I'm sorry, guys, I really am. I am a bad person.

A bad person who just transferred to a new school and spent the last two months trying not to fail French, but still. I am a bad person.

Not only have I not been updating more for this, but I've realized that there was a reason I had McGibbs on my less-favored-pairings list: because it is FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE to write. I have literally NO IDEA where to go with this. If anyone wants to adopt my poor, neglected fic and actually finish it, feel free, just let me know first.

I have other stuff that I've worked on in the past couple of months, so I'm not ceasing my writing altogether. I just can't keep writing this.

Again, just to be clear, this fic is going on PERMANENT HIATUS unless a miracle happens and (insert-deity-of-choice) comes to me and tells me how to finish it. And (your-diety-of-choice) definitely has better things to do than give me plot ideas.

I apologize again to everyone who was even vaguely interested in this: it is completely my fault.


Apologetic lessthanthrees from

that other leah