I haven't written anything in a while... For those of you who have followed me before I think it's time to realize Lost&Found will more likely than never be finished. Time to move on... But that's Bleach and this is Soul Eater.

I hope all my fellow Soul Eater fans will enjoy this.

Chapter 1 – Sergeant from Hell

Sand. Some cactus and more sand.

That was all Soul Evans had seen for the past three hours as his bus drove through the Nevada desert. He sighed the bus was hot and cramped, filled with newly enlisted men and women. He wiped the sweat from his brow as a static screech filed the bus, the intercom switching on overhead.

"We'll be arriving at our destination in five minutes." The intercom made high pitch noises before it snapped off. Soul turned to the seat next to him. Black Star was slumped over snoring, his head resting on the seat in front of him. Soul gave him a shove. The blue haired man snapped up, alert. He turned a groggy eye to Soul questioningly.

"We'll be there soon." He nodded ahead of him. Black Star grinned jumping up from his seat. "Just wait until they see the great me. They'll beg me to be a general!" He boomed laughing, until the buses MP made him shut up and sit down. He did so grudgingly. Soul rolled his eyes, and wondered how long his friend with the superiority complex would last, under the discipline of the army.

Soul craned his neck over the seat in front of him for a glimpse. In the sand covered and hazy distance he could see the shadowy group of buildings that would be his home for a while.

Fort Shibusen.

The bus squealed to a stop inside the gates. The doors opened and people started grabbing up there bags and walking off the bus into the desert air. Soul shouldered his bag and walked out into the sun. He covered his eyes with hand, looking around. Despite the miles of sand and the damn sun it didn't look half as bad as he'd heard.

Fort Shibusen was both famous and infamous, the way he'd heard it. Famous for their slew of incredibly young high ranking officers but infamous as being a hell on earth.

"What do you think?" He turned to Black Star who was grinning madly. "Not exactly a beach vacation." he grumbled. Black Star grinned. The bus pulled away and Soul watched as it disappeared into the desert haze. His last sight of humanity for some time, but that was what he had wanted when he joined wasn't it?

"LINE UP MAGGOTS!" Soul jumped stumbling into the line that quickly formed. Black Star on his right. A young woman with bobbed blonde hair and blue eyes in green camo and heavy boots stood in front of them. A sadistic smile on her face.

A patch with 4 stripes and a star were embroidered onto both sleeves of the jacket.

"I am Sergeant Major Thompson, and as of now till your basic training is over you are all my bitches!" The sadistic grin never leaving her face. "Understand?"

"Sir Yes Sir!" Was the echoed reply. She stepped forward towards him. Soul gulped nervously. He breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped in front of Black Star. "Understand?" He looked bored with the woman in front of him.

"Yea, I guess..." A loud pop sounded and in the blink of an eye Black Star was rolling around holding his stomach and yelling. Sergeant Thompson twirled the pistol around her finger before slipping it back into the holster at her waist.

"Stop crying you baby there blanks!" She laughed. Soul gulped eying the officer warily. She turned hard blue eyes on him. The cold barrel of a pistol was shoved into his nose.

"You got a problem maggot?" She pressed the gun. "No ma'am!" He managed. She walked back to the front. "Grab your shit and follow me to the barracks!" She called marching off to two large camo painted buildings with a white skull painted on the side or each and B-1 and B-2 painted next to it. They followed quickly. She stopped in front of them.

"B-1 is Women's barracks and B-2 is Men's barracks. Pick a bunk then head over there." She pointed to another building across the field. "You'll be given your gear, change into your duds then meet me at the obstacle course in twenty minutes, dismissed!" Everyone scattered into the right barracks.

The inside of the barracks was pretty much what he'd expected. Two rows of bunk beds and a bathroom.

"Come on we'll bunk together, Soul" Black Star picked a bunk and threw his bag on the top bunk. "I call top." He grinned. Soul shrugged.

"That's cool; I'd rather sleep on the bottom anyway." He tossed his bag onto the bed. "Let's go." he sighed walking towards the door. "I don't want to be late and give Sergeant Thompson a reason to shoot the hell outta me." He muttered hurrying across the field to the supply tent. Some of the others were there already getting their clothes.

He stood in front of the counter and a tall gangly looking young man with pink hair and wide pale eyes came up to him.

"Shirt, pant and shoe size?" his voice quivered. Souls brow arched quizzically at the young man whose shirt held two yellow stripes and read 'Chrona', but gave him the numbers.

He nodded timidly and turned to the back. "Ragnarok, Men's large, 20 and 11." A few seconds later a dark green t-shirt camo pants and a pair of black boots came flying out of the back. The clothes landing in Chrona's arms the boots smacking him in the face. He rubbed his nose gingerly before handing them to Soul.

"Thanks..." He muttered unsure of the pink haired corporal. He nodded and Soul hustled back to the barracks to change, he stuffed his civilian clothes into his bag. He wasn't sure when he would wear them again.

Soul looked himself over on his way out of the barracks. His camo army duds and boots fit alright. He hurried to the obstacle course where sergeant major Thompson and the other new recruits stood waiting. He stood next to Black Star, who looked quite unhappy in his new clothes. He was glaring daggers at Sergeant Thompson.

"How's your shot wound?" Soul muttered quietly. "It fucking hurts." He snarled.


Black Star dropped, Soul turned wide eyes to his downed friend. The large red welt on his forehead smoked. Sergeant Thompson blew the smoke from the end of her pistol before returning it to its holster.

"Now, first things first, when I call your name you sound off and that's it, you got it?" She glared at Black Star who was up again. He glared back but toned in with the rest. 'Sir yes sir.' She quickly read off names then tucked the clipboard under her arm.

"Alright Maggots were going to run the obstacle course!" she waved exaggeratedly over the field. Soul paled. A roughly mile long strip of every kind of exercise he could think of. Walls to climb over barbed wire to crawl under, tracks of tires and everything in between.

"LINE UP!" As they did she picked Soul and Black Star both out. "Albino, cotton candy head!" Soul stopped dead, already scared to death of the woman. Black Star glared at her.

"You two will lead the way!" She pointed to the front, where they hightailed it to. "You will run this course until you do it right! I don't care if it takes you all day and all night!" She pulled the stopwatch from her pocket. "You have 4 minutes to complete it."

"GO!" Black Star shot off, trying not to trip on the tires. Soul right behind him, everyone else pulling up from behind. Through the tires then onto his belly under the barbed wire. "Damnit" he grumbled edging his way under the wire.

"Faster you worthless pieces of shit!" a few shots rang out and Soul crawled frantically, his hair getting caught in the wire occasionally. He cursed jerking it free as he crawled. If he stopped, their crazy as hell Sergeant would shoot him. He was sure. Coming out from under the wire he hopped up quickly. The farther he got the less chance Sergeant Thompson would shoot him.

Running through another set of tires he jumped onto the climbing wall grabbing the rope. He yelped as a blank bounced off the board by his head. He scrambled up the wall. 'Not far enough away.' he chanted to himself huffing. As he sprinted down the last stretch to the finish.

He slid to a stop behind Black Star, panting as he laughed. "No one is faster than the great Black Star." He crossed his arms a smug smile on his face. Soul scowled at him. Sergeant Thomson came around to them as others finished. "Impressive Maggot." She mussed. Black Star puffed up his chest. "There is no one better than me." the Sergeant snorted. "Ha, you were 15 seconds from beating the current record."

"No way." he growled. "Yes way, snot nose! Our own Major Nakatsukasa holds the current record for this obstacle course." Black Star fumed.

In the Shadow of a nearby building two figures in army duds watched Sergeant Major Patty Thompson tongue lash the blue haired recruit before shooting him in the stomach . A pair of gold eyes crinkled in mirth.

"It's no wonder by the time they get to us there scared I'm going to shoot them." He chuckled. Patting the twin pair of pistols around his waist. A snort was his answer. He turned questioning eyes to his companion. Critical olive green eyes watched the scene.

"It's her job to put fear into them; it's what they need, especially before they graduate to our squads." She crossed her arms leaning against the building, out of the sun's rays.

He shrugged "I suppose your right. After all." He paused to grin. "Our training regiments are far from a Sunday stroll through the park."

She gave a sharp nod. "I didn't make Colonel at my age, for being soft."

He smiled before turning back to watch the recruits. "They don't look too bad this time." He mused, watching the blue haired recruit making faces at Patty while her back was turned. "Of course... I could be wrong."

Everyone gathered around Sergeant Thompson as they finished. "Not too bad Maggots!" she praised as she inspected the line. Some were huffing and puffing like they were about to fall over and some looked as good as before they started.

She closed her eyes and nodded thoughtfully a smile on her face. "Alright runts, now were gonna run!" Soul groaned



Okay first chapter is finished. I've enjoyed writing this so far. Anyway I need to explain the inspiration for this. While browsing DeviantART the other night I saw a picture of Maka dressed in the blue military uniform from Full Metal Alchemist. And I had an epiphany. I've read lots of Soul eater fanfics, of various settings.

Where there normal High school students, where there just regular people, when there older etc, etc. Any way I realized I've never read one where there military like this and I thought it would just be a neat idea. So I hope you liked this and will come back for the next Chapter.

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