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Ch. 28 – That was my wife

Maka hovered on the edge of awake and asleep. She was more comfortable than she had been in a long time. Warm and cozy in her bed. She buried her face into the warmth. She knew it was still early. Her internal clock set to long before the sun came out.

She tried to stretch but came into contact with a warm soft barrier, which grunted.

"Watch where you're shoving..." A groggy croak breathed in her ear. She was awake now. Her eyes popped open. Her vision was blurry; all she could see was a mop of white. She almost fell off the bed till she remembered the night before.

She calmed and relaxed. Though a bit more flushed than before. She looked up at the groggy drooling albino wrapped around her. His hair as messy as usual, serrated teeth peeking out from between his lips. The laugh lines under his eyes not as pronounced as when he was awake. Her eyes inevitably travelled down from his face to a bare muscled chest. When the red of her face dimmed she glanced at her alarm clock. 4:15.

They both had leave for the day to go to the wedding, which didn't start till 10. She stifled a yawn and buried her face into the crook of his shoulder. It wouldn't hurt to sleep for a little longer…

Soul yawned and wiped at the dried drool on his lip. He blinked slowly, trying to surface from the realm of sleep. He buried his face in the pillow and grunted. It must have been early still. He never woke up anytime past 4 anymore. He tried to sit up, but was anchored down. He glanced over. His sandy blonde girlfriend had her arms wrapped around his waist. Her face scrunched as he moved.

He yawned again and glanced at the clock. 8:30.

"Oh shit." He jumped up. Maka grunted eyes flickering open.

"What…?" She mumbled. Scooting farther under the covers. He shook her.

"Wake up. It's 8:30. We have to get ready." He grabbed his shirt, buttoning it quickly with groggy hands fumbling, missing half the buttons. She bolted up and grabbed the clock.

"Shit." She threw the blankets off and jumped out of the bed pulling her shirt over her head. Soul stopped, staring.

Once her head was out did she noticed him and clutched the shirt against her chest. "GO, Get out Soul!" He flew out the door running to his own barrack to grab his stuff and ran for the shower.

At 9 they were jumping in the jeep. Decked out. Maka gathered her dress up in her hands and settled into her seat.

Soul wasted no time revving the engine and zipping through the gates.

"I can't believe we over slept." He grumbled on the verge of speeding down the open road. His tie still untied, cufflinks in his breast pocket. Maka was running a brush through her hair. Straightened and shiny, still slightly damp.

"Well I woke up at 4, but we didn't need to get up THAT early." She huffed.

"Doesn't matter. At least I woke up when I did." He huffed. They pulled into the Hotel lobby and he jumped out. Maka was finishing up with her hair when he opened her door and helped her out. Her heels clicked steadily on the pavement as they as the jogged into the hotel. He clicked his cufflinks into place and fumbled with his tie.

"Damn it, I can't get this thing to lay right. She pulled him to a stop just long enough to fix his bow tie. She patted it flat against his chest.

"Alright. You're ready." She smiled. He nodded.

"Thanks. I'll see you in a bit." They parted ways. Maka slipped into the bridal room. The bride maids and a few other women milled around the room in a hurry, Maka Easily picked out who she was looking for though.

Blair was radiant. A dress as white as snow draped off her shoulders and flowed over her generous curves. Her hair was tied in an ornate up do, lifted off the nape of her neck. Emily stood in front of her in her softly applying various make up to Blair's face. Her own bridesmaid dress of course a brilliant red like Maka's, rather than transitioning from ruby to a dark maroon Emily's was a solid ruby color. She gave a final swish of her brush before stepping back admiring her work.

"You look just amazing, darling!" She fussed with Blair's dress and hair. The woman just smiled.

"You really do, Blair. Wes will just be thunderstruck." Blair turned to face her and beamed from ear to ear.

"Maka! I'm so glad you're here." She grabbed the younger woman up in a crushing embrace. Maka grinned and bared it. Today was Blair's big day. She could squeeze to death anyone she wanted.

"I was so worried when you weren't here earlier, you're always early!" Maka willed the slight blush from her face.

"I'm sorry, Blair. I got here as fast as I could." There was no need to tell her that she and Soul had slept in and had been a breaths hair from missing it. The brothers would have been beside themselves if they'd been late. Blair might have had a stroke.

Emily grabbed her up next. "You're here and that what matters. You look sensational as well, beautiful." Maka smiled at the club mother embarrassedly.

She glanced around the room and noticed in the corner, staring intently into a mirror applying heavy makeup was Vera. Her nose looked a little crooked and swollen. Emily noticed her line of sight and whispered in her ear.

"She showed up this morning with 2 black eyes and a nose like a banana." Maka bit the inside of her cheek. Hard, suppressing her laughter. Vera glanced around and their eyes locked. Maka smiled sweetly and Vera made an ugly face before whipping back to the mirror and applying her makeup a little more aggressively than before.

"Beautiful!" She looked back at Emily, who grabbed her cheeks and turned her face to hers. "Where's you makeup?" She asked in horror.

Maka had applied a light lipstick but other than that she didn't really own any makeup. She told Emily as much, who looked appalled at the very notion.

"That just won't do." She sat Maka in a chair and began to work. Maka had a feeling there was no escape and merely submitted to the treatment. In 15 minutes Emily stood back evaluating her work.

"Even more beautiful." She gushed. Blair looked over her shoulder and squealed.

"Oh, Maka you look gorgeous!" Maka felt a little uncomfortable being fussed over by the bride.

Someone peaked their head into the room. "Time to get going ladies." Everyone began to grab up things and chattering loudly. Emily clapped her hands loudly.

"Okay ladies lets go." They gave some parting words to Blair before bustling out the door. Into the main hall.

The guys we're already waiting outside the door. Straightening the clothes. Small red carnations slipped into the pocket of their jackets.

Emily locked arms with Alexander who happily smiled at the older woman. Link looked less enthused when Vera wrapped her arm through his in a death grip.

Soul was momentarily distracted when he noticed Maka, but was brought out of it when she slid her arm through the crook of his elbow and smiled at him.

Wes stood behind them, nervously playing with the buttons of his tux. Soul grinned at him and gave him a thumb up. Wes smiled nervously. He was almost glowed in his all white tux. The bowtie and vest standing out in sharp contrast.

"Just relax." Soul told him. Wes nodded but didn't seem capable of speech at the moment. He shuffled his feet. Hands fiddling with the buttons.

The doors opened and the light music filtered into the hall. Alexander and Emily disappeared thru the door after a few moments they were followed by Link and Vera. The latter of which was doing her best to look sexy and appealing. Nose up. Once they were near the alter Soul gave a slight tug and he and Maka were slowly walking down the aisle. There we're about 30 guests on each side of the aisle.

It wasn't as large as Maka had expected, but on one side you had the family and friends of an orphan and on the other a high class musician on the verge of disownment.

Maka and Soul parted at the altar. Wes had begun his own decent down the aisle. Looking a little more composed than he had a few moments prior. He smiled unsure at his brother who grinned back.

Once in his place, facing the doors the music transitioned to the wedding march. The guests all turned to the doors. But after a few moments the bride did not appear. A quite murmur spread throughout the room.

The groomsman and bridesmaids looked at each other in confusion. Wes. Looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

The bride. Was a no show. Where was Blair? Maka shared a worried glance with Emily.

Maka tapped Wes's hand. He looked at her. He looked like he was on the verge of heartbroken and disbelieving.

"I'll go see." He gave the barest of nodes. She quickly went around the outside of the room along the wall, and slipped through the door. Walking hurriedly to the bridal room. When she walked in Blair sat where she had 10 minutes ago. Staring into the mirror. Tears slid down her face. She jumped when she noticed Maka in the reflection.

"Oh, Maka." She sniffled. As the younger woman walked up to her.

"You missed your cue...Blair, what's wrong?" Blair shook her heard.

"I…I'm not sure I can do it." Maka's eyes widened.

"What? What do you mean you can't do it?" Blair sniffled again wiping gently at her eyes.

"I'm not good enough." She looked up at Maka sadly.

"For what?" Maka had an idea, but better to let Blair tell her than to assume anything.

"For Wesley. He's too good for me." She cried. "He's a renowned musician…" She looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm a no class stripper..."

Maka couldn't believe her ears. That a woman as kind, loving and exuberant at Blair could be saying these things about herself. Maka took two steps and grabbed Blair by the shoulder looking her square in the eyes.

"You are Blair. You're not just good enough you're better than that. Yes. You WERE a stripper, but not anymore. You're a Veterinarian. You worked hard and studied and got the degree you dreamed of. You have more class and determination than most women I know." Blair looked back at her stunned.

"You love Wes, right?" Blair nodded. "Well he loves you too. When you didn't come down the aisle if you had seen the look of heartache and despair on his face we wouldn't need to be having this conversation." Blair's eyes watered before she threw herself on Maka bawling. Maka patted her back. .

After a minute Blair's wails and ceased and she sniffled pulling back and wiping at her eyes.

"Thank you Maka..." Blair sniffed again and smiled. "You're a good friend." Maka smiled.

"Are you ready?" She nodded. "I'll see you soon than." Maka exited the bridal room and walking around the room took her place back next to the alter. Wesley looked at her desperately and she smiled. The music began and his head whipped toward the door where his blushing bride had entered. The rest of the wedding party let out the breaths they'd been holding.

His breath hitched in his throat. She looked amazing. Perfect in his eyes.

Vows and rings were exchanged and Blair couldn't have looked happier When Wes pulled her up against him and kissed her for all he was worth as their closest friends and family clapped and whistled.

The reception was in full swing after the new Mr. and Mrs. Evans walked into the hotels dining room. They were hugged, kissed and congratulated by everyone at least twice.

As the best man, Soul gave a humors speech, warning Blair of his brothers apparently MANY faults and asking that at least one of his yet to be nephews be named after him, which had the bride and groom both glowing red, but ultimately wishing them both all the happiness he could imagine. Emily, knowing her the longest had elected to give her speech in lieu of Maka, who hadn't known the other woman nearly as long.

She expressed her heartfelt happiness for the younger woman whom she had always viewed as the daughter she never had, and warning Wes with bodily harm should he not treat her as she should be. By the end Blair was a little weepy, but smiling.

Laughter and liquor flowed steadily. After the cake was cut, and smothered onto the couples face the music began to play Wes happily led his new wife onto the dance floor. Other guests joined not long after.

Maka pulled Soul onto the dance floor. He put up token resistance before allowing her to lead him onto the floor. He took the lead spinning her around the floor. After a few songs he spun her away. Maka squeaked until she was grabbed up. She looked up and Wes smiled down at her. She glanced over her shoulder Soul was now dancing with his new sister-in-law.

"Thank you so much, Maka." She looked back at Wes, smiling at her gratefully. "Blair told me about what happened. I can't thank you enough." He told her.

"I didn't do anything. I just told her what she already knew." Maka just smiled and shrugged. Wes pressed a quick kiss to her forehead.

"Thank you, little sister." He smiled. Maka flushed scarlet. She found herself dancing with Alexander and Link not long after before she was passed back to Soul.

Maka was danced out. Soul was deep in conversation with Alexander. She was content with cuddling the little Ivalio while his parents danced. He was just so cute, especially in his little suit. Soul glanced over at them and reached over to ruffle his golden locks and he giggled.

"It's time to throw the bouquet." Emily called grabbing Maka's hand. She handed Ivailo to Soul and let the older woman drag her to a group of giddy woman who jostled them around.

Blair turned away and heaved the bouquet over her head. Drastically over shooting it. Some of the woman tripped and fell over themselves as it flew over their heads into the catering are, directly into the surprised hands of one Isabella Evans.

The guests laughed and clapped but some of the wedding partied were shocked. No one had noticed the older white haired woman until that moment. The brothers were speechless.

Isabella fiddled with the bouquet, knowing she'd been seen. She hesitated before walking up to them. She smiled hesitantly at them.

"Mo...Mother." Wes muttered. He tried to find his voice. Soul did first.

"Didn't think you and the old man would come." He grumbled. She looked abashed.

"Your father isn't here. He doesn't even know I'm here." She fumbled with the white roses in her hands.

"I just couldn't not see one of my babies get married…" Wes wasn't sure what to say but his wife did.

Blair flung herself onto the older woman, squeezing her. Isabella was stunned. Very unused to being manhandled so.

"I'm so glad you could be here." Blair squealed. Despite being shocked Isabella smiled and patted Blair's arm.

"You must be Blair. It's so nice to finally meet you." Soul wasn't sure, but his brother had finally pulled himself together and whispered into his brothers' ear.

"She wants to try. We can at least meet her halfway, Soul." He hesitated only a second before grunting with a nod. She'd managed to untangle herself from Blair when he stepped up.

"Glad you came, mom." She beamed at him. He took Maka's hand and pulled her forward. "This is my girlfriend, Maka Albarn." He introduced. Maka held her hand out and she shook it.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Maka was a little puzzled over her words but remembered that she and Soul had been spotted briefly by his parents months ago at the gala. She smiled and nodded.

"The pleasures mine." Wes smiled and clapped his hands.

"Shall we get back to the party?" His mother smiled and nodded. Wes and Blair led her back to their table getting her a chair.

Maka glanced at Soul. He looked back and shrugged.

There were happy cheers and shouts as Blair and Wes ran out of the hotel, their guests throwing handfuls of rice at them as they passed. Soul made sure to get in a good fist full as his brother passed him.

They turned and waved before getting into the long white limo and driving off.

Maka beside him sighed. He looked over at her questioningly.

"It was a beautiful wedding." She smiled at him he nodded. "Do you know where they're going?" Soul grinned.

"He mentioned something about surprising Blair with a trip to France."

"How romantic." Isabella sighed. Soul looked at his mother and nodded. She would think so; Isabella was from France after all. When he and Wes we're young and she was actually around she'd told them stories about growing up in Troyes, France. A large city about 80 miles south of Paris. Soul had gone the summer after he graduated from college.

For once everything had been as his mother had said. Amazing food, music and scenery. Maka would like it, he thought briefly.

He turned to Maka. "We should be getting back to the base." She nodded.

"You have to go already?" His mother asked sadly. He nodded.

"My recruits won't yell at themselves, I'm sure the Colonel here has stuff she has to be doing anyway." Maka hummed in agreement.

"Oh, of course." Soul debated with himself a moment, thinking about what Wes had said.

"If you want..." She looked up at him. "You could come by the base tomorrow, and I could show you around a bit."

His mother beamed.

"That would be lovely."

I didn't think about it until a review, but I'd like to clarify. That Edward and Isabella. In no way has any connection to Twilight…I loathe twilight. To be frank it's a sad excuse for a movie, wooden acting and is frankly. Stupid. Edward an Isabella was simply the first high class/old style names that came to my mind. ANYWAY. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I've been working on it the last few days before I had to go to work, but being off today I had time to finish it up. This was a joy to write. I hope you like it.

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