Chapter 7

"I don't believe it. Shino… you have Lightning and Water affinities. You're a combination between Naruto and Hinata themselves! You're an attack and defense type Shinobi. You're also an Aburame bug zapper. It's both funny and ironic! Now then Naruto… You will learn Fuuton: Kire Ryu Tatsumaki. Hinata, you will learn Suiton: Bakuyaku Soshaku no Mizu Ryu. And Shino you will learn Raiton: Tsuin Raikou Zotto. Be warned that these are S-Rank Jutsus. As such they take a lot of chakra. So we are going to do some chakra growth exercises that also pairs up as chakra control exercises. The most efficient of these is the chakra push up for the males and the chakra sit up for the females. Right now, with the exception of Naruto, you have Chuunin level chakra reserves with your seal the way it is now. Naruto you have Kage level chakra reserves with the way your seal is now and by the time I'm done with you, you will have the chakra reserves of 2 Kages and have great chakra control." Kasha stated.

Naruto was brimming with excitement at the sheer thought of learning an S-Rank Jutsu, Hinata was in awe of the fearsome power that her Jutsu's name portrayed, and Shino was.. well… Shino.…

Later that day

"Alright… let's end this for now and change it to something I like to call… Torture…. Now then… The thing about me is that I am also a Jinchuuriki. I have the Juugobi no Ookami inside of me that is much like a family heirloom and is passed down through the generations. Now then… I'm now going to help each of you create your own completed Rasengan. My completed Rasengan is more powerful than a S-Rank Forbidden Jutsu. Take a look at my chakra paper." Kasha said as he charged chakra into his chakra paper and it tore asunder, combusted into hot black flames, got soaked instantly, crumbled into a ball the size of a grain of sand, and then it turned to dust at the atomic level.

"I have all 5 elements, but I never use them all… I keep it secret. Now then… I shall show you my completed Rasengan." Kasha said as he created 2 Shadow Clones and they began to make his Ultimate Forbidden Jutsu.

(A/N: I don't care who you are, do not use this Jutsu in your fanfics without my express permission thank you.)

They made a Rasengan and it turned Black with what appeared to be a Shuriken around it, but the Shuriken blades were black as well and then one of the blades erupted into flames. Then another one of the blades hardened with Earth surrounding it, but not losing the sharpness of the Wind Manipulation. The 3rd Blade made a current of Electricity around it and finally the 4th blade had sharpened water around it. In between the blades were the sub-elements and the blood line extensions like Dust Style used by the Tsuchikage, Onoki. Then it acted like it had its own gravity and everything seemed to be pulled into the Jutsu, except the user and those behind him.

"Darkness Envira Rasengan from the Void." Kasha said as he let the Jutsu dissipate.

"Whoa! That Jutsu was amazing!" Naruto yelled.

"Indeed. And because it uses every Element, no one can copy the Jutsu at all." Kasha said as he smiled whilst sweating.

(A/N: It takes as much chakra as 3 Kages to use and even more Concentration then Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken.It is the most powerful Jutsu in existence because it even uses Fuuinjutsu and Juuinjutsu in it. Juuinjutsu is Space-Time Ninjutsu.)

Naruto then began to work on his completed version of the Rasengan with complete vigor. Hinata was trying to do it, but not with as much enthusiasm as Naruto. Shino was concentrating on accomplishing this, but was the least excited out of all of them.

Sometime later

Naruto, Hinata, Minato, Kushina, Kasha, and Jiraiya were at the Village Gates. Team 15 hadn't completed their versions of the Rasengan yet, but they weren't going to stop until it was done.

English Translations

Fuuton: Kire Ryu Tatsumaki means Wind Style: Slicing Dragon Twister

Suiton: Bakuyaku Soshaku no Mizu Ryu means Water Style: Explosive Bite of the Water Dragon

Raiton: Tsuin Raikou Zotto means Lightning Style: Twin Lightning Shiver

For those of you who want to know what Envira means. It is neither Japanese nor English rather it is Latin for everything and it is everything.