This was done by request of darkangelkiely on tumblr. The prompt was Could you write Drarry fluff about the first time Draco realizes he likes Harry?


"Why are we stalking Potter?"

"Shut up, Goyle." Malfoy flung his arm back, hitting Goyle in the stomach. "You'll give us away."

In truth, Malfoy wasn't really sure either. He just had this feeling, like if he followed Potter tonight, something good would come of it.

Potter entered the Prefects' bathroom, golden egg in his arms. Malfoy signaled for Crabbe and Goyle to stay where they were, and quietly slipped into the bathroom.

He stayed hidden in the shadowed little hall before the main room, partly to stay concealed and partly because as soon as he walked in, he got a full-body shot of Potter undressing and was shocked into standing still, transfixed until Potter was completely naked. He slid down to the floor as quietly as possible while Potter slid into the pool-sized tub.

A ghost came in through the wall next to Malfoy and winked at him before going to join Potter. Malfoy got out of there as fast as he could. He raced back to the dormitory, not bothering to wait for Crabbe and Goyle, and when he got there, he bodily removed his other two roommates before locking everyone out.

The fact that Malfoy was attracted to both men and women was not new to him. That Potter was one of those men… that was certainly new.

He tried to calm his breathing and think rationally about it. Malfoy liked Potter. Malfoy liked the idiotic Gryffindor. Malfoy liked the boy with the worst hair he'd ever seen in his life, the stupidest glasses in existence, the worst fashion sense outside of the Weasleys, the craziest plans, the greenest eyes, the bravest heart- fuck. Malfoy rolled over and planted his face in his pillow.

He supposed it could be worse. Potter could be a Weasley. Malfoy shuddered at the thought.

He let himself daydream a bit. So, Potter hated him and thought Malfoy hated him back - which he did, attraction did not cancel out utter annoyance with a person's existence; in fact, it just made it worse.

But Potter was good-looking, even with clothes on - that is, if one discounted the hair and the glasses and the stupid Gryffindor grin. And he was certainly good-looking without the clothes. Malfoy supposed he could appreciate the hair if he imagined Potter was just constantly in a just-shagged state.

Malfoy supposed Potter did have redeeming traits, such as the aforementioned bravery that Malfoy should probably stop making fun of, and the never-ending loyalty that Malfoy would undoubtedly continue to make fun of simply because it was such a stereotypically Hufflepuff trait.

So it was decided. Draco Malfoy would pursue Harry Potter.

He lifted his head up for a moment, then dropped it back down to the pillow with a groan.

He didn't even know if Potter liked men. And how was he supposed to pursue Potter after years of hating him? It would be suspicious - not to mention embarrassing. And Malfoys do not embarrass themselves.

Maybe he could take the pulling-pigtails approach. He could continue to be a complete prick to Potter and subtly add in innuendoes. Potter was smart enough to pick up on it, wasn't he? He was certainly bright enough to do better than Malfoy in most of their classes, innuendoes should be no problem.

And of course Potter liked men, he'd grown up in a closet for fuck's sake. It would be a waste if he weren't.

Fuck it all, I'm in love with him, aren't I?

Malfoy pushed his head deeper into the pillow, attempting to suffocate himself. Stupid Potter and his stupid baths and his stupid nakedness and his stupid stupid stupid perfection.