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Warning: SHOTA and lots of underage sex! Trunks is 8 in this and Gohan is in his late teens!

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The Wrong Thing To Do

Chapter 1

"Oh, hey Gohan, what are you doing here?" he smirked as his tiny body opened the door to Capsule Corp.

His confident stance and his aqua blue eyes stared at me as I gave him some bogus reason for me visiting him.

"Oh is Bulma here, I really need here help with something." I say, trying to cover up my nervosity.

"Well, alright, come in."

He takes me to the lab, where Bulma is researching something for an upcoming project. What the hell do I tell her?

"Hey, Mom, Gohan's here to see you."

She looks up from some papers, "Oh hey Gohan! What can I help you with?"

I scratch the back of my head, a grin plastered across my face, "Well, I…"

He's staring at me. God damn it, Trunks! How am I supposed to think when you're looking at me like that! I finally decide on the 'reason' I've come here today.

"I need your help with a costume!" I blurt out.

"A costume?"

Oh shit, that came out silly. I blush.

"Well… for fighting crime." It comes out completely self-conscious and uncertain.

Trunks continues to stare.

"Sure, I guess I could have it finished in about an hour or so…"

"Cool!" Trunks starts before I can say anything, "you can play with me in the meanwhile!"

My face is beaming. I can't say no to him.

I follow him up the stairs into his room. The floor is littered with all kinds of toys. Cars, trains, train tracks, stuffed animals, a few other things that are harder to discern. He sits himself on the floor and looks up me expectantly.

"So, Gohan, what do you wanna do first?"

His blue eyes are mesmerizing.


"Uhh, stupid, what do you wanna do?"

His blue eyes pierce me once again. Oh, I just want to feel that lavender hair, just once. I reach out a hand and tousle his hair. It annoys him.

"Hey! Don't do that! I'm not a kid anymore!"

Of course you're not.

"Well, sorry!" I snort. "What do you wanna do?"

Video games.

He grabs a consol and plugs it into a television set, his back arching in the process. Oh my God. He must be so flexible…

"OK, Gohan, you just press these buttons OK?"

His tiny fingers touch mine. Oh God, he's so soft!

"Sure" I smile.

After an hour, Bulma has finished my costume. Trunks comes with me downstairs and Bulma shows me how to use my hideous new watch that with the touch of a button will disguise me completely.

"You just press the button right here and then you'll have your disguise!"

I press the button.

Trunks starts to giggle. Probably at the hideousness of this horrid disguise.

"Wow, you're so lucky!" he says.

He's mocking me. I take the opportunity and tousle his hair again. He crunches his nose.

"Stop that!"

I say thank you to Bulma and as I take off into the air I can faintly hear little Trunks yell, "Come back soon! Maybe tomorrow even!"

I can't stop thinking about him. Those blue eyes are so big, nothing like Future Trunks. I suppose it's because he hasn't grown into them yet, but still; they're so fierce and beautiful. The beauty of Bulma with the confidence and audacity of Vegeta. That's it. But his hair, it's like he's not related to either of them. Bulma with her blue hair and Vegeta with the Saiyan spikes, my spikes. I touched that hair twice today. Oh, how soft it was, and his smile. His smirk. I don't even know what to call it. There's nothing evil about him, not like Vegeta. It's just a mischievous grin that seems to melt me every time I look at him and it leaves me speechless every time. I somehow drift into sleep, a huge grin still covering my face.

I wake up to the birds chirping. God, how their song fills the room with such cheer! I'm beaming, so happy to be alive, and having a clear purpose for the day. I finish breakfast and fly over to Capsule Corp with a new plan up my sleeve.

"Hey, Bulma, I was wondering if Trunks wanted to spar with me today?"

"Oh, well, I don't know where he is, but I think he's training with Vegeta right now."


I probably ooze disappointment.

"Don't worry." She reassures me, "he's almost done, why don't I make you something to eat while you wait."

Somehow I manage to eat the chocolate cake she's offering me, even though I've just stuffed myself with my own Saiyan breakfast.

After about 20 minutes Vegeta and Trunks get out of the Gravity Chamber, both with towels around their necks and sweat beading their wet bodies.

"Gohan! What are you doing here?" the little Prince beams.

"Oh, I thought you might be up for a spar." I say form my perch on the chair, trying not to sound too excited.

"Yeah, sure, awesome!" he says as he runs up to his room to gather his things.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Vegeta challenges once his son is out of reach.

"Nothing, Vegeta, I just want to spar."

He looks me over suspiciously before snorting, "Why don't you spar with your bratty brother instead?"

Before I have time to answer Trunks is at my side and eagerly tugging at my gi, ready to go. We take leave and we fly to a clearing in the woods. He attacks me as soon as we land and we begin our spar. The excitement building up in my body is too intense so I quickly end our little spar by pummeling him to the ground and watch as he's just too exhausted to stand up. I give him a senzu bean and he swallows it, my hand supporting his neck as he does so.

"Hey, what was that for?" he says as he quickly comes to.


"Hey, you didn't hurt me that bad" he chuckles.

I sit down next to him and watch as he tries to stand up. He collapses on the ground again and I drag him onto my lap to support his neck.

"Easy there buddy."

When we're done for the day he hugs me and then takes off. I head back home in my direction too.

A few weeks later he comes to visit me.

He's inside my room and he's come in through the window.

He looks at me mischievously as I lie on the bed and he comes closer and jumps up on me. He sits himself on my stomach, his small fingers on my bulky chest, supporting his body as he looks at me. He lets out a giggle and lies down on me, his chest now touching mine, the warmth, the beauty.

I feel his little heartbeat and I close my eyes and tousle his hair yet again.

"Gah!" he yelps as he brushes my hand off his scalp, "stop doing that!" he smiles.

He doesn't mean it.

I smile too.

He lies down again, his hot breath warming up my skin. As I sit up, he slides into my lap and he looks at me with those enchanting blue eyes of his and then he smiles. This isn't good.

His body moves to readjust himself in my lap and I can feel his warm behind through the thin fabric of his shorts. He looks at me again, playful.

"I'm bored." He smiles.

"Why aren't you in school?" I try to get my mind on other things.

"I'm bored." He looks at me again. After a long pause he says, "Why aren't you?"

"I'm sick."

He snorts, "You don't look sick to me."

I lie back down on the bed, getting under the covers and pulling his small frame up to my chest and as I close my eyes I whisper, "Well, I am."

He snuggles closer to my chest, his breathing becoming slower and slower as he becomes more relaxed. I comb through his silky hair with my fingers, and then his eyes flutter open. Those big blue eyes.


"Yes?" I answer as I breathe in his sweet aroma.

"Why are you always touching my hair?" he asks so innocently, earnestly wanting to know.

I sigh before answering.

"Because your hair is so soft and beautiful." Oh God, did I just say that?

"OK." He says and then he closes his eyes and relaxes against my chest again.

After a while I notice he's asleep. I kiss his temple and then fall asleep myself.

When I wake up again it's almost time for dinner. Trunks is gone and I wonder if it was just a dream. But then I see a strand of purple hair on my pillow.

It wasn't a dream. Had he really come to my house, my room, in the middle of the day, skipping school, just to be with me? God, that kid is strange. I don't think more of it as the aroma from my mother's godly food enters my nostrils and I rush to the kitchen, famished in my illness.

A week later and my illness has eased up. It wasn't that bad of a sickness anyway, I just had a pretty high fever and my fatigue disabled me from completing any of my studies and thus, I was resigned to spend a week in bed. It gave me a lot of time to think about Trunks and this whole situation. The only thing wrong with all of this is me and my sick and twisted mind. I'm a complete pervert feeling the way I do about him. I'm able to control myself and tell that what I'm feeling is wrong, but nonetheless, I'm still disgusted by myself. I've decided that spending some time apart from Trunks might actually benefit me as much as I hate to admit it.

The weeks pass by quite quickly as I immerse myself in my studies. I haven't been to Capsule Corp in a long time and I haven't seen Trunks either. I know he and my brother have been having a lot of fun together, but when I know Trunks is coming over I just lock myself in my room and pretend that I have a big test coming up or something of the sort.

It was about 2 months since Trunks had fallen asleep in my arms that I heard a rasping at my window. The sound surprised me as there are no trees and thus no branches right outside my window that could have caused the sound.

I went over to see what it was, perhaps it was Icarus, but it'd been years since I last saw him.

I heard a muffled sound as I came closer to the window and then I heard him.


"Gohan, open the window, it's freezing out here!"

I quickly obeyed.

"Trunks, what are you doing here?" I gasped in shock.

He was completely wet.

"Oh, Trunks, you're drenched! Come here, I'll get you a towel."

I rushed into the bathroom and got a big white towel and covered him in it, drying as much as I could. The poor thing was shivering.

"God, Gohan, you sure are deaf." He giggled.

"Are you crazy? What were you doing outside my window this late? In this weather?" I demanded, my worried tone making my emotions known.

"I haven't seen you in a while." He said. Just like that. "I thought you might be avoiding me."

I ran my palms up and down his sides, in an effort to warm him. I didn't answer him. I tried to change the subject.

"Alright, well, let's get you out of these things."

I got him one of my shirts and a pair of my sweatpants. I handed them to him, but his shivering body prevented him from moving.

I started stripping him of his soaked shirt and towel dried the rest of his wet chest. I did it as fast and smooth as I could to prevent my lust from clouding my judgment.

Next I proceeded to unbutton his shorts, but stopped as I realized what I was doing.

"What's the matter, Gohan?"

He must've seen me hesitate. His innocent question made me continue what I was doing and I pulled down the shorts. Then I quickly glanced away as my prize was just before me.

"I think you can handle the rest on your own." I said, not looking at the object of my recent obsession.

I heard the wet underwear fall to the floor in a heap and the next I knew he was already in my oversized sweatpants. God, he was something!

I got out some socks and he smiled when I handed them to him. He sat there on my bed for a while observing me as I put his wet clothes in the dryer. Then he spoke.

"So what, you have a girlfriend?" he teased.

"What?" I realize what he's referring to, "Oh, no, just school."

"Oh." He seems disappointed. "So you've really not had time for me?"

I turn around. "Trunks, I've just had some major exams coming up, that's all. I haven't been avoiding you."

He looks down at the bed, then he turns those glistening eyes up at me and stares into my soul. He doesn't believe me, but he doesn't say anything. He traces the softness of the bed with his palm and then he speaks again.

"Did I do something wrong?"

I look into those sparkling eyes, and I see tears forming at the edges.

"No, no, no, Trunks." I rush over to the bed and look into his eyes, "why would you think that?"

His pain tears through my soul as I try to comfort him.

"You don't need to study this hard. You're so smart." The compliment makes me utter a laugh. "I wasn't joking."

He looks at me. He's not teary eyed anymore. He's angry.

"Trunks, I'm not laughing at you." I say as I plant a kiss on his head.

He looks at me. Confusion in his eyes.

"Can I stay here tonight?" he asks so sweetly.

I smile, "Of course."

He gets under the covers and I follow suit. As soon as I lie my head on the pillow he snuggles up close to me, grabbing my shirt and looking up at me with hurt eyes that scream for comfort.

I wrap my arms around his body and pull him closer to my chest.

I hear his heartbeat. It's steady, but he's anxious.

I kiss him on the forehead and he closes his eyes. I feel the warm breath as a sigh escapes his lips.

"I'm scared, Gohan."

"Why?" I don't look at him. If I do, I will cry.

"I'm scared to be alone." I hug him closer to my chest. I feel his arms encircling me, hugging me tighter too. I kiss his head one more time and then I fall asleep.

When I wake up, he's still here this time. He's in my arms, softly breathing into my chest, just like he was last night. My hand reaches to brush the lavender hair away from his soft beautiful face.

He's awake. He stirs, then looks up at me.


He just stares straight into my soul again. He reaches out his hands and starts playing with my dark spikes.

"Your hair is soft too."

I smile. He smiles. He sits up and looks at me.

"I need to pee."

In a second, he's gone and I stare up at the ceiling, pondering how it got to this. How Trunks had somehow ended up sleeping over, how he had ended up so close, when all I wanted was to be far, far away from him.

No that wasn't true. It was simply the most sane and reasonable thing to do. It was never what I wanted. And I had hurt him. He's been so upset, thinking that I was upset with him, that he'd done something wrong. Poor Trunks. He must've been so lonely. But, was that because of me? I hadn't had time to think of it earlier, but could it really be?

Just then I heard the toilet flush and out came the beautiful Prince. He jumped up on my lap and laid his head on my stomach, his hands around my waist.

If only he knew how dangerous this position was, what he was doing to me just then.

"What's that?" he sat up and stared at the bulge in my pants.

Oh no.

"Trunks, I…" too late. He touched it. A moan escaped my lips.


I swallowed hard, trying to clear my mind of my obvious arousal. Oh God.

"Gohan, are you sick?" he said as he poked it again.

This time I managed to stifle my moan as I sat up and tried to get him away from my growing erection.

"Gohan, what's wrong?"

He's only 8. He's only 8. He doesn't know that you're hard for him. He doesn't know. Oh God, please don't let him know what's going on.

"Gohan, what are you hiding?" he smirks as he sees me grab a pillow and try to hide myself.

He pulls down my pants excitedly to see what I'm 'hiding' there and stares open mouthed when he sees my bulging erection protruding from my loose boxers.

"Trunks, no!" Shit.

He just looks at it and I close my eyes, afraid of what's coming next. The screaming, the fighting, the…Oh!

I open my eyes to find that his small hand is gripping my member. The small fingers of his other hand feeling the tip. He looks at it enchanted.

I let out another moan as his hand runs down the length, stopping at the balls. He seems to have understood the pleasure he's brought me as he repeats his action.

Up to the tip again and down the shaft, and again, and again.

My moans get louder and louder and I begin jerking in his hand. This must've scared him because he loosens his grip on my length, but then continues when he realizes that it was just out of pleasure.

He goes faster and faster and then I'm there. I cum right on his shirt.

He gasps. He looks at it in shock, his fingers sticky.

He sits there while I slowly come to. My panting begins to slow down and I sit up to look at him. His mouth still agape, his hands spread before him, sticky with my seed, his shirt stained. He looks at me, finally exhaling.

"What was that Gohan?" I reach my hand out to touch his face. This seems to make him relax more and then he takes a deep breath as he finally seems to come back to reality.

I get up and get a towel and clean his hands. His mouth is now closed, but he's still looking at me.


I want to explain. I want to tell him how sorry I am, that he shouldn't have seen this, been exposed to this.

"Oh, Trunks…"

"What is this stuff?" He sticks his finger in the mess on his shirt and sniffs it, "it smells weird."

I stifle a laugh, or is it a cry?

"Let's just get this thing off you, OK?" I try to smile and then I pull it off over his head.

I throw it in the hamper and then get him a new shirt.


"Yeah, Gohan?" he seems to have recovered slightly.

"Listen, you can't tell anyone about this."

"Why?" God, he's so innocent.

"Well, you see…if you tell anyone…" God, what should I say? The truth, tell him the truth, "if you tell anyone I won't ever get to see you again." I look him straight in the eyes, to make sure he understands.

"Why wouldn't I be able to see you again?" he's confused.

"Trunks, this can never get out, OK?" I notice my voice has taken on a grave quality, "what happened…it's bad, OK?"

He nods, slowly, he doesn't understand. That's good. He doesn't know that my perverted mind created this, that his body caused this reaction.

"Alright good", I say, trying to smile, "now, are you ready for some breakfast?" I smile as I tousle his hair.

He spends the rest of the day with me. It's awkward for both of us; he can feel my tension.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asks again, so sweetly.

We're in the forest, slight sunrays escaping through the thick bushes. I kneel down to face him and I cup his cheek, running my thumb to feel the soft flesh. I look into his eyes and tell him as sincerely as possible all he needs to know.

"Trunks, you've done nothing wrong."

"Then why are you so angry?" he's demanding an answer.

"Listen, Trunks… "

"What? What! What is it!" he's furious. He knows I'm hiding something.

"What happened this morning, it wasn't OK!" I find myself shouting. He's taken aback, "What happened was very, very wrong. I should never have put you in a position like that."

"What position?"

"I took advantage of you." Oh God, I'm not actually saying this am I?

He's silent, waiting for me to continue. Then he speaks.

"But you liked it…" Oh God, does he know? Does he know that he made me cum? "What's the problem, Gohan, I don't get it."

I lead us to a big oak tree and sit myself down. He sits next to me, holding my hand. He looks up at me as I try to formulate words to describe what's happening. I look into his deep blue eyes and sigh.

"Just promise me you won't tell anyone?"

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