pacman middle a story of true terror

Pacman was in the game and he no what he had to do, dudes

he chomped some dots and had to get them all

"if i don't get all of the dots then gosts will use them for powers," he said determined.

and the ghosts did get there hands on the last one

"surrender now pac man or else the buty here gets it" he said refering to ms. pac man who was over there where the big dot was!

pacman smiled on his face and said "oh yeah?" and he winked at ms pac man, "oh" wink "yeah" wink

ms pac man got the message and tossed over the big dot over there to pac man, who reached up and chomped it!

"now your gonna get it" said pacman and chomped them all at the same time and got them

"PAC MAN YOU SAVED ME" said ms pac man and hugged pac man and then they went home to were there were enough berries for every one!