I don't know why I started writing this in present tense. This one is short because I'm elbows deep in fondant and cake batter for, oddly enough, a wedding cake.

Jealous of the Moon

Prompt: dread

Bella stands on the pedestal, staring at herself in the mirror. Yards upon yards of white satin and lace surround her, the skirt of her gown puffed out and swollen like a balloon. She hates everything about it, especially the tiara that the bridal assistant said "completes the look."

"That one is so pretty," her friend Lauren gushes, barely taking time to look up from her phone. Seemingly too busy to make time for her friend, Lauren has been texting furiously since they arrived.

"I'm not sure," Bella hedges.

She's dreaded this day for weeks, put it off for as long as she can, but a church has been chosen and a date has been set. She has to find a dress.

When Bella was a little girl, she didn't dream of a big, fairytale wedding with hundreds of guests and a princess dress. She always imagined getting married on the beach, surrounded by only her closest family and friends. Shoes would be optional and the dress would fit the location. Something casual and comfortable.

This thing most definitely is not.

All of the beading makes the dress heavy, weighing down her small frame. Her figure gets lost in the excess fabric and the bright-white makes her look even more washed-out than usual. Just as she makes the decision to take off the dress and come back another day, her future mother-in-law comes waltzing in.

"Oh, Bella, is that the one? You look beautiful. Oh, it's perfect. Michael will just die when he sees you."

A tear rolls down Bella's cheek and Mrs. Newton mistakes it for a happy display of emotion. Mrs. Newton hugs her tightly and calls for someone from the fitting and alterations department to come and take Bella's measurements.

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