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The Devil with Wings

It was a troublesome day.

That was what Naruto concluded.

One day around the unpredictable, stubborn, short- tempered girl known as Uzumaki Natsuki, and that was enough fun for a week. How could he have seen it? Sure they mentioned the Uzumaki clan was a rowdy bunch but they never mentioned nothing such as what happened that day.

It had only been less than 24 hours since he saw Natsuki again. School ended, he walked back to his apartment and took a look around, making marks in his head to visit the location in order to decorate his apartment again. He went to sleep fairly early, maybe he could tell the next day would be troublesome.

(Next Morning)

Naruto woke up, feeling drowsy, he really needed some caffeine. He really had to curse his body, the damn thing couldn't stay up without an energy boost, stupid kid body, he could force himself but he'd be burned out the next day.

Naruto shook his head, it always sucked to make a new base of operation, he hated cleaning up after all. Naruto stood up and dragged himself to take a quick bath before continuing with his day.

He had to reflect on what happened yesterday, he had come back to Konoha, the village that sold him into slavery. Should he be happy that he was back? Should he spite Konoha for its sins? Or should he thank it for allowing him the chance to gain power?

It was very confusing, blame the village as a whole or blame a single person? Both choices led to hate, but it seemed like such an odd word at the time now.


Such a powerful emotion, yet at the moment, it held no hold over him, maybe he had already forgotten his hatred? Time heals all wounds, that's what they say but it will never heal if one keeps picking at the wound.

His thoughts were broken when he heard knocking on the door, he really didn't want to go and get it, it was probably the neighbors welcoming him, after all he made sure that no one knew he was there from Paradise Lost, it would be too complicated to explain and/or get away. He chose to ignore the bell, the bath time was his time, if it was important they could wait.

After a few more minutes in the shower, he left the bathroom with a towel, he didn't bring his other clothes because he was alone in the apartment, he could run around naked if he wanted to.

Of course, that's what all kids do at least once, right?

He exited his room and started walking towards his room to get changed when he caught something off the corner of his eye. He looked at the direction of the object where he found a certain red headed girl eating a cup of noodles just sitting on his kitchen table. She just looked up from her euphoria and looked at a towel clad Naruto.

"Yo." She lifted her arm up and gave a half-hearted wave.

The silence was awkward.

Naruto just decided to ignore it, he wasn't in some Shonen manga where he would get embarrassed from seeing a girl look at him practically naked, it wasn't like he hadn't seen his fair share of the female body, so he just ignored it and started changing.

Natsuki just stood there thinking if maybe her random impulses would one day get her in trouble, but she let that thought go, Naruto was her friend…maybe. She wasn't too sure at the moment but seeing as how he didn't do anything yet, he might still be friends with her. But still, she knew there were lines one shouldn't cross, and unfortunately she didn't know where they were.

Naruto came out fully dressed in light brown shorts, a mesh shirt underneath a white shirt and an open blue long sleeved sweater. He wore black shinobi shoes and had a small pouch for carrying stuff strapped on to his shorts.

Naruto looked at the girl and decided to ask.

"How the hell did you know where I lived?" He asked.

"I followed you yesterday." Natsuki shrugged, it wasn't a big deal right?

"…You know what, I'm not even going to go into that, there are so many thing wrong with it…How did you get in?" He said.

"I knocked on the door, you didn't answer so I climbed the window." She said with a tone that made it sound like she was talking about the weather.

"Why didn't you wait!? What in kami's name possessed you to think that it was alright to barge into another person's house?" He asked, seriously, what was wrong with this girl?

"I felt like it." She replied simply, finishing off her ramen cup.


'This girl…' Naruto thought as his eyebrow twitched, He really couldn't understand the girl in front of him, was she just that impulsive? Or was it the manner in how she grew up? Or was she just trying to rile him up, but all he could think was '…this girl is an impulsive airhead!' He would have sworn the girl was making that innocent face if he wasn't already aware how weird Uzumaki's were.

"Calm down Naruto, just let it go…" He muttered to himself, he swiftly shook his head and looked at the slightly amused girl, she was definitely enjoying it. "So, why are you here?" He said.

"I came to see if you wanted to hang out, but I saw that you have nothing in your house so I decided it would be a good idea to help decorate this place with things I want, aren't I a good friend." She said while grinning like a loon.

"The best, now before I decide to smash my fist into that skull you call your head, let's get going." He said, making Natsuki nod and start going out of his apartment.

Naruto followed after her after grabbing his wallet, he supposed it wouldn't be too bad to spend the day with Natsuki, though he could already tell it wasn't going to be normal.

Naruto and Natsuki walked around looking for a good store to buy stuff from, though he did notice the glares he was receiving, albeit a marginally small amount by what he saw Natsuki was getting. She held her head a bit low and was smiling the whole time. It was really pissing him off, that thing was fake, it didn't belong there.

"Do you know now?" He said suddenly drawing her attention.

"What?" She said, not knowing what he meant.

"Do you remember… the reason they're glaring at you." He said.

Natsuki made a sharp intake of air before answering…" How…?"

"Do I know?" He finished the sentence for her, making her nod her head in silence. "I was there remember. They tried to turn me against you. It was also another reason I was taken, they couldn't let anyone know that they told someone, it was against the law."

"The…law?..." She asked, not understanding. She knew that people weren't suppose to say it, she figured that they had at least a bit of morality, but maybe that wasn't the case. She had also forgotten that he knew about the Kyuubi, she hadn't told the Hokage that she knew.

"It'll be better to talk about it when we're not in public." Naruto said, earning a nod from the red headed girl.

She nodded, thankful for his self-awareness, if it was her, she would have been begging to know, regardless of their location. She wasn't a great secret keeper or quiet for that matter.

"Sounds….okay. Anyways, what do you want to do? Go get food or stuff for your house?" She asked,

"First we find the furniture and have it delivered, then we go for clothes, get a bite to eat and get groceries last." Naruto said.

"Do you think you'll get a fair deal, I mean I'm not liked here and well…you know…" Natsuki trailed off, she knew how she was hated, she was still awkward about it but she wasn't going to pussy-foot around it.

"Don't worry, I got it under control." Naruto said, his smile erupting to a chesire grin.

"If you say so." Natsuki said, it was his money, he could do whatever he wanted with it, as long as he bought her stuff. She would make sure of that.

Both of them eventually found a shop that Naruto called just the place he was looking for, However Natsuki…

"Your serious!?" Natsuki said, pointing at the building they were about to enter.

It looked old and in need of repairs. But otherwise it seemed normal as it was surrounded by similar looking buildings. They showed signs of repair and old age but nothing too drastic.

"This is the place." Naruto said, nodding to himself in confirmation.

"But it looks so… you know." Natsuki said. It looked too plain honestly. It had no actual appeal, it almost looked too nomal.

"Don't let that convince you. Often times the most normal thing is what's deadly. After all isn't a Kunai the most normal weaponry for ninja's, that doesn't stop it from slitting your neck." Naruto commented.

"Point." She said and rubbed her neck, it was true after all, she was sure that one can even kill with a stick. Actually there was a lot of things that could kill someone now that she thought about it.

"Come on." Naruto said, already ahead of the girl. Natsuki cried out to wait but he continued on. He entered the store. It was plain, standard and didn't have much appeal. In front of the cash register, the clerk was sitting very relaxed reading an orange book he knew was the Icha Icha series.

"Excuse me sir, can I buy that?" Naruto said pointing at a kitchen knife set, then he pointed at some simple things like sheets and dishes. Once that was done, Naruto asked for the price.

"Your total is 666 yen. That's quite an unlucky number customer-san. Maybe you should buy something to get rid of the bad luck." The man said half-heartedly, not really paying attention.

"Well you know what they say, the devil looks after his own." Naruto said.

Suddenly the man's demeanor changed. The lazy store owners eyes turned sharp and cunning. His eyes almost seemed to close and he had a sickly sweet smile that seemed to radiate sleaziness and utter mischief, he reminded Natsuki who was shocked at the change of a rat.

"My my, my dear customer, you have a way with words. But you better pick your words wisely, they can land you in trouble one day my boy." The man's face stayed smiling but there was an underlining threat, it made Natsuki's spine shiver. What had she gotten into, why did Naruto not look affected at all.

"Oh really?" Naruto taunted, earning a shocked look from Natsuki, was he crazy or something!?

"Yes customer-san, after all everyone knows that the devil doesn't exist." The shopkeeper laughed merrily.

"Hmm…I wouldn't be so sure, after all the greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Naruto said.

The shopkeeper went quiet as a ghost. "Understood."

The shopkeeper then walked to a door and tapped it a number of times and pauses every so often. To Natsuki's surprise and Naruto's expectancy, a very hidden rotating door…rotated to reveal…the shopkeeper?

"It seems we have a most intriguing guest today." The second shopkeeper said.

"That we do, my brother that we do." The first shopkeeper said.

It was silent until Natsuki decided to finally break it. "Hold on, what the hell just happen. I just walked into a random shop, got totally mind blown and now there's some sort of clone of that bastard! What the hell is going on?" Natsuki yelled.

"It's quite rude not to introduce yourself you know." The first shopkeeper said.

"How barbaric, what a silly little princess we have here." The second shopkeeper said, while grinning.

Natsuki gnashed her teeth, these kinds of people were the ones she wasn't good with, they could rile her up so easily it wasn't even funny. " Uzumaki Natsuki, Academy student and future Kunoichi. Now how about you introduce yourself, Thing A and Thing B." Natsuki said the last part sarcastically.

"My my, what an attitude. She'll be a spit fire when she's older. But as gentlemen, we must introduce ourselves. My name is Kotaro." Said the first shopkeeper.

"And my name is Kentaro." The Second shopkeeper said.

"And we're the once in a lifetime twins." They said together.

"Huh?" Natsuki didn't know how to respond while Naruto chuckled, he remembered his own confusion when he heard of those two.

Answering Natsuki's unasked question. "Well you see, we aren't related to each other… at all. No family ties, no blood ties, or even genetics. We are completely different people that just look like each other." Kentaro said.

"What?" Natsuki said, still very confused.

"Did you know that somewhere out in that world, there is someone that looks almost exactly like you, whether in the past or in the future, and in this world of ninja, there's very little hope of finding the other person, your doppelganger if you will. That's why it's a once in a lifetime chance." Kotaro finishes

"Oh." It really creeped her out knowing that there was someone out there that looked like her. What would happen if they suddenly came to Konoha and took over her life and was actually some sort of spy that was trying to take over the world…

The wonders of a child's mind folks.

"Kotaro, I'd rather not get any attention, the longer Natsuki is with us, the more attention we draw to ourselves." Naruto said.

"Wait what?" Natsuki asked.

"That is true, then customer-sama, follow me." Kotaro said.

Natsuki and Naruto followed Kotaro to the other side of the hidden door leaving Kentaro to close the door behind them. They walked down a corridor until they reached a room. The room was vastly more decorated than the one before, and it seemed to be filled with furniture, weapons, anything that one might need.

"So what will you require Customer-sama?" Kotaro said.

"I will require the standard for a 3LDK along with a few shinobi scroll that contain chakra control exercises, anything you have on Fuinjutsu and any information that you have on the Uzumaki clan." He said, gaining a gasp out of Natsuki.

"Understood, anything else?" Kotaro said.

"Yes, keep me updated on the Council meetings and the conditions of the clan's in Konoha. I want these things at my residence, have them delivered before sunset. Have someone that is able to silence the surroundings there also, I have business there later and need it secure. That is all." Naruto said, his voice monotone.

"Understood. Thank you very much young master." Kentaro finished writing.

"Good, come on now, Natsuki." Naruto said, going in a different direction from where they came.

"Wait…Aren't you going to pay?" Natsuki said, confused as to what just happened and where they were going.

"Out." Naruto said, holding a door knob and opening it.

"Huh?" Natsuki said, looking at the surroundings and found herself leaving a regular looking house. "This is so weird." She felt like she was being mind fucked!

"How about some Ramen?" Naruto said, earning a rapid nod from Natsuki. She really wanted to be in her safe area right now, no more stupid weird people with evil looking faces!

(Ichiraku's stall/store/thingy)




"Ah, that hit the spot." Natsuki said, while reaching for another bowl of ramen. Naruto just stared at the girl, he'd seen more manners from a dog! He wondered if that was just her or her lack of a parental figure.

They arrived after the lunch rush so there was no one around, Natsuki ordered 4 bowls of ramen while Naruto just stuck with 1 large bowl. If he was younger he would eat his fill but he knew how unhealthy ramen was, even cooked like it was in Ichiraku's, it was still lacking in nutrients. The Ichiraku duo seemed to remember him but only vaguely but nonetheless they welcomed him with welcome arms.

After a while he saw the results of the ramen eating girl.

She had no table manners.

He had a small twitch in his eyebrow, he wondered if the girl before him was going to drive him to having grey hair at a young age. Did he really have to teach the girl how to behave?

He glanced. He saw her literally inhaling her ramen, sending some stray soup drops to his face.

Yeah, he had to.

"Natsuki, for kami's sake don't tell me that's how you eat ramen?" Naruto said, already thinking of what to say.

"Hmm? Yeah, why?" Natsuki said, not knowing what he meant.

The Ichiraku father and daughter just glanced at the two customers. It wasn't the first time they have tried to fix the girls eating habits, but for the love of ramen they couldn't get her to stop. So they left her to her way of eating, to each their own right? It wasn't the first time she brought a friend to eat either, and they failed to get the red head to use table manners, they really wanted to see what the blonde would do, she seemed to actually value his opinion.

"You are insulting the ramen gods." He decided to just sprout bullshit.

There was a gasp from the 3 other people in the area.

"W-What?" Natsuki stuttered.

"Like I said, you have insulted the gods of ramen." Naruto said.

"Lies! Blasphemy! How dare you desecrate the god of ramen in his ramen stand!" Natsuki yelled.

"Then tell me why you do not enjoy it! Bask in it's taste, don't inhale. Look at the…er…divine broth of the gods and see. You waste it!" Naruto countered.

It was a strange sight that welcomed Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuga, and Sakura Haruno. While they were not that big on eating out, especially considering how young they were, they did love the ramen that the red head from class often ate, they did know where to find the girl. It was to be a girl's night out, kid version so it was more like playing in the park time.

They didn't expect the new boy in class making wild speeches about ramen which the red headed girl seemed to pay attention, the owner and his daughter just stood bemused at the scene.

It wasn't until Natsuki nodded to the boy and began eating at a sedate rate did the blonde haired girl speak up.

"Hey, you're that new guy, Naru- something right?" She said pointing at the boy.

Both the ramen eating duo turned to see a group of girls around their age. Naruto wondered how the blonde girl could be so blunt. He turned his head to gaze at his companion and saw she wasn't reacting at all so he assumed they were friends or at least knew each other. So as the new person in town or class he figured he should introduce himself… again.

"Nice to meet you, name's Naruto, and you are…?" Naruto asked.

"The noisy blonde one is Ino and the pink haired one is Sakura, named for obvious reasons. The shy one is Hinata, girls say hello." Natsuki commanded.

Ino just groaned while Sakura and Hinata listened to her, she was the most assertive of the girls and they were going to introduce themselves anyway, they learned early on that life would be simpler if they listened to the fiery haired girl with blue eyes.

"My name is Ino Yamanaka, a pleasure." She said rather monotone.

"Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno, nice to meet you." Sakura said a bit shyly. It seemed that she was a bit of a follower to one Ino.

"H-Hello, I'm Hinata Hyuga, I-It's a pleasure to meet you." Hinata said rather formally.

'What strange future kunoichi have gathered.' Naruto thought.

"So what are you doing here?" Natsuki blurted out.

"We were going to play in the park, we wanted to see if you wanted to play." Hinata said, only slightly stuttering (I won't do stutters that much, killer on the hands)

"I would but I have to show this guy around." Natsuki said, pointing at Naruto.

Naruto would have commented that she practically forced herself on him but decided against it. With any luck they would drag her away and leave him be so he could go about his business, she only saw a little business, that was an experience only worth 10 yen out of a million yen.

"Then bring him with us." Ino said.

'Damn.' He forgot that normal kids don't know the meaning of the word tact yet.

"I guess we can, what do you think Naruto?" Natsuki asked.

'I can't refuse, I have no actual reason to.' Naruto thought.

"I don't mind, it's a chance to get to know my classmates after all." Naruto said with a poker face and smiled. The girls looked happy while Natsuki just gave a frown, it seemed she could tell that the smile was utterly fake.

"Great." Hinata commented while poking her fingers a bit.

Natsuki leaned in a bit and whispered "Hinata is a bit shy to anyone she meets, and Sakura is kind of a wuss. Ino is the boss of them." She said. Naruto nodded already seeing how each girl acted.

"So, we're going to the park right?" Naruto asked. He got a nod from Sakura.

"Yeah, there's a whole bunch of flowers right now and we can make necklaces and stuff, we might find a four leaf clover." Sakura said with a small smile.

Naruto nodded and got up to pay for his and Natsuki's ramen. He noticed the glares stopped. Well he knew it helped that there were two clan head daughters and a civilian's daughter that had no idea what was happening.

Surprisingly it was Hinata, the shyest of the group that spoke up.

"N-Naruto-san, where did you come from?" She asked, trying to act more confident.

Naruto let out a sigh, he had already planned his tale but he needed to act the part.

"I lived near the border of Kirigakure, at the time there was war going on but our family was left alone. We took care of refugees that came around when injured, but eventually my mom and dad chose to become merchants in hopes of striking it rich. They let me choose if I wanted to come to Konoha or go with them and I chose here." Naruto said, earning a perplex look from Natsuki, she knew it was bull but she would get it out of him later.

The girls just listened, they had no idea that there was a war going on. Of course being raised in Konoha would make one think that. Although it wasn't publicized, the Civil war in Kiri was kept under wraps and was in lockdown for the most part.

"Sorry." The girls said, there wasn't much they could say really.

"Don't worry about it, they made their choice, I made mine. I might not like it but I won't regret it." Naruto said sounding sincere.

The girls just stared at him with an odd glazed look in their eyes, it reminded him of the eyes of his so called Nee-chans that he worked under for a while, those women knew how to get information from an informant without them knowing it. That white haired old man was something scary alright but he was pudding against the girls.

Natsuki just let out a audible groan, she had seen that look before, some of the girls seemed to fall into the same look when Sasuke Uchiha was around. While she may not know what a crush or love felt like it was quite obvious that Sakura and Ino had a thing for the Uchiha, even Hinata used to throw a rare glance at the Uchiha, of course it fell out of practice but it still happened once upon a time.

'Did…did they have a moment?' Naruto thought. It was strange, girls seemed to get this odd moment of silence where they can all come to the same conclusion or something, girls were weird, that were his thoughts on girls.

Eventually Naruto was dragged everywhere by the girls and he managed to hold his composure, it was really hard to follow a bunch of kids that were filled with sugar. He really wasn't the type to waste time, but he had to form some sort of life in Konoha so he forced himself to stay grounded.

Eventually the girls had to leave because of various reasons, them being from their parents or someone from the clan came to pick them up to being dragged away for associating with Natsuki.

"It looks like it's time." Naruto said, looking at the setting sun.

"About time." Natsuki muttered, she didn't like waiting.

It was a quiet walk home, the lights around the village were turning on, and the more outgoing people started trickling into the streets. No one cared for a couple of kids wandering the streets at night, they had other things to worry about like getting laid or drinking their troubles away.

Eventually they got to Naruto's home and it was full. Full as in complete with dishes, utensils, furniture and everything he asked for including several scrolls that he asked for.

"This is cool, yet kind of creepy at the same time." Natsuki commented.

Naruto raised his eyebrow. "How?"

"Well, they got in without anyone knowing and, well its kind of scary knowing that random people can get into your home without anyone knowing." Natsuki commented.

Naruto nodded, he knew what she was talking about. In reality there was no such thing as privacy, there is just a matter of time before your secrets are revealed.

"So…uh…" Natsuki fidgeted.

"What do you want to know?" Naruto asked.

Natsuki just took a deep breath and closed her eyes, focusing on her thoughts. What did she want to know? Her parents? Her apparent heritage if the Uzumaki clan thing had anything to do with it. The kyuubi, what he was doing, where to start.

"Everything." Natsuki said.

"Everything?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, everything. I want to know, I don't want to be left out. Everyone is hiding things from me, the Hokage, the village, you. I don't want to be used. I want to make my own decision and not what everyone else wants me to think." She said, her hands clenched and shaking with force.

Naruto sighed, he knew it was coming, admittedly he would ask the same. He didn't want to be used. It could hinder his plans but he knew what kind of people Natsuki trusted already, the kind that were truthful to her. He wondered what her actual reaction will be. "Very well, but I have to ask, will you regret it once you find out. This will be a secret, if anyone else finds out this information then there is no telling what will happen."

Natsuki gave an audible gulp. Were the secrets surrounding her that dangerous? Could she handle it. Without thinking she punched herself in the face, which totally surprised Naruto.

'Stop thinking me. I'm not some pathetic girl that will break down and cry like a flaky guy. I'm Uzumaki Natsuki dammit!' She thought, and she turned to naruto and gave him a determined glare. "I won't regret it."

'Those are nice eyes.' Naruto thought.

"Alright, I'll begin with the Uzumaki clan." Natsuki Nodded. "The Uzumaki clan were a clan that were famed for many things such as their strong life force, their potent chakra and their Fuinjutsu skills, they were also nicknamed the village of longevity. They were also distant relatives of the Senju clan." Naruto said.

"The Senju clan?" Natsuki said, she remembered they were important but she couldn't remember.

"They were a Clan that were famous, they have been around since the Clan wars over a hundred years ago. They are also famous because of their skills and for being the first and second Hokage, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju, but we're getting away from the point. Anyways, because the Uzumaki clan was feared for their Fuinjutsu skills they were for a lack of a better term destroyed." Naruto ended. Earning a gasp from Natsuki.

"Why?" She said holding back tears knowing that she once had a family. She had a clan and a freaking village.

"They were feared. The ability to do anything with Fuinjutsu. Fuinjutsu is an obscure are even by today's standards. Even now, more than 20 years into the future and with notes found from the ruins of Ushiogakure, the shinobi world is still decades behind of what an Uzumaki could do with Fuinjutsu. That is the reason they were feared. Iwa and Kumo allied themselves to destroy Ushio and Kiri did not help when they invaded because they would gain Ushiogakure's land and Konoha was too late to help. The reason that people hold the spiral behind the flak jackets of their uniform was a sign of good will and shame, for not helping their allies in their time of need." Naruto said.

"Were….Were their any survivors?" Natsuki asked.

"Yes, but they were scattered. There was an Uzumaki that came to Konoha but that was a few years before Ushiogakure fell. Her name was Uzumaki Kushina, very well known throughout the village as a violent girl when she was a child. Most called her the Red hot blooded habanero, and it started because they called her a tomato when she was younger. Surprisingly she's the last official Uzumaki making her clan head, so congratulations you are literally the princess of a fallen country." Naruto couldn't help but grin at the face of Natsuki, it seemed she was called the same, the princess part was cliché too.

Natsuki was happy to know who her mother was, but the thing was, it bothered her, how the hell does he know more about her own mother than her. "How do you know?" Natsuki couldn't help but blurt out, it sounded irrational but she couldn't help but pin the blame on the person that told her.

But Naruto understood, like always, one can't help but blame the bearer of bad news."Once one makes a friend with an Uzumaki, its almost impossible to forget them. I've met people that knew them, they're old but they have really interesting stories about them." Naruto said, of course he didn't mention anymore than that because they were really violent, also if you were lucky to get an Uzumaki after you, well one would end up a happy man/woman.

"So what else can you tell me?" Natsuki asked.

"I can tell you that you're not the only one that bears the burden of carrying a demon." Naruto said.

"What!? What do you mean?" Natsuki exclaimed.

"There are nine bijuu's. That means that 8 other people share the same burden. There technical name is called a Jinchuuriki." Naruto informed.

"Jinchuuriki…"" Natsuki muttered, getting used to the term.

"Like you many of them are seen as less than human, although there are the rare few that are excluded from the burden for whatever reasons, they have the same thing in common, they suffered. But that is what a Jinchuuriki is, a Human Sacrifice. They are meant to be used as weapons, there is no exception." Naruto said with a smirk.

Natsuki exploded when she saw it. "We're human dammit! We weren't given a choice, we never wanted the burden of having a stupid demon inside us. Those glares, the pity, the pain, I don't want it!" Natsuki cried out.

"Too bad. As soon as it happened, your chance of being normal went out the window. When you decided to become a ninja, you gave up the chance of being just an outcast, you are a weapon now, just like every ninja." Naruto said, coldly.

"Shut up! Why are you telling me this!?" Natsuki cried out in despair, why was her life like this? She wanted to get respect, fight and show that she wasn't what they made her out to be. But now…

'Because you need to hear it. Whether you like it or not, this is how the world works right now. This world is full of darkness! You either accept it and change it as much as you can or fall trying or giving up!" Naruto yelled at the girl.

"Why…Why should I believe you!?" Natsuki yelled at him. She knew she could trust him, she just needed a reason.

"You shouldn't." Naruto stated in a flat tone.


"W-What?" Natsuki stammered, did he just say what she thought he said?

"You shouldn't trust me, at least not so easily. The world is full of evil people, and I just so happen to be one of them." Naruto started to laugh making the red headed Jinchuuriki to step back.

"You…" Natsuki shivered, he just admitted he was a bad guy after all, was he going to hurt her.

"I intent to use you, Uzumaki Natsuki." Naruto said with a grin.

"What!?" She cried out. 'He wants to use me?' She thought.

"I will use you. Every success, every failure, every achievement that you do, I will exploit for my own benefit. Every time you fall down, I'll force you back up. Every time you succeed, I'll tell you that you can be better. Every great achievement you make is a step closer to my goals, you will be mine, Uzumaki Natsuki!" Naruto said.

"What's stopping me from blabbing to everyone what you are?" Natsuki countered, she was getting scared, she never dealt with someone like him before.

"Because like it or not, I will never lie to you, I may not tell you the whole truth but that just depends on you becoming able to think for yourself and use your head. The village hates you, the people you care about suffer because of you, they hold you back. But you already know this right, that's why you distanced yourself from everyone.

Natsuki gritted her teeth, Where did he come off talking to her about this! He was going to use her, she hated the thought of it. She didn't want to be enslaved by anyone.

"I won't enslave you." Naruto said.

"How'd you-"

"Your far too easy to predict. But like I said, I won't enslave you."

"You just said you were going to use me!" Natsuki yelled out.

"Don't confuse what I said, this is what I meant about using your head. I have no intentions of holding you captive." Naruto said, walking towards the pile of scrolls and tossing them to a shocked Natsuki.

"I'm going to set you free. I'm going to make you shine, Uzumaki Natsuki. You'll gather people and I'll take advantage of that. The brighter you shine, the greater the shadows become, the stronger you become, the more power I'll gain. Even without knowing you made a deal with a devil, and I won't let you escape. You'll be my queen in the chess pieces of the game." Naruto's smile almost seemed to split his face.

Natsuki was shaking, what had she done. What was happening? Did she sell her soul to a demon in a boys skin? She wouldn't let it happen. She'll get strong enough to oppose him! She gritted her teeth almost wanting to lash out and beat his smile of his face. But she had to ask herself, was it worth it?

"Like I said, I'll just take advantage of you. I won't interfere with your life, I'll help you train of course. I mean what can a clanless orphan do against a classroom full of clan heirs. You can either struggle or accept my generous offer." Naruto said.

"Generous my ass!" Natsuki shouted.

"I'm being more than lenient. Do you have any idea what I'm doing to keep you out of the fire? No, you don't but that's because you won't see the darkness. You'll experience it but you won't indulge in it."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you really think your life is as easy as you make it out to be?"

"Easy? Easy! My life hasn't been easy! I'm freaking despised by the whole village, if I'm not careful of how I act, they'll blame me for some stupid thing and try to kill me, how can it get worse!?"

"How about being a mindless slave?"

"H-Huh?" Natsuki said, not expecting it.

"You think the Hokage would leave you to your own devices, yes he would. He thinks you can have a normal life, how stupid is he?" Naruto said.

"Don't insult the Old man." Natsuki said.

"You have a point, he may seem like he's doing nothing to help but you have no idea. Do you know what they can do to you?"

"W-who's they?" Natsuki wondered.

"The village and it's people. Natsuki, you are a weapon to them, and thus you have no rights. The 'Old man' as you call him has to keep people who want to turn you into a mindless weapon away, people who want to kill you away, people that want you as a breeding factory away, and all while managing the whole village. In reality, he picked the lesser of the evils, he knew you wouldn't have a normal life but he could hope you did, but you saw how that turned out." Naruto informed.

"And there's what I'm doing. I'm helping you get stronger. I'm helping you achieve your own goals. I'm helping you in what he can't. So it's only fair I get my money back, just in a different currency." Naruto continued.

Natsuki had her world turned around. Was he really doing as much as he said, Had she thought about what the Hokage was doing for her? No, she assumed he left her alone and left it at that. It went deeper then she thought.

"What… What exactly is going on?" She was completely out of it, everything doing with her was decided by someone else.

"And that is exactly one of the questions that you needed to ask. You are being manipulated foolish girl, do you think my offer would only benefit me? No, as I climb, you climb even higher. The higher you are the more control you have over your own destiny? Will you accept my hand? Or will you continue to watch as your precious people struggle to keep you alive?"

Damn it!

She had no choice, if she wanted to move on her own she needed to play the game.

But he was helping her, that was clear.

She realized then, she really made a deal with the devil.

Her devil with angel wings.

A devil that will give and took what he gave.

"You really are a bastard, you know that?" Natsuki said, shaking his hand, inside she was grinning, he really wasn't as bad as she thought. He was helping her at least, she felt that he wasn't telling her everything but that would come in time.

"A bastard? Please, I'm a devil." Naruto smirked.

(Far away)

It was dirty.

Shackles everywhere. Women hanging of shackles, bound to the walls where many lay almost motionless, the only sign that they were alive were the constant rising in the near exposed chests.

There was a little girl shaking in her place. She was cold, and hungry, she wanted to go out and see the sun at least once more. She wanted to see her mother one last time, she wondered what happened to her, she prayed that they didn't do the same thing that she saw men do to the women around her. Miho, was scared, she wished it was all a dream, but every time she woke up, she saw the same thing.

She heard footsteps, her heart beat erratically as she heard more. She didn't want to look up, they had already taken all the other children, they said they would save the best for last and that was her apparently. Try as she might she couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her face.

The footsteps stopped right in front of her and she heard other people walking towards the other women.

"Are you ok?" She heard. It wasn't the usual voice, it sounded younger and higher pitch. She hesitantly looked up to see a small person, almost her own size kneeling in front of her. She wondered what was going on until she felt the bonds tying her down fall.

She looked at her hands, astonished that there was nothing weighing them down anymore. She felt a hand against her cheek. She lifted her head to see the boy rubbing her cheeks, wiping the tears she didn't know she had.

"Come on, we'll get you out of here." He said.

The girl nodded as she felt she was being picked up. But she felt too tired to stay awake, all the stress that she had suddenly left her body, she felt so tired, she just wanted to sleep.

As the girl was taken away, a person walked towards the boy, as he slowly made his way outside.

"Sir, there condition s not well, I doubt that they will find their way back to their lives and most of them don't have the will to go on." A rather gruff man said, if it had been anybody else who he was talking to, he would make a joke that he was short but the boy, if he was one commanded fear and respect.

"Have the ones that can still think go to Sweet Haven. The rest, look for people that need someone in there lives that can help them, hopefully they'll get a bit of life into those eyes of theirs, you can have one if you want, but you know my rules." He said. The man nodded.

His boss was as kind as he was cruel. This was one of the few slave cartels that they have stopped, some of them were worse then others. But the boy decided that he could put the broken ones to use. The ones that had nowhere to go would get some support until they could find their way or work at a brothel and hope they get lucky and find someone there. As for the broken ones, he had good people watch over them, the kind of self respected people that somehow ended up in their line of business.

Those who might find one of the girls fancy will have their way with them but not as slaves, but as mistress so to speak. They would care for them until they regain their lost selves and if they fell in love, then great for them. Children were either sent to orphanages or sent to train if they should choose and expand their growing number of members.

Though his name was strange. Who calls themselves Black King?

"Taro, have the papers and supplies been taken yet?" The boy said.

"Yes, their being transported as we speak, boss." Taro said.

"Good, that's all for now.'

Not many people knew what the Black king thought. Was he a ninja because everyone seemed to be thrown off at his appearance which seemed to be of a small child. Everyone thought that the child was his double so to say, it was so ridiculous that it was ingenious.

The Black King, his appearance sparked many beginnings for the world, one that would affect the world. While none knew much about the mysterious enigma that was quickly rising in the underworld, it was clear that he was going to make an enemy of the world.

Author's note

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