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I'm actually kind of scared to be starting a multi-chapter fic because I'm pretty sure my adoring fans (all none of them) will rip my throat out if I take too long to add chapters. I never really considered McGibbs as a possible ship before but then the Killer Plot Bunny of Caerbannog just came along and... well... ripped my throat out. What? It's what it does. So anyway, here it is, my Great McGibbs Adventure, and any feedback is welcome.

McGee sat at his desk in a mixture of boredom and the usual quiet sadness. He took the risk of glancing over at Gibbs where he was sitting filling out some form or other. McGee jumped when the phone rang, disturbing the unusually quiet atmosphere.

Oh, right. Tony was out interviewing a suspect. That was probably why.

Gibbs hung up the phone and glanced over to him.

"Abby needs help with Lt. Haylin's computer, McGee."

"Right boss," McGee said. "On it, boss." Maybe a little Abby time was exactly what he needed. After all, Abby was the only one who knew about how he felt. He could talk to her at least.

Abby looked at him sympathetically. "Oh, McGee. Did something happen? There isn't a new redhead, is there?"

"No, Abby. It's just the usual absolutely nothing."

Abby turned away from her keyboard and hugged him. "Bossman really does like you, Tim. He does. He's just really bad at showing it."

"You keep saying that, Abby. But he barely even looks at me most days. Sometimes he basically says that he can't stand to so much as be in the room with me. It sucks. It really does."

"I swear, I think he definitely doesn't dislike you."

"Oh, because that's so much better."

"Well, it means there's hope, right?"

McGee sighed. "It would probably be better if there wasn't hope. I'm sick of hope. I'm sick of waiting and praying and overanalyzing every move he makes and every comment of his. I just want to not have to deal with my feelings anymore."

"I'll prove it to you that he really does like you, McGee."

McGee just looked at her.

"That's impossible, Abby. He just doesn't."

The days went on much the same as usual. Cases came in and cases were wrapped up and a few went cold. Tony got headslaps and Ziva got reprimands and Abby got hugs and Caf-Pow and McGee got nothing. McGee slowly reminded himself, through constant recalling of all the times Gibbs had scolded him and praised someone else, even if it wasn't fair, that nothing would ever make Gibbs care.

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