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Chapter 12, Epologue.

The blazing heat from the fire was almost to overwealming. The Thunderclan cats ran from the fire that was taking their camp. It seemed like an eternity trying to get all the cats to sunningrocks, but they managed only a few cats didn't seem to be present. Patchpelt is missing, so is Halftail, Fireheart, and Yellowfang too! A cinder colored she-cat said to herself.

The she-cat race back toward the camp, the flames were now calming and when she finaly reached the camp they were almost completely gone. She despretly searched through the rubble for the missing cats limping as she walked. Halftail! she spotted him, the smoke got to him and his dark tabby body now lay motionless in the ashs. As she neared the elders den she spotted Patchpelt, who also lay motion less in the ashs. those poor elders... she though to herself.

She neared closer to Yellowfangs den and as she got closer she heard Firehearts voice. She stuck her head in to see the ginger tom sitting there over Yellowfang body. Panic coarseing through her she rushed to the medicince cat's side.

"Yellowfang?" She whispered.

The elder grey cat coughed "Cinderpelt...It's to late for me. I go hunt with Starclan now. I want you to be a good medicine cat for Thunderclan." She coughed again. "Choose the right apprentice and carry on with your life."

"Yellowfang no! you cant leave me!" Cinderpelt cried despretly.

"It's to late..." Yellowfang said faintly, almost to were the two cats sitting with her didn't hear. Eventualy she fell into an everlasting sleep.

"no.."Cinderpelt whispered. Fireheart put his tail on her shoulder for comfort. "I didn't make it in time.."

Moons pass by and the clan recoverd from the fire. The fresh-kill pile replenshed and new warriors are about to be made. "Are you 5 other mentors satisfied that thease apprentices are ready to become a warriors as i am with my own?" Whitestar meowed.

"Yes, Timberpaw is ready." Brackenfur mewed.

"I believe that Ashpaw is ready too" Dustpelt said

"Fernpaw is ready aswell." Longtail meowed

"So is Cloudpaw." Fireheart purred

"Thornclaw is ready." Mousefur said with pride

"And i believe my own apprentice Brightpaw is too" Whitestar added. "Will you 6 apprentices step foward." The white elder beckond them with his tail. "I Whitestar, leader of Thunderclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon thease apprentices. they have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Brightpaw, Timberpaw, Ashpaw, Fernpaw, Cloudpaw, and Thoranclaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do" Brightpaw mewed

"I do" Timberpaw purred

"I do" Fernpaw and Ashpaw said in unison.

"And I do too" Cloudpaw said.

"Then by the powers of Starclan I give you 6 your warrior names. From now on, Brightpaw you will be known as Brightheart, Timberpaw, you will be known as Timberfall, Ashpaw, you will be known Ashfur, Fernpaw, You will be known as Ferncloud, Clouspaw, you shall be known as Cloudtail, and Thornpaw, you shall be known as Thornclaw. We welcome you 6 as full warriors of Thunderclan." Whitestar mewed.

The clan ate their meal and the 6 newly named warriors sat vigil for the night.

The next few days were pretty normal. Peace settled between the four clans and Cinderpelt seemed to heal from the fire encident. The next day though is when things got hectic again. Shadesong begain to have her kits. "Come now Shadesong just relax, and push, relax and push." Cinderpelt told her. Shadesong did as she was told and pushed.

The first kit came out. Cinderpelt nipped at the sac that held the kit and begain to lick it. She sat it down next to it's mother. "A healthy she-kit." Cinderpelt purred.

Shadesong craned her neck to look at the small bundle. the she-kit was golden colored and She had blacks stripes. Sadesong didn't get rest long before another kit started to come. She clenched her teeth together and cried in agony from pain. "Relax!" Cinderpelt said. Just then the small second kit came out.

Cinderpelt nipped the sac and licked it, then setting down next to it's mother. "This one's a tom." Cinderpelt purred. While panting, Shadesong looked at the little tom. He was smokey grey and had gold paws. She held them close to her side, proud to be a mother. "I'll go get Brackenfur." Cinderpelt said and she left the den.

Shadesong purred when she saw her mate enter the den. She saw him pad over to look at his kits. "Wow." Brackenfur mewed. "There both beautiful."

"They are aren't they? The gold tabby is a she-kit, and the grey one is a tom." Shadesong replied. "I've though of names for them."

"What did you have in mind?" Brackenfur asked her.

"Heatherkit" She mewed laying her tail gently on the small she-kit. "And Nightkit" She mewed again, laying her tail gently on the tom.

"Those are great names." Brackenfur purred to her. "I love you Shadesong."

"I love you too Brackenfur." Shadesong replied. They both nuzzled each other for some time before Cinderpelt came in and told Brackenfur that Shadesong needed some rest.

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