It happened twelve years ago. There was a blonde, spikey haired, whisker faced, malnourished, blue eyed boy being beaten by a mob of about 450 people. No one knew that there was a man in a Wolf mask looking down upon the. And this is where our story begins.

"Hokage-sama! I wis to leave the ANBU division to take on a Gennin!" The Wolf masked ANBU member said.

"Which one did you have in mind?" Hiruzen asked.

"Naruto, sir. I also wish to inform him of everything. I also wish to inform you that his education has been getting sabotaged." the ANBU member said,

"Really? Do you have proof of this?" Sarutobi asked.

"I will when the Academy ends for the day, sir. You can even use that crystal ball of yours to keep an eye on me." the ANBU member said.

"No need... I trust you as much as my students Tsunade and Jiraiya. You may teach him." Sandaime said.

"Thank you for this chance, sir!" the ANBU member said respectfully.

"Who are the others?" Hiruzen asked.

"Sir?" the ANBU member asked.

"Who else are you gonna put on your Gennin Squad?" Sarutobi clarified.

"No one... I only want Naruto... No one especially Naruto should have to go through that much abuse. I wish to help him." The ANBU said.

Sandaime raised his head at that obviously pleased with that answer," How soon can you do this?"
"As soon as I can. Like I said... I want to help him, not only with his ninja skills, but also academically." The ANBU said.

"Very well then... Remove your mask Wolf & reclaim your Supreme Elite Jounin Rank, Kasha." Hiruzen commanded.

" Yes, sir!" the ANBU, now identified as Kasha said & did so.

"So tell me... How are you gonna bring the Dead Last of the Academy to Rookie of the Year in 2 months flat?" Sarutobi asked.

"Hokage-sama... I plan to use a teaching method that only someone like Naruto can survive... Believe me when I say this... When 2 months are done he'll be able to take down those 2 Chuunin that are teaching his class with both hands tied behind his back and his feet shackled." Kasha said confidently.

"How?" Sarutobi asked.

"He's the only one that will be able to do this for a while... You wouldn't even be able to survive... 2 words describe it in every way... Shadow Clones." Kasha said smiling.

"Of course! That makes perfect sense!" Hiruzen proclaimed.

"Yeah I know!" Kasha said clearly happy.

" I shall summon Naruto right away." Sarutobi said excited and happy that Naruto was being helped in some way by someone that didn't despise him for something that wasn't his fault.

"Thank you Hokage-sama..." Kasha said blending into the shadows to wait for Naruto's arrival.

With Naruto

Naruto was at the Academy trying to figure out what the answer to answer 64 was because it was hard. The question was: If you have 72,933,41,392 apples and you took half of it away how many do you have left?

(A/N: You have to admit that's a hard question to do in your head.)

He was about to cry out in frustration when an ANBU member in a Bear mask appeared and spoke with his teacher, Iruka Umino. Iruka nodded his head and yelled," Naruto! The Hokage wishes to speak with you."

"YES!" Naruto shouted with joy and ran out of the room faster than Sasuke runs from his fan girls.

He ran straight for the Hokage Tower and entered his office much to his secretay's dislike.

"Hey Jiji! What's going on? I haven't pranked anyone yet... So why did you bring me out of class?" Naruto asked.

" *sigh* I've taken you out of class because something quite worrisome has been brought my attention. Your education in both the shinobi arts and the academics are being sabotaged while the Uchiha is being given special treatment. I have someone who wants to turn you from being the Dead Last to the Rookie of the Year in just 2 months & as such will make you better than the council's favorite, Sasuke Uchiha. He has my permission to tell you everything. Including some things that I told you I didn't know about. I do know them, and I lied to you for that I'm sorry." Hiruzen said sulkingly obviously dreading the rejection of the child that he saw as a surrogate grandson.

"It's alright Jiji... I'm pretty certain that you did that you were doing it to protect me. So who's gonna teach me?" Naruto asked.

" I will young Naruto." Kasha said revealing himself from the shadows.

Recognition appeared upon Naruto's face and he yelled," Wait a minute! I remember you! You're the ANBU member that taught me how to Transform properly! You may not have your ANBU mask on, but I know that's you Wolf!" Naruto yelled.

"Indeed... Now then... What I am about to tell you is the full and entirely true story of what happened to the Nine Tailed Fox, however this is classified as a SS-Class Secret. You can't... Well you can because it involves you directly, but the people who you tell can't because the penalty is death by slow and painful torture, and truth be told... the ones you make friends with I really don't want for that to happen. Let's see your parents' stories should begin this. You see your mother wasn't from Konohagakure no Sato... she was from a village known as Uzushiogakure no Sato. She was about 6 years of age her village was attacked by a joint attack force of Iwa and Kumo. Uzushiogakure no Sato was eliminated. She survived and was sent here to Konohagakure no Sato where she entered the academy where she met your father whom even back then was an extraordinary man. They both wanted to be Hokage. As such they-" Kasha never got to finish that sentence for Naruto said," What was my mother's name?"

"Well Naruto... you gained your mother's maiden name when your parents died. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki & surprisingly you and her have more in common than most mother and son's do. I'll tell you one if you want." Kasha stated.

"Really? What is it?" Naruto asked truly curious about his mother.

"You both were the jailors for the Nine Tailed Fox. Anyway no more interuptions!" Kasha commanded.

"Right!" Naruto responded.

"Anyway... Where was I... Oh yes... As such they became bitter enemies driving foward towards one goal... to be Hokage until one day after they had both made Chuunin, your father was walking on a trail when he saw something that made him stop in his tracks. It was a strand of red hair. He picked it up and instantly recognized it as your mother's hair. Even though they were bitter enemies heading for the Hokage position, your father fell in love with your mother... little did he know that she too fell in love with him. So fearing for her safety ran after her. He caught up with them in an hour & vanished, grabbed her out of their grip and appeared on top of a tree. She was surprised to see him. When she asked how he had found her, he blushed and said, ' I'd recognize your lovely hair anywhere Kushina. Now if you'll excuse me... I have to take out the trash.' and he vanished and reappeared beside her covered in blood and the bandits that had your mother turned and then their bodies emploded. Your mother felt his Killing Intent die down and then realized what he had said and blushed so red she put a tomato to shame and fainted with a large smile on her face. Your father picked her up bridal style and walked back to Konoha as not to wake her and when the council tried to say she went willingly with those bandits, your father's Killing Intent went through the roof, Kushina whom was in the hospital getting a check up felt it, recognized it, and ran to the council chamer and asked your father out on a date. They went on many dates for a year during which that time they became Jounin and got married, but they kept it secret. Your father had many enemies. He gained more during the 3rd Ninja World War. Where he used his Jutsus to gain him a SS-Rank Threat Shinobi with a flee on sight order. Your father taught Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Inuzuka and Your mother taught Kurenai Yuuhi, Yuugao Uzuki and me. Then your father knocked your mother up with you . The day they learned that they were going to have a family they were excited about the prospect of it for they both grew up without parents or family during a good portion of their childhood. Then the day you were born the Nine Tailed Fox attacked. Your father who was made Yondaime Hokage at the time... no... On that night before the Nine Tails came out, your mother's seal was weakening because she was in labor with you. When you were born a man wearing a spiral mask by the name of Madara Uchiha appeared suddenly and tried to release the Nine Tails, but your father stopped him and engaged him in Space-Time Ninjutsu combat. They were evenly matched which that in itself was amazing. The Yondaime who was said to have no equal when it came to Space-Time Ninjutsu eventually lost to Madara and Madara ripped the Nine Tails from the seal; effectively killing your mother. Then your father took you and sealed the Nine Tails within you hoping you would forgive him for placing such a burden upon you. He also wished for the village to see you as the hero that you are." Kasha ended.

"Whoa... so my parents didn't abandon me... They were killed... Jiji... I wish to take up my true surname... I wish to be known as Naruto Namikaze... I also wish to live in the Namikaze Estate instead of that rundown apartment... and I have no intention of being subjected to the CRA... Oh and I want my birth rights." Naruto said.

"Done, done, done, and done. You have no idea how proud I am of you right now Naruto." Hiruzen said.

"Thanks Jiji! Oh and I want my Clan Head seat after I become Chuunin!" Naruto said.

"Done... now go on. Get!" Sarutobi said smiling in a grandfatherly fashion.

Naruto and Kasha left heading for Training Ground 78 which was highly secluded.

"Alrigt Naruto... first thing I'm gonna teach you is a remedy for your worst Jutsu... The Clone Jutsu... The Jutsu I'm gonna teach you is the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Here's the scroll for it... Now learn it so we can continue our training." Kasha said handing Naruto a scroll.

Then he left to set up a parameter.

1 hour later

Naruto had successfully learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu, now there were 6 Narutos and 6 Kashas were in Training Ground 78. Kasha sent the 5 others to learn different things. Naruto then proceeded to make the 5 Shadow Clones produce hundreds of copies and have Soldier Pills. 2 of them left to learn Tree Climbing and Water Walking while doing Leaf Balancing by the hundreds. 1 of them was sent to the library under a transformation to mass read. 1 of them was trying to pop water balloons with one hand using only chakra and the last set was learning Fuuinjutsu. The original Naruto was laying down, shirtless and panting with Kasha over him. (A/N: No not like that.) Kahsa had drawn 2 different seals upon Naruto. One was a Gravity Seal and the other was a Restriction Seal. This will help for his training and then he had them be at 2x and Naruto had flopped down and panted from the exertion. Kasha smiled and showed his own and Naruto was surprised that he could still run as fast as Gennin yet have his gravity and restriction seals at 12x.

"Come on Naruto... I know that you won't give up until you become Hokage... I wish to help you with that goal... Now get up and I'll go easy on you... You must give me 10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 15 crunches and you must run around this training ground 15 times at top speed and you can not take the seals off until I say, it's a life and death situation, or your protecting someone prescious to you." Kasha stated.

Naruto smiled knowing from past experiences that Kasha could sometimes be a slave driver so he knew that even with all that he was going easy on him.

Naruto proceeded to do them and Kasha felt someone watching his student with love filled eyes and knowing that only someone with alot of potential could find this place turned and saw something that made him laugh. It was the same Hyuuga that stalked him on a daily basis.

"Naruto... take a short break... you have company... come on out Hyuuga-san!" Kasha called out.

A girl with shoulder length indigo hair, lavender eyes; no she wasn't blind; wearing an oversized fur coat with her family symbol on it. Her name was Hinata Hyuuga.

"Hinata? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"Umm... Everyone... was... w-worried... a-about...y-you... N-Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

"Why don't you be hones Hyuuga-san... Only you were worried about him because you're in love with him." Kasha said smirking.

"Eeeep!" Hinata squeeked.

"Hah!" Kahsa laughed at Naruto's shocked expression.

"Is that true Hinata? Are you in love with me?" Naruto asked.

"H-Hai!" Hinata said blushing up a storm.

"..." Naruto was too shocked that he was unresponsive to the entire world.

"Hyuuga-san would you come here for a moment?" Kahsa asked.

"H-Hai." Hinata said sulkingly knowing that she messed up Naruto's training.

They went out of ear shot of Naruto and Kasha muttered something to Hinata and pushed her along promising that he'll love it.

Hinata went up to Naruto and said," Umm... N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto turned to her still with a blank shocked look on his face and Hinata lunged foward and kissed him full on the lips and Naruto's eyes widened further and then eventually he melted into the kiss and kissed her back shocking Hinata and yet it felt pleasant to them, like everything in life had fallen into place at that moment, like everything was right in the world.

"That got him to start working again." Kasha said happily.

They parted and looked lovingly into each other's eyes and Naruto asked," Really Hinata? You really are in love with me?"

"H-Hai." Hinata said.

Then Naruto hugged her and said thank you to her for loving him and told her his entire story just because he felt like it had to be done. Hinata did the thing that everyone expected minus Naruto and Kiba and that was hug him and tell him that she was thankful that he was protecting her since the day he was born.

"We can be together... my father wants me to marry into a big clan like the Yondaime's Clan, but he married had a child." Hinata said mornfully.

"Heh... However... I won't take up the Namikaze Clan Head title until I hit Chuunin." Naruto said.

"It's alright Naruto-kun... how long will you be gone from the Academy?" Hinata asked.

"2 months... tell the Teme that when I return I challenge him for his Rookie of the Year title." Naruto said.

"Will do Naruto-kun... Do I get a good-bye kiss?" Hinata asked giggling.

"You know it!" Naruto said happily and kissed Hinata full on the lips.

When Hinata left Kasha came up and got out a couple of kunai and told Naruto that he must dodge every single one of them.

Kasha then proceeded to throw the non blunted kunai with deadly force and accuracy. Naruto was doing everything he could to dodge every single attack getting only slight cuts.

Kasha was smiling proudly at Naruto.

"Alright Naruto I am satified with your progress with the dodging so now I will teach you my personal Taijutsu style... The King Krab Style... It's a personal Style that your father taught me he actually used a bastardized version of it and it was so different that it was considered a different Taijutsu and we didn't bother to correct them so we called it the Humming Bird Style. Now then get into the basic stance and take a deep breath and.. no... your form is terrible." Kasha said and proceeded to correct the mistakes.

2 months later

Naruto and Kasha were walking through Konoha and some people was smiling at Naruto because they didn't recognize him without the orange jumpsuit and the ones who did frowned and sent him death glares, but Naruto wasn't paying them any attention. They went straight for the Academy and Naruto went straight to class and Kasha told the teachers that it was classified and if they marked him absent for any of the days that he missed he would make sure that they were fired. Then he left and Sasuke being the arrogant dumb ass that he was smirked at Naruto and thought that no matter what training Naruto had there was no way for Naruto to defeat him. Naruto didn't pay him any attention and went straight for the seat beside Hinata and sat down beside her and took her hand making the entire class gasp seeing Hinata not blushing or fainting around him and that Naruto knew of her feelings and were acting like they were a couple. Then Sakura and Ino were there and yelling about who won and got sit next to 'Sasuke-kun'. Naruto groaned and rubbed his head with one of his free hands cause he refused to let go of Hinata's hand. He couldn't believe that he used to have a crush on Sakura when she was... well... a banshee.

"HEY GUYS! HUH! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SEAT NEXT TO MY HINATA!" a loud brash animalistic voice shouted.


Everyone gasped in surprise except Hinata and Sasuke for they had recognized him.

"Naruto? What the hell happened to you Uzumaki?" Ino asked.

"Actually it's Namikaze now." Naruto said as Iruka came in with Mizuki and Kasha.

Naruto smirked when Kasha nodded and knew that he didn't have to hold back. Sasuke noticing the nod wondered what was going on.

"Alright everyone... we have a graduation exam and we have an exhibition match for the title of Rookie of the Year between Naruto Uzumaki-" Mizuki said only for Kasha to say,"Namikaze."

"Anyway! and Sasuke Uchiha... We have agreed to allow both to fight without restraints and use any Jutsu they want, but killing is prohibited." Iruka said.

Both contestants nodded.

The class left and Naruto and Sasuke entered the arena and Naruto got into an unfamiliar Style noticed by Iruka, Mizuki, and Kasha. Iruka and Kasha were smirking and Mizuki's jaw hit the ground.

"That's the-" Mizuki said only for Iruka and Kasha to finish by saying," Humminbird Style made by the 4th Hokage."

Everyone was wondering where Naruto learned that Taijutsu style that has been lost for 12 Years.

Sasuke slightly unsettled got into his family's Interceptor Style. Then Mizuki thinking that Naruto only knew the opening stance started the match and Sasuke charged only for Naruto to take his punch in his hand and flip him over his back and for him to step on his throat.

Everyone was surprised at this. Then Mizuki thinking that Naruto didn't have a Jutsu that could out class Sasuke's B-Class Jutsu called for a Ninjutsu compitition. Sasuke thinking the same thing quickly performed the 3 High Ranked Jutsus he knew.

"Tch... simple... Shadow Clone Jutsu! Now then allow me to show you true Jutsu minus this A-Rank Forbidden Jutsu... Rasengan! Heh... That's not it... Fuuton: Daitoppa! Fuuton: Raitoppa! Wind Style: Beast Wave Palm! Wind Style: Beast Wave Gale Palm!" Naruto said calling out and using 4 A-Rank Ninjutsu and a B-Rank Ninjutsu.

Mizuki loosing confidence in Sasuke called for the one thing he knew Naruto couldn't do, Genjutsu.

Sasuke performed 6 High Class easily B-Rank Ninjutsu only for Naruto to dispell them within a second of being entered in them.

"I'm sorry to say this... but winner! Sa-" Mizuki said only for Kasha to bash him upside the head and say," Naruto Namikaze."

"He cheated!" One of Sasuke's fan girls yelled.

"There's no way anyone can beat Sasuke-kun!" another shouted.

"And where does he think he gets off using the extinct Clan name of Namikaze." shouted Ino.

"Almost exctinct Clan... I am the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze, formerly known as Kushina Uzumaki which the Uzumaki's were a Clan in Uzushiogakure no Sato... They were practically royalty because the ruler of Uzushiogakure no Satoalways passed down through th Uzumaki line." Naruto explained.

"So Naruto really is the last living decedant of 2 Clans? That means if he chooses to inact the CRA then he can have 8 wives at least!" Iruka said.

"Unfortunately he has turned that prospect down... He wants one girl and one girl only to help restore his clan and he only wants them if they love him for him and not his title or name. He's even living in his family estate now a days. And the council won't know of this until he becomes Chuunin minus Hiashi Hyuuga whom has agreed to allow him to date Hinata-san. He won't say anything though unless someone leaks it to the council and he will make sure that they will allow Naruto to keep his birth rights." Kasha stated.

"I see... this is quite interesting." Iruka said.

The fangirls were still saying that Naruto had cheated and that he was lying about his name.

"Anyone who says that Naruto is cheating or lying will fail or fired." Kasha said.

Mizuki was about to say that Naruto had cheated and he was on the 'cheat' part and gave up.

They then went into the room and Mizuki grabbed the stack of papers and passed them out and saved the last one with Chuunin level questions on it and left.

Naruto then answered all the questions and came up and turned it in under Kasha and Kasha gave him an instant 100 because he had a Shadow Clone over Naruto laying on the ceiling watching him answer the questions and when he got up Kasha's clone dispelled itself and told Kasha that he got the right answers.

Sasuke came up next and turned it in under Kasha and he looked at it and saw that it was one for D minus students and gave him a 0 and then gave him a second test... this one for Gennin not Academy Students. 3 minutes later Sasuke came up with a blank paper and told him that the council was going to hear about him giving him a test for Jounin.

"Tch... like to see what those old prunes will try to do." Kasha exaggerated.

When everyone was done Naruto took the test and graduated at the top of his class as Rookie of the Year. Hinata took the test snd graduated at the top of her class as Kunoichi of the Year. Naruto looked around and was saddened that Kiba Inuzuka had graduated as the Dead Last. Meaning that his teamates will be Hinata and Kiba. The world hated him.