Shizuo addressed Erika.
"When you say bed, do you mean…?"
It was Izaya who answered.
"Of course that's what they mean! Will you wake up already! These people want us involved in acts that are illegal in some parts of the world."
"Oh…and that's bad, right?"
"Why do you sound so wavering all of a sudden! Of course it's bad! It's very, very bad! In fact, it could hardly be any worse."
"Hmm, a bed, huh...kissing was fine but I don't know if I want to do...stuff. Cuz that would turn me gay."
Izaya jumped to this.
"That's right, Shizu-chan! You don't want to become gay."
Kasuka nodded.
"It's okay, you don't have to be gay. You just have to have sex with Izaya-san."
"That's right, it doesn't mean you're gay. Just that you like sexing with guys."
Izaya face-palmed.
"That just so happens to be the very definition of gay!"
Kururi intervened.
"Not necessarily, Izaya-nii. There is something to be said about bisexuality."
"Oh please, why waste all this man flesh? Not to mention Izaya can't top anyone."
"Not true. Izaya-san knows how to kiss, that means he'll be topping nii-chan. I stick by Izuo."
Mairu rolled her eyes at Kasuka.
"Please, as if. He can't even top Ayase from Okane ga nai."
"You're being too mean to Izaya-nii. I'm sure he could top Ayase on a good day."
Izaya sighed.
"Kururi, even you…!"
"Besides, of course he's good at kissing. He is Ikebukuro's cum dumpster after all."
"Izaya-nii gets around a lot, yes."
"So I'm a slut now...?"
"It's nothing new."
"We still love you, Izaya-nii."
"Oh gee...thanks. If this is the way you treat me when you love me, imagine how it'd be if you hated me!"
Kururi produced her school uniform.
"Izaya-nii, you can wear this. We're about the same size."
"How come you don't wear it yourself when you should? On top of that you want me to wear it?"
"She's angling for a trap card."
Trust Mairu to explain her twin's motivations.
"Izaya-nii would look so pretty."
"Oh, Izaya!trap! The potential, it can't be denied!"
More squeeing followed. Shizuo blinked a few times.
"Trap is like, what, looking like a girl?"
"That's precisely what it is! Izaya here all dolled up like a girl!"
A weight seemed to be lifted from Shizuo's shoulders.
"Oh, that's okay then."
Izaya's voice cracked.
"I'm no homo but if he looks like a girl then it's cool."
"No it isn't! Even if I was a girl it'd still be bad!"
Mairu interrupted.
"Our circle also dabbles on girl!Izaya on occasion."
Kasuka decided it was time to push for his favorite pairing once again.
"Traps on top are hot. You can't deny it."
"We can always fix up Shizuo in a dress, I suppose…"
But even Mairu sounded reticent about it.
"That wouldn't be a trap, that'd be slightly scary."
"Nii-chan has hairy legs, not nice in a dress. As for Shizuka, that is a whole different story. At times I draw it."
"Brilliant, they also change our genders."
Meanwhile Kururi had handed the sailor uniform to Shizuo who was turning it over.
"This is like the things girls wear in pornos…"
"Oy, Shizu-chan. That's my sister's clothes you're talking about."
"I don't mean to say that Kururi is on porn! It's just the outfit!"
Mairu nodded.
"We wouldn't do porn, we'd get Izaya to do porn for us!"
"Gay porn with Izaya-nii is is the best."
Izaya face-palmed yet again.
"You girls do realize I have sex with girls, right? I am not even gay!"
"Oh please, you wear a fur jacket and fawn all over manly Shizuo there."
"I can't imagine Izaya-nii with a girl. It'd be wrong."
"...but doing it with a guy is perfectly fine?"
"Totally legit."
Shizuo was turning the uniform over.
"How about the undies? He'll need frilly panties to go with this...I mean, what do you normally wear? Boring boxers?"
"Will you leave my choice of underwear alone!"
"And garters...that'd be hot. That way you'd look even more like a chick. A hot chick."
"Are you even listening to me?"
And this time it was Kasuka who provided the items n question.
"White ones are better."
"...Kasuka, why are you carrying a pair of panties around...? And garters...?"
Shizuo was greatly perplexed.
"I always pack a few of these. You never know when they'd come in handy."
"Wonderful, your brother is a perv too."