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7 years ago, there was an attack on the Village hidden in the leaves known as Konoha or Konohagakure. This enemy was known as the Kyubbi no Yoko, or the Nine-taied fox demon.

It was the strongest of the nine that were known as bijuu's. It is said that whenever any of these bijuu's appear, death and destruction follow afterward.

The Kyuubi attacked out of nowhere and the village was taken by surprise. Many of the villagers and shinobi alike perished during this attack. During this time, the Fourth Hokage, the Yondaime, fought against it, and triumphed over the Kyuubi, by sealing it inside a newborn infant. No one knows how or what happened during that battle, but it cost the Yondaime his life. This day signifies many things. The death of the strongest ninja in Konohagakure- the Yondaime, the defeat of the Kyuubi, and the day that two infants start their destinies. Yes, this day is October 10th, the birth date of two people that will change the world.

-Council Meeting-

The room exuded killing intent from both Shinobi and Civilian members alike, as it stood many were calling for death, the death of a child. The child was none other than the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, who had been sealed by the Yondaime. No one had a problem with the child, but hate always finds a way to turn people into monsters.

That was the situation at the moment. The normally village loving council, who would do anything to protect their home were shouting and screaming, as if trying to call the Shinigami himself in order to smite someone.

"The demon child should be executed while the demon is still weak!" A pink haired civilian council member, Haruna Haruno shouted. All around people were shouting in agreement.

"It killed my son!" another civilian member shouted. The whole council room was in a uproar, many people lost family, homes, and their futures at the hands of the rampaging beast, now they were dead set on killing the abomination of nature.

"Silence!" A commanding voice shouted. Immediately, all the council members, shinobi and civilians alike ceased their bickering. The voice came from Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Sarutobi is the Third Hokage, a few years back, he resigned and handed his position to the Fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze. Sarutobi Hiruzen was known in participating in the 2nd and 3rd shinobi war and is also known as the "Professor" for his extensive knowledge on jutsu's and experience, he is also known as "the God of shinobi"(not sure it this was it). He is known as that for being the strongest Kage in the Elemental Nations. There are many more accomplishment but lets get to the story.

"Hokage-sama, allow me to train the Jinchuuriki into a shinobi, at the moment, Konoha needs to look as strong as possible in order to compete with the other nations." A person named Danzo said with a bandaged arm and eye.

"No Danzo, I will not have the child under you. You will turn the infant to a mindless puppet that will only serve you. No, Minato wanted this child to be a Hero, and that's what this child will be." Hiruzen said.

Danzo held his tongue. Hiruzen already dubbed him a cold bastard and that suited him just fine. But he didn't want the Kyuubi jinchuuriki to be a mindless drone, its heritage was the cornerstone of the village. Daughter of the fourth Hokage, the Yellow flash and the Heiress of the Ushiogakure. Relative of the 1st and 2nd Hokage, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju and distant cousin of Tsunade Senju. The child practically had Kage blood in it and that was way too valuable to be made a simple expenditure weapon. With the right training, the child could bring Konoha into a new age of glory, but Hiruzen seemed to think otherwise.

"That demon is not a Hero, it is a monster. It killed our family's." A Civilian shouted.

"The Child is a Hero, if it wasn't for her, then the Kyuubi would still be rampaging." A man with almost seemingly blind white eyed man named Hiashi Hyuga said.

"I don't care about that, I lost my husband and my clan is in disarray, let's end this meeting already!" A feral looking women named Tsume Inuzuka said.

"Troublesome." A lazy man, named Shikaku Nara said.

"As long as we can keep eating." A...fluffy man named Choza said.

"The most logical thing to do is see how it grows." A stoic man named shibi said.

"What do you mean, Shibi-san?" Hiruzen said.

"We know nothing about the child or its kind. To simply kill it a waste. We should not jump to conclusions, for all we know, if we kill it, the Demon may be set free." The stoic man now named Shibi said.

"That is a possibility." Hiruzen said.

"Give it to me, under my tutelage she will become a force to be reckoned with." Danzo said.

"No! Danzo step down or I will force you to leave this meeting." Hiruzen said. Danzo was about to retort but decided against it.

"So, what will we do with it?" the White eyed man said.

"The first thing would be to stop calling the child an "it". The child is completely human, the other thing would be to impose a law. From this point on, anyone that calls the child the Kyuubi shall be put to death. It won't matter if you are a civilian council member or a shinobi, if you utter the words, you sentence yourself to death." Hiruzen said.

The room burst with screaming, but as soon as someone called it a demon, the Hokage called Anbu and killed the man on the spot, that stopped the racket.

"Pardon me Hokage-sama, but what is the child's name?" Shibi said.

The Hokage tried to recall the name. If he remembered right, Minato wished his child to be named Naruto, after the main character in his students book, Jiraiya. But that was IF the child was born a boy. He looked down and looked at the details of the baby GIRL in front of him. She had

Red hair, with three whisker marks on each cheeks. She looked very much like her mother, Kushina Uzumaki, except for her eyes. They were a deep ocean blue, much like her Father, Minato Namikaze.

He recalled how happy they were when they found out Kushina was pregnant, it was the first time he had seen Kushina cry, but they were tears of joy in knowing that she would have a family again. Minato was also ecstatic, he began planning a training schedule for his child, he still remembers how he would fuss about how his child would be able to put the arrogant Uchiha's in their place. Also how Kushina scolded him for starting to get too over eccentric about the child. He/she wasn't even born yet and he was already thinking of the day he would pass on the Hokage mantle to his child.

But now that they're both gone, there is no one to protect the young Uzumaki-Namikaze, if Iwa ever learned about the child being the daughter of their enemies, they would take the child as a breeding machine or just kill her. She needs to be hidden, if you're going to hide a leaf, hide it inside a forest.

If Naruto wasn't an option then something similar, Naruko... Naru...Natsumi?...

"Ths childs name is..."

-4 years later-

Young Naruto was spending his time in an orphanage in Konoha. From what he was told, he was found in the outskirts of the Village. It's not known if he was a child of the village or a foreign visitor. He had blond sunkissed spiky hair. His face had child fat like any and his eyes were a dark purple color enough that you could mistake them for black eyes or dark blue depending on the light. He was playing by himself because the kids wanted to play something else. He was looking around when he spotted a girl the same age as him.

She had red hair that reached to her shoulders, she had three whisker marks on each cheek and blue eyes. Her child fat was roundish and made her look like a tomato, but strangely he found it cute.

The thing that seemed weird was that she was very dirty. Her hair was tangled in various places and sticking out, usually the matriach helps the girls with their hair. Her clothes were basically almost rags. They were torn from various places and also very dirty, the thing that didn't seem right was she looked like she hadn't eaten in days. But being a kid, he didn't pay much attention to it and went to ask her to play with him.

He approached the girl in hopes of playing.

"Hi there, wanna play?" He asked.

She didn't respond.

"Hello, you in there?" He asked again, getting impatient, he was a child, so he didn't understand when people wanted to be left alone.

Again she didn't respond.

"Hey! Tomato girl, I said Hi!" He said loudly.

She responded to that.

"I'm not a Tomato, Teme!" She yelled.

Naruto blinked, "What's a Teme?" He asked, he hadn't heard that word before.

"Umm… I don't know." She said, she remembered it from some of the people that passed her and insulted her, oddly that one stuck in her mind. "What do you want?" She asked bluntly.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, I said if you wanted to play." Naruto asked again.

"what did you say?" The girl asked shocked, sure she's played with other kids before but that was before the Matron dragged them away and told them to never play with her again. It was she that asked someone to play not the other way around.

"I said if you want to play?" He said.

"Why do you want to play with me?" She asked backing away a bit, thinking it was some sort of trick, she wouldn't put it past some people.

"Because I want to, all the kids wanted to play something else and you look like you want to play." Naruto said seeing the girl fidgeting with anticipation or nervousness.

"Okay, what are we gonna play?" She finally asked, at least she would get to play for a while.

"How about-" He started saying but he got cut off with some kind of growl coming from the girls stomach.

"Teeheehee, I'm hungry." She says rubbing the back of her neck, and smiling.

"Well you can't play with an empty stomach, come on, I'll take you to a place with awesome ramen." Naruto said.

"" She says tilting her head.

"Its a food, I'll pay, I got some money from working for a old man, he says if I do his outside work, then he will give me 1000 ryou each time. I got a lot saved up." He says with a smile showing a wad of money that he had collected..

"Wow." Is all she says.

"Come on, let me take you." He says, grabs her hand and drags her.


Teuchi Ichiraku is a middle aged man, he runs a ramen stand with his daughter Ayame. For abouut 6 months, a little boy has been coming here and eating his ramen. He saw a two for one special one day and decided to try it. He instantly loved it and became a regular. After a few times, he met his daughter Ayame. They hit it off easily and became fast friends even though she's a few years older. Usually he comes either around lunchtime or evening, who knows where he was getting the money but a customer is a customer.

Today is different, today he brought a person with him. Usually he would be glad, more customers and he got to meet his favorite customer's friend. But he wasn't exactly thrilled when he brought the friend. He came running through the entrance like usual, but he was holding HER.

"Hey Teuchi-jiji, I'm back and I'm starving." He says with a smile.

"O-oh... Hey Naruto, who's your friend?" He asked hesitantly.

"I just met her, we were going to play but she was hungry, so I brought her here to taste the food of the gods." He said cheerfully. Despite her being there, Teuchi couldn't help but laugh, and his friend joined in.

"Haha, still energetic, so what will you and your...Friend like to order." Teuchi said as if choosing his words carefully.

"Hmm... I want 2 Miso and 1 beef. What will you want?" He asked her.

"Umm... what he's having." She says avoiding eye contact.

"Come on, don't be afraid, Teuchi-jiji won't bite, right?" He asked.

"Y-yeah, nice to meet you missy, it's nice to meet a friend of Naruto's, whenever you want to eat, just come here ok." He said sincerely. After watching the girl for a few minutes, he held nothing against the girl but he had never before talked to a person in her…situation so he had no way of understaning what it meant to contain the Kyuubi. But looking at her at the moment he was a bit confused, she couldn't have been the Kyuubi, otherwise she would be... I don't know scary? But after what he say, it looked like she was more afraid of even approaching a stranger than try and reign eternal pain and suffering upon them. It reminded him of a kicked puppy.

Her eyes lit up instantly. "Okay!" she cheered, she was good at telling a person's character, after a few years of solely observing people, she learned quite a bit of human behavior in certain instances..

As they both ate, Ayame came and stared at the girl, she heard rumors about her and was a bit wary. But after watching her and Naruto talk to her like she was normal, she joined in and somehow became fast friends, and by the end she was calling Ayame, Ayame-neechan. What surprised both of them was she was eating more than Naruto.

Naruto stated after they finished eating that she was a good girl because "There is no evil person that loves Ramen." Even though they may have thought otherwise, Teuchi and Ayame were glad that he managed to convince them, although unknowingly. After that, they went back to the orphanage and started playing.

One thing Naruto noticed immediately what kind of girl she was, she was very loud and could talk for what seemed like hours, and always seemed full of energy. She was like a child on caffeine, she probably was too. But one of the things he noticed was while they were playing, adults around them would drag other people away from the girl and would glare at her. The girl pretended not to notice but there was only so much one can cover up.

Naruto managed to pick up little conversations around them. They tended to say, 'don't go near that girl', or 'never talk to her' or the occasional silent whisper of 'demon brat'. Of course, he had no idea what they meant so he let it go, but it stuck to him. She was nice, so why was everyone being mean to her?

Naruto was also very energetic, but one thing seperated him from everybody else, he saw things differently, not the ninja way or the civilian way, he saw things with something they all don't have, that even Konoha's so called 'Genius's" dont have. That thing is called... Common Sense.

They played with each other the whole day, doing stuff from playing in the sandbox to playing in the swings. As the sunset started to set, they walked back to the orphanage.

"Today was the best day ever!" The girl said exuberantly

"Same here, I've never played with someone that long. It was the best…umm…" He trailed off.

"What is it?" She asked, confused.

"What was your name again?" He asked sheepishly, he just played with the girl the whole day and he didn't even know her name.

"I never gave you one." She smiled teasingly, Naruto just looked away slightly embarrassed. "My name is Uzumaki Natsuki. Nice to meet ya!"

"My name is Naruto, nice to meet you." Naruto asked politely, ticking off the red headed girl.

"What was that? It sounded all formally and stuff. You should just say it like whatever." She cheered to herself, showing more enthusiasm.

"That's how we were taught to introduce ourselves in the orphanage. Be polite and you might end up getting adopted. Didn't they teach you?" Naruto asked.

"No, they always send me to my room when people come." Natsuki scoffed, though she muttered something that Naruto heard "Stupid old hags, always…" and he couldn't make out what she said after that.

"What do you-" Naruto started saying but he was cut off by the slam of the door on the orphanage entrance. The matron was looking at the girl with hate. Stomping towards both of them, Naruto and Natsuki started retreating slowly until the matron was in front of them.

"What do you think you're doing GIRL!" She said with vemon in her voice.

"N-nothing, we were just playing." the girl said.

"Playing! Don't lie to me girl, you were probably going to eat him or something weren't you." the Matriarch said.

"How the hell was she going to eat me?" Naruto asked nervously.

"Shut up gaki! What were you doing girl!" She barked out.

" We were just playing!" the girl said loudly.

"Its true, Ma'am, I wanted to play a different game but the other kids didn't want to, then I saw her and asked if she wanted to play." Naruto said.

"No need to lie to this...Demon. Go back to the house, and don't speak of this." The Matriarch said.

"But-" he started saying.

"Now!" She snarled.

Out of fear, he went back inside. He continued to play with the girl because she was a fun person to be around with. Though the matrons kept insisting that he should stay away from her or else she would do something to him. He didn't believe them. With each passing day, they both got to know each other a bit better and the Matrons started sneaking around. It wasn't until the day of there 5th birthday since Naruto didn't know when he was actually born approached that things became bad.

(October 10 – 5 years after the Kyuubi attack.)

Naruto was running around looking for a birthday present for Natsuki. It was her birthday tomorrow and he wanted to get her something, something orange since she loved the color but wore none of it. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a fairly simple hair clip, colored orange. Thinking about it, he decided to go for it, since her hair was always a mess and got into her eyes. Before he realized it, the sun was already down and people were having a celebration of the Kyuubi's defeat.

As he went to Natsuki's room, he noticed she wasn't in. Deciding to make it a surprise, he put it under her pillow and waited for her to get home. After 4 hours she didn't arrive and he was seriously worried. It was past curfew and she wasn't back. He walked out the front door which was strange because the matrons would usually be patrolling, but he thought of it as being lucky and left.

He ran around looking for Natsuki, he passed by the center of town and noticed that a good amount of people were missing. He overheard something about a 'fox hunt'. He didn't pay much attention to it as he kept searching.

As he searched, he saw a mass of people converged in one place. Like any curious child he approached the crowd. It wasn't until he was a few feet from the crowd that the Matron from the Orphanage noticed he was there, a cruel smirk erupted from her face.

"Ah, it's the Demon's friend. Look everyone, we have an uninvited friend." She smiled ruthlessly.

Everyone turned their bodies and gazed at the young boy, if it could be possible, a smirk so wide it appeared as if it would rip their heads in half appeared on everyone. Naruto was too scared to move, and in less than a minute, he was grabbed and dragged by his hair into the center of the mass of people. What he saw horrified him till the day he died.

Uzumaki Natsuki knew today was a bad day, as it was since she could remember, the people liked to play a game called 'Fox Hunt' on her birthday. As she quickly realized, she was determine to hide. But as much as she tried, they always found her, having hundreds of people look for someone would cause that to happen.

She curled up in a ball and tried as best to protect herself, it wasn't anything new. They would eventually stop and she could go back to the orphanage and go to sleep, maybe sleep next to Naruto, she felt like she didn't want to sleep alone that day. Eventually she heard some lady she recognized as the Matron of the orphanage yell something. After a minute, she raised her head, only to find dark pools of purple eyes looking straight at her.

Why was he here!

Despair and dread sunk onto her as well as something else…Rage.

Naruto, her first and best friend. Her only source of happiness, and because of her, he was going to suffer. Why? Why did everyone around her have to suffer? Her eyes started to soften as her eyes glistened. She saw the smirks of the villagers aimed at her, they wanted her to suffer, and if she wasn't going to show weakness, then they'd use other means to hurt her.

By using her best friend against her.

Naruto looked shocked. Natsuki was covered in wounds and her clothes were ripped. All he could think was why they were doing this to her. The answer came to him like a sign from above.

"Look here Kyuubi Brat, your friend is here. Aren't you going to say hi?" A man said. Kyuubi? He wondered, which he said out loud.

"You don't know? Well that's no good, I'll tell you a secret gaki, seeing as how you'll never see each other again." The man said and came closer to his ear and whispered. "The Kyuubi didn't die, it was put inside the girl. She's the Kyuubi!" the man said.

His eyes widen before looking down at Natsuki.

She saw his eyes, she could tell what was in them. Fear and rage, just like everyone else. She could almost feel her heart breaking, they were the eyes she never wanted to see on him.

Naruto's mind was going crazy. She was the Kyuubi? The big monster that attacked the village 5 years ago? That made no sense, how can she be the Kyuubi? The killer of his parents? It was idiotic, sure he didn't know anything about it, 'put it inside the girl' didn't help much either. A spark of rage passed his head for a brief second before fading. How could he think about her like that? He knew her for longer than any of the people here, so who were they to judge?

He shouted, "Shut up! How would you guys know anything about her, I've been with her for months and I haven't seen any of you at least talk to her, who are you to say that!"

Natsuki's eyes shined with happiness, was there someone in the village that didn't hate her without a doubt. For the first time in her life, she felt bliss.

Unfortunately it did not last.

A blow to the head, hard enough to knock Naruto unconscious, the villagers sneered at the child. How would he, an abandoned orphan know what they suffered.

"Don't worry, he won't be around anymore. We'll sell him into slavery." The Matron said, she had been planning to do it for some time now. It was revenge against the Fox.

They started dragging the boy away into places unknown. The mob started to disperse as they saw the horror stricken face of the red haired child and decided it was enough.

Natsuki tried to move, but her body didn't allow it, all she could do was look at her first and most precious friend as they dragged him away, crying to herself she lost consciousness.

The next day, she woke up in a hospital. She immediately bolted up and saw the Hokage, but at the moment she didn't care about that. She began yelling at him asking him if Naruto was alright. The Hokage asked who was Naruto, after she explained who he was, the Hokage ordered an Anbu to find Naruto, but when he returned, he was informed there was no one living in the orphanage named Naruto, no records or even a single trace of him.

The Hokage decided to move her out of the orphanage, the Anbu he sent said that the orphanage showed inadequate living conditions. The Matrons were fired and the children were moved. Natsuki went back to pick up whatever stuff she had, she decided to lay down on the bed for a minute. As she hit the pillow, she felt something, a ruffling noise. She reached under her pillow and pulled out a bag. Reaching inside there was a note.

'Happy Birthday, Natsuki

From Naruto.'

She cried, she got a present for her birthday, her first birthday gift ever. But at that moment she didn't want a present, she wanted her friend.

(A few days later)

Naruto woke up feeling very sluggish. His eyes were unfocused, as he tried to stand his balance was out of whack. He tried to walk forward only to stumble and fall. After his concentration returned, he noticed he was chained. From there he panicked. What the hell happened?

"So your finally awake." A voice said.

Naruto turned around to see an old man, in his 50's chained. His hair was a dull black color with grayish eyes. His clothes was basically rags. But aside from that, he looked very frail.

"W-where am I?" Naruto asked. He was in what looked like a stone jail.

"Well I don't know what you did to get yourself in here kid but you're in the undesirable chamber." The man said.

"The…what?" Naruto asked.

"The undesirable chamber. You know, the cell they put you in when you mess up big time." Naruto looked confused. "You really don't know?"

"No! One moment, I'm watching my friend get mobbed by a bunch of villagers and the next I'm hit in the head and I'm here." Naruto said hysterically.

"Calm down already. Your giving me a headache." Responded the old man.

Naruto took some time before calming down and gathered his wits. He was in an unknown place with an unknown person due to unknown reason and unknown way of escape. First he had to learn where the hell was he!

"Ok, calm down Naruto and get yourself together." He told himself out loud. "Ok first things first, what's your name old guy?" Naruto asked bluntly.

The man snorted " I ain't old yet gaki, if I can still chew my food then I ain't old. But besides that the names Kojuro." The man now named Kojuro said.

"Kojuro-san, can you tell me where I am or how I got here?" Naruto asked.

"You don't know kid? Man, you must be some piece of work to get sent here immediately. This place is called Paradise lost. It's a slave rig but the difference from other slave chains is that this is a one stop. Well that's technically not true, there is a way out but few rarely make it out, or even want to leave." He said.

Naruto swallowed a lump in his throat, how did things go so wrong.

"And…" He asked hesitantly, " How do you escape?" He asked.

"I'll show you, now follow me." Kojuro asked, standing up and walking towards a door. Naruto followed closely behind, hoping it wasn't something too drastic. The feeling in his stomach seemed to be against him. The man opened the door to reveal…games?

It seemed like a Casino, but with more games. There was various types of games, one which you would anticipate from a Casino but it also had other games like Shogi and some little figurines with a sign that said 'Chess' which he hadn't played before.

"What is all this?" Naruto asked.

"This…is Paradise lost. A big casino. From shinobi to regular civilians, those who found out something or did something that can't be fixed, they are sent here, though its usually civilians because ninja can run away and get declared missing-nin. That's why I'm so surprised, I've been here a long time kid and I've never seen someone as young as you." Kojuro commented.

It was crazy, it made no sense to him, why was this expensive thing here? Why allow these 'convicted' people to play games?

"We're forced to." Kojuro suddenly interjected.

"What?" Naruto said surprised.

"I saw that look. You were wondering why there were even games here right?" Naruto nodded. "It's because of this." Kojuro brought the collar of his shirt down to reveal some sort of squiggles.

"What's that?" Naruto said, looking at the squiggles and then at his own as he noticed they were the same.

"This is an explosive seal. Its used only in this place, the air is humid in here, and the longer you stay, the more it starts to smudge. It usually takes about 5 days for it to do so but when those days are up-" As he said that, a loud explosion was heard.

"You blow up." He stated, almost grinning at the despair of the young boy, a pity he would die so soon.

"W-what! Then I'm going to die!" Naruto screeched out.

"Yeah, you've been out for a day, you only got 4 more days to go."

"Fuck! How do I survive then!" Naruto asked desperately.

"The only way to survive is too win." He responded.


"Yes, win. You see those people down there…" He pointed at the people below. "They're not playing because its fun, they're playing because it's either that or die." Kojuro said.

"So…to stay alive I have to play? But how, and what did you mean by they don't want to leave." Naruto asked.

"You need 100,000 ryou in order to fix your seal over there." He pointed at a 'Repair' sign on the side of each corner of the big room. "And the reason some people don't want to leave is because in here, they get to have everything. As long as they win, they have money and with money, you can buy anything, even women." Kojuro grinned lecherously.

"Women? Why would you buy a girl?" Naruto asked.

"Er..I'll tell you when your older." He said.

"Alright I guess."

"Well good luck kid, your gonna need it." Kojuro said, waving goodbye.

"Wait, how am I going to get the money and how will I carry it?" Naruto asked.

"Look in your pocket kid." Kojuro yelled back.

Digging into his pocket, he saw what seemed to be a card with squiggles just like before. But it had instructions in it. It read Transfer seal.

Transfer seal: In order to have a form of security from theft, this seal acts as a storage. When one wins a game, the card is handed to the dealer, he will transfer actual money into the card and the number you see on top is the amount of money you carry. If one wishes to escape from 'Paradise lost' you must obtain a total of 500 million Ryou. But it is ultimately up to the individual if he/she wishes to be free, it is not enforced or demanded.

Naruto could feel his face lose color. 500 million Ryou, an unbelievable amount, and he was holding a card that held 300 Ryou. Just to live, he needed 100,000 Ryou.

He needed to survive. It didn't matter for what at the moment, it was a race against time, and time had all the cards. He knew there was no way to earn enough with the simpler games and card games were too easy to be bribed.. So he chose to play either shogi or 'Chess'/

He studied them. He watched every move made by thousands of people and each of them reacted differently. The possibilities of infinite amount of possibilities. Naruto's mind worked with immense speed, with the threat of his very existence in jeopardy, with adrenaline pumping into him non-stop, his mind struggled to keep up. Various simulation running in his mind, it affected his mentality. His mind in order to alleviate itself started making a new persona.

Naruto was aware of this was happening, and he accepted it. All the good, all the bad, he would take it in. Despair, anger, hate, love, turmoil, death… he would carry the weight of those emotions and not bat an eye at them.

His last day and he needed to get 100,000 Ryou by the end of the day, he still had a measly 300 Ryou. In order to play better, he would play many games at once.

As many players started gathering around, they saw a small boy sitting in the center of 3 different games. The boy had bags under his eyes but that didn't stop the blank stare that were his eyes. As he spoke, many couldn't help but shudder for unknown reasons.

"Gentlemen, would you like to play a game?"

The smirk never left the child's face.

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