Ok, so like most people, I went to go see the new/last HP movie :) And I loved the beautiful memory scene they gave to one of my favorite characters: Severus Snape. I thought I would write a little story as to what happened when he found Lily after the Dark Lord had paid her a visit. Please Read and Review

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter franchise nor any of the characters.

It is Vain to Hope

He stood in front of the destroyed house, knowing deep down what he would find inside. He wanted to be proven wrong, but knew it was vain to hope. While everyone else in the Wizarding World would be celebrating at the news of the Dark Lord's downfall, Snape needed to know what it had cost.

The house was dark, except for the glow from the tip of his wand and the few flashed of lightening outside. He walked through the living room, all of the furniture overturned. He turned the corner and found James Potter's lifeless body by the stairs. Snape knew he was running up them to protect his small family. For once in his life, Snape wished his rival had succeeded in his efforts. He looked upon James's body not with spite, but with pity and fear. A sound came from upstairs, a baby cry.

Had the Dark Lord failed in his mission? If the child lived, what had happened?

His questions were answered as he saw the nursery door blasted open and a white hand stretched out on the floor. Maybe it wasn't here. Maybe it was the nanny, but he knew they didn't have one. He held his breath and prepared his heart for the worse as he slowly walked closer.

He had not prepared his heart enough.

Lily's dead form on the floor had placed the Death Eater Severus Snape in such a state of horror; he lost the ability to stand and collapsed on the door frame.

"NO!" he wailed in agony as hot tears filled his eye. His tear-filled black eyes found her empty green eyes. "Lily," he croaked hoarsely as he crawled to her. "Lily… no… Lily" he sobbed.

"Come back… Come back… I love you!" he choked as he took her up into his arm. He gently pushed her fiery red hair out of her beautiful white face. He had to close her eyes because he could not bear to see them without the life they once held. He kissed her cold forehead as more tears flowed and his heart ripped into millions of pieces.

His hot tears met her face as he rocked back and forth, creating the illusion that she, too, was crying. His sobs dulled into a whimper as he lost the ability to produce more tears. The crying child's voice, however, did not stop. Snape looked up from his agony to see the child in his crib.

This was Harry. This was the reason Lily had died. Anger and hatred for the child swelled up inside of Snape. If this child had never been born, Lily would still be alive, she wouldn't have died to protect him. He raised his wand to the young face of James Potter, but Lily's eyes stopped him from whispering the spell. The bright green eyes were set in the child's face and Snape could not bear to kill the last living piece of his beloved Lily.

He examined the infant's face to see blood trickling down from lightening shaped cut on his forehead towards the emerald eyes. As he held the mother in his arms, he charmed a cloth to clean the scratch on Harry's face away from Lily's precious eyes. He turned back to Lily and ignored the child for the rest of his time there. The babe was not frightened by Snape's voice as he whispered the incantation, but instead was soothed by it. Harry stopped his crying.

"Oh Lily, I am so sorry," he croaked, "Please forgive me, please, please, please. I never meant for this to happen. I love you," he whispered, "I always will." He sobbed again as he laid her gently on the ground. He knew he could not afford to stay any longer. The Order of the Phoenix would be here any minute and he didn't need to be found cradling Lily when they did. He gently kissed her cold face again and looked at her one last time. Snape then disapperated to find the only person he could turn to now: Dumbledore.