with Leon's breathing from where he laid it on the lion's shaggy flank. Leaning forward, Cloud noticed a deep rumbling coming from the depths of Leon's chest: purring.

Snickering as well as he could in this form, Cloud belly-crawled up to nose at Leon's jaw carefully. When that did nothing, he nipped the underside of his chin and earned a slight twitch, which caused Zack to snort, but they both remained sleeping.

Particularly mischievous at the moment, Cloud decided to have a little fun with his napping companions. He lifted his fluffy tail and ran it lightly over Zack's face, irritating the other wolf's ears. As the black appendages flicked madly, Cloud gently extracted himself from between Leon's front paws. Zack was waking up, sniffling at the feeling of fur on his nose, so Cloud had to do this quickly.

Barking sharply in the big cat's ear, the blond leapt back as Leon jerked up, dislodging Zack who flailed wildly and flipped over onto his other side with an "Oompf!" Leon, looking around with wide eyes, fur standing on end, looked especially comical and Cloud couldn't help the yipping laughter that escaped him.

Gunmetal eyes locked, narrowed, upon the small blond wolf, and his fur seemed to fluff up more with indignation, making the lion's face seem puffed out. Cloud caught one glimpse and another round of near cackling started up. Zack was slowly gathering himself and trying unsuccessfully to calm his racing heart.

Leon took a menacing step at Cloud, but the blond was already gone, racing off down the length of the room, yipping. Leon streaked after him with a terrifying roar. Meanwhile, all the students of Reno's class huddled together near the middle of the large room, having been surprised by the loud sound from the small wolf. They watched in fascinated horror as the lion gave chase, and the limber wolf merely evaded, using walls as springboards to change directions rapidly, something his much larger companion couldn't do easily. Back in the corner the black wolf only blearily sat where he was, slightly tilted and sitting on his hip.

Eventually, the lion tired and tripped ungracefully, landing on his chest, hindquarters high in the air, before careening headfirst into the wall that the blond had just used as a launch pad for a particularly showy flip and roll combo. The shaggy creature fell sideways with a thump and a groan, ending the wolf's fun immediately.

Cloud missed the accident, but heard the series of noises and turned whining distressed at Leon's state and rushing over. Zack heaved himself up and hobbled closer, worry for his lover overcoming his pain. Cloud came to a grinding halt in front of Leon, whining apologies profusely and licking the lion's nose soothingly. Leon looked dazed, but relatively unharmed and Cloud was silently thankful that his roughhousing hadn't had too many negative consequences. Sometimes he forgot that most people couldn't handle his type of 'play'.

Leon shook off the dizziness and sat up against the wall he'd inadvertently become acquainted with. Cloud was still fussing over him though, which was not okay, so the great lion pounced and trapped the slim wolf between his front paws, and began to lick his ears to calm him down. Cloud's leathery wings, which had escaped during his and the lion's romp, wriggled helplessly against the floor, pushed flat by Leon's weight and the lion moved down and licked the junctures of the dark appendages where they met the wolf's shoulders, and Cloud practically melted beneath the furrier body above him, making a rumbling noise suspiciously close to a purr.

When Leon heard the noise, he came back to himself somewhat and clambered off the wolf, glancing sheepishly at a bemused Zack. Cloud's disappointed whimper was cut short when he realized a whole class of younger teens and a smirking fox were watch the scene with several mixed emotions. Cloud shot up and practically flew to the exit in his embarrassment. 'Stupid… Stupid!' he berated himself once he was safely in the hall and changed back into his human skin. Leon and Zack joined him a few minutes later; Leon wouldn't looked at him and Cloud couldn't find it in himself to fault him if he regretted… whatever it was he was doing back in there…

"I'm sorry…" the blond said, hiding his eyes behind a fringe of soft spikes.

Leon looked up, brows furrowed, "You're sorry? Why are you sorry? I was the one who was being inappropriate!"

"I would understand if you're disgusted by me, though… I get that I'm weird and my wing are unnatural, or whatever… I don't blame you if you regret whatever it was you were doing."


Leon grabbed Cloud's chin and yanked his face around to look into his eyes, disregarding the fact that the other teen was blind. Most of the time, Cloud seemed like he could see anyway.

"I would never regret anything I did with, or to, you! Not unless whatever I do hurts you." Leon searched sightless eyes and hesitantly asked, "Did I hurt you?"

"No!" Blue eyes widened. "I mean, it didn't hurt…" the blond's blush was prominent on his pale skin, "I, um… actually kind of… liked it…" he muttered.

Leon didn't know what came over him in that instant, whether it was the fact that Cloud just looked too damn cute, or if his instincts felt it was the right thing to do, that Cloud was right, but the brunet—using his grip on Cloud's soft chin—pulled the blond into a soft kiss, and damn, did it feel right. So right, in fact, that he forgot Zack, who could only watch on with wide eyes. Gods, was it just him, or was it suddenly hot in here?

The sable-haired man had to fight the urge to get in on that action, and contented himself with thoughts of the others whilst staring at the opposite wall. For some reason, thinking of what the others might think if they saw this didn't worry him. He had a feeling that they felt the same pull to Cloud that he and Leon obviously felt.

After several moments of soft noises from the two, they broke apart. Zack, for one, was glad he didn't have to ruin their moment, but if they'd gone on any longer he might've had a problem down south to worry about…

Leon leaned his forehead against Cloud's and just stared into heavy-lidded eyes, to his flushed face, and knew that Cloud could see Leon in his own special way; could see what he did to the other teen. Goddess, had it really only been two days since he'd met this wonderfully beautiful boy? It felt like they'd know each other forever.

'Forever… Oh shit, Zack!'

Leon whipped around to face his boyfriend and found the man staring off at the wall with a blush on his face. From where he was standing, Leon couldn't see any judgment in those stunning violet eyes, so the brunet counted that as a win in their favor.

"You two done over there…?" Zack called over his shoulder. Cloud's eyes widened and he paled as he too remembered the other part of their little trio.

"Uh, yeah, I guess…" Leon cleared his throat awkwardly, looking anywhere but at his lover.

"Good!" Zack spun around and strode over, sweeping the much smaller Cloud into a kiss of his own. Leon's jaw hit the floor and gunmetal eyes fixated unerringly on his boyfriend making out with the boy. He squirmed uncomfortably when Zack pulled back with a wicked grin to see Cloud's dazed appearance. The older man looked over at Leon's questioning face and gave an innocent expression, "What? Did you think I'd let you have all the fun?"

Leon glared at losing the kissing contest he didn't know they were even having and being outdone. "Shut up… we've have classes to get to…" he grumbled as he passed the two, and Zack laughed, setting Cloud back down and grabbing his hand to pull him after the pouting brunet.

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