When Harry set his cup down the second time, everything seemed to slow down. The soft clink echoed like a ringing coin all around him. Everyone's clinks and clanks of the plates, cups, and silverware sounded like claps of thunder that would suddenly fade out in the midst of the crack to where they could barely be heard. Words started to slur around him and some people were completely muted. The Hufflepuff table was the loudest in the room where every word was screaming directly at Harry. The Slitherin table seemed to stretch farther and farther away from him until he could hardly see it at all. The Raven claw table was just one giant blur to Harry and no matter how many times he rubbed his eyes or shook his head, it didn't fade. The Griffendor table was slowly turning mute by one person at a time.

He dropped his head into his hands and tried to focus. Something was wrong. The whole room was spinning and he felt like he was getting weaker by the second, like the very life was being sucked out of him. The room suddenly felt smaller and he felt very anxious. Out of nowhere the room grew as hot as an oven-no, he realized that he was getting warmer. Slowly, like a heat wave started at his toes and slowly washed over the rest of his body until it reached his head. Every inch of his skin grew as hot as a flame and the hair on his legs, arms, and neck started to stand up. He heard a sweet voice calling his name in worry in front of him, but he didn't want to answer. He felt too weak to even move and all he wanted to do was go to sleep.

Without thinking, Harry slipped his weak legs over the bench and stood up to leave.

"Harry, where are you going?" Ron asked from across the table.

"Bed," Harry choked out. The moment he spoke, his throat felt like he hadn't had anything to drink in years. His normal drink had suddenly made his mouth taste like cotton!

"Are you all right?" Hermione asked, her voice wavering and not from worry.

Harry rubbed his temples hard. "I just don't feel right. I'm going to sleep early."

Ron jumped to his feet immediately. "Wait, Harry. What about your fight?"

Harry almost fell back down. Shit. He had forgotten about the duel he had challenged Draco to this morning. They had planned it for right after dinner, but now what was he going to do? How the hell was he going to fight when he couldn't even see straight?

Harry sighed and cleared his throat to get out a few straight words. "I-I'll make it for tomorrow i-instead…. Um, if you could, ta-talk to him for me, will ya, Ron?"

Although the red head didn't agree with him, he nodded with a sigh. "You know he's going to kill you, right? He's most likely going to tell everyone in the school that you flaked on him at last minute."

"Yeah, Ron, I really don't care right now." The statement came out harsher than he expected, but at the moment he was feeling too light headed to care. He darted his eyes away and stumbled away. "I'll see you later."

It was only a two minute walk to his dorm room, but it seemed forever before he found it. The hallways stretched until it seemed like he was walking in place. He stumbled and hit every picture on the wall, but was too dizzy to hear the curses from them. He was damn relieved to find the bloody door.

Immediately, however, he fell against it, as weak as ever, and crashed down to the floor. His limbs suddenly felt like ten tons and impossible to lift. His head kept dropping, trying to bring him completely down to the floor. He soon found himself panting and he figured it was from the long walk. Yet, as ill as he was, he was still able to see past the illusion.

Like a snap of the fingers, a rush of adrenaline abruptly rushed through his back. The heat intensified until he felt like he was melting and his panting increased until his throat hurt and he was clenching onto his chest for air. Then, suddenly, it hit him. His waist tightened and his stomach dropped.

No way… He thought in shock at his new standing friend.

In surprise, he forced himself to stand. It wasn't easy though. He tried to grab the door handle to pull himself off the floor, but he was too weak. In fear of his thought, he locked the door and gave up.

Harry let his body lean forward until he was about to collapse onto the floor and he was lucky enough to catch himself. Dragging his body heavily, he crawled to the nearest bed in the circle of them in the dorm and slapped his hands on the edge of end board. With all the last strength he had, he got to his feet and hovered over the bed.

His eyes widened in surprise at the truth. He even unbuttoned his pants to be one hundred percent sure. He was… excited. Really, really excited.

Harry then felt like he had been slapped to the face. Back at the table, that dark haired girl that he had no care for whatsoever had poured his drink for him with her wand. He assumed it was a simple trick to impress him, but obviously it was a disguise to spellbound the drink. How could he be so insecure? He was being nice to accept the drink, but how could he be so stupid as to not see the trap!

"Bloody hell…" He cursed to himself, grabbing his rock of a crotch. He choked on his pants and cursed more. "I don't believe it! That…little scumbag of a girl!"

"Potter!" The voice came from outside the door.

Harry turned towards it, happy that he had locked it behind him. Yet, to his surprise, the door flung open from a blue burst of magic and the one person he didn't want to see stormed into his room.

Immediately, Draco pointed his wand at him in fury. "If you think you're skipping out on a duel with me just because you know you're going to lose, Potter, you got another thing coming!"

"I-It's not that! I… I-I can't fight t-today…" Harry let his voice trail off, hoping Draco would get the hint.

Draco laughed mockingly and shook his head. "No way, you're not running from me…. Aw, are you scared?" He added the last part when he noticed him trembling. He went to continue his rant until his eyes glanced down and saw the bulge in his pants. His eyes widened as well and quickly met Harry's, who blushed and covered it with his robe as quick as possible.

"S-Someone put a love spell on me. I can't help it. T-That's why I'm cancelling the fight until tomorrow s-so this can wear off."

Draco went silent for a minute, glancing down once more at the hidden stiffy. Harry watched the clocks slowly turning in his head, slowly forming a cruel plan. Then his eyes raised up to his and his wand came up with him.

"And what's stopping me from disarming you and blowing you to bits…right… now?"

Harry couldn't answer. Besides his uncontrolled panting, he said nothing and helplessly looked away. He had planned on facing Draco, but not like this. He didn't even have the strength to cast a spell without his arm shaking like an earthquake. He would surely miss and the fight would be over before it started. Still, knowing Draco, he had no other choice.

Harry met his eyes head on, telepathically accepting the suicide mission as his hand slowly reached to his back pocket. As he tried to find his wand, patting all over his back for his bloody pocket, he quickly got distracted by his enemy. Draco did nothing but stand there staring, waiting, thinking, but Harry saw something else…

Draco's eyes were so yellow, like a golden pool with a shadow casting over it, hiding it from everyone so no one could see the real beauty behind it. Had his eyes always looked like that, so….lonely?

Harry found the stick and whipped it out. As he suspected, his hand was trembling and so was his hand. Shit. He was dead. How the hell was he going to explain this to the others? He stared deeper at Draco, trying to think of ways to win when his mind was spinning faster than the speed of time.

Draco glanced down at the wand, down to his hard crotch, and back up at Harry. His wrist flicked and his wand raised in an instant. Harry flinched, trying to be prepared for the spell, but instead he had no need for it. Draco's arm snapped back and with a silent accusation, the spell shut the door and flicked the lock on. When he looked back from watching his spell take action, some of his hair fell in his eyes. Harry got lost again.

Has Draco's hair… always been that white? Harry drowned in the thought as he looked at Draco through a whole new perspective. His hair was as white as snow, glistening in the dim dorm lights like there were parts of diamonds in each strand. They covered his eyes in such a way that he seemed to be challenging him to something more than a duel. Harry let his eyes run up and down Draco's body, finally seeing how handsome and attractive he was.

He sucked in a gasp. Oh no. The spell was making him look at Draco like a…a… lover rather than an enemy. But shouldn't he be only fantasizing like this in front of a girl? Why was Draco suddenly his target?

Harry jumped when Draco took a step closer to him, becoming in arm's distance. "This is obviously a strong love spell… Number nine to be exact on the list."

Harry squinted. "You know about this spell?"

"There's a forbidden list of love spells hidden in the school. Only a few have seen it. The one put one you happens to be the strongest…" He took another step closer than pinned Harry against the wooden bed post. "If done correctly," Draco explained with a devilish look in his eyes, "you will experience a little happiness down there, heat flashes, moments of weakness, and blurry vision. That means you will be unable to fight or struggle if someone comes onto you…" There was a pause that made Harry's heart skip a beat.

Draco looked downward again and before Harry could react, he snatched the wand right out of his hand. He merely grabbed it, not attacked him or even tried to disarm him. Harry stared in disbelief as Draco tossed the wand across the room, out of Harry's possible reach. He then slipped his wand back in his back pocket and got closer to the trembling brunette.

"That also means… that you'll forget all about it in the morning. In other words, it's the perfect rape spell for wizards." Draco had lowered his eyes from Harry's again, only not so low. He slightly glanced down at the thin curve of Harry's lips, recognizing their smoothness and how hard they were panting at him. He had always stared at them when he wasn't looking. He always cursed at shutting those lips up once and for all, but not ever in the way that he threatened. Whenever his friends caught him "glaring" at Harry, they didn't see that he was actually being mesmerized by how soft his skin looked, and how his hair was the perfect auburn brown to make him look…cute. Now he was staring into the silver craters alone in Harry's room with him under a rape spell, horny and defenseless. This was a chance… he couldn't pass up.

"Since you won't remember anything…" Draco's cold hand caught hold of Harry's left cheek, firmly holding him in place as he moved in.

Gently, their lips touched and slipped together like two puzzle pieces. Due to his lack of strength, Harry couldn't resist. He was pushed back into the bed post as Draco squeezed their lips together tighter. He slapped his hands on Draco's chest in an attempt to push him away, but Draco merely walked closer to him and his hands fell limp.

Draco pushed on Harry's cheeks, forcing his mouth open where his tongue slipped inside. Harry grunted, but had no way to escape the kiss. It irritated him how weak he was, letting Draco's tongue roll over his teeth and rape his mouth. In an effort to fight back in the slightest way, he stabbed his tongue at Draco's, trying to push it out of his mouth and into Draco's. Draco let out a grunt and opened his eyes. Harry squinted at him until he pulled away.

Yet, the kiss wasn't over. Draco pushed against him harder and fought against Harry's tongue outside their lips until Harry lost his strength again. He forcefully whipped his head away so their lips separated, but Draco wasn't done. His lips moved to his slender neck which he clamped his teeth around in a teasing bite. Harry's body flinched and he tightened his grip on the green collar of Draco's robe. His panting was out of control and no matter how hard he tried to shut them out he only made more noise.

Draco ran his tongue up his throat until he reached Harry's ear. Harry shivered when Draco's hot breath whispered his name to him. Suddenly Draco snatched Harry's ear in a rough bite and tugged away from his body, making him cry out. At the same time, Draco's knee bumped between Harry's legs and pushed at his hard crotch.

"Draco!" Harry moaned to the ceiling. Draco smirked and licked the bite mark he just left on his ear, getting aroused by the way the brunette shuddered under him. Harry squirmed when Draco continued to slowly grind his knee against the bulge in his pants. Draco had started to leave a trail mark of kisses down his neck to his collar bone when Harry tugged so hard on his robe to throw him off. "D-Don't!" He panted out as his face burned into a fierce red.

Draco smiled and whispered sexily so his voice tickled his skin. "You're as cute as I imagined you to be…" He gave his knee a quick push so he bumped roughly into his crotch. He smiled as Harry's body jolted when he gasped.

Draco pulled away, but only slightly. From his hips and down remained in contact with Harry's body, but he had his chest pulled away far enough to slide his hands slowly down his chest. Both of them watched Draco's hands follow the curve of his collar bone down to the rest of his tightened chest. Harry's eyes widened for a second when he watched Draco unbutton his robe and let it fall to the ground.


Draco met his lustrous gaze before he quickly snatched his wrists and pinned them on the bed post behind him. He crashed their lips together again and kissed him fiercely. Harry trembled under him as his mouth was taken over again. His knees tightened around Draco's leg that continued to grind his stiffy, his wrists barely struggled under Draco's grip, and his tongue tried to fight back.

As fast as everything had been going, when Harry closed his eyes, everything slowed down. Draco released one of his hands, wrapped his arm around his waist, and pulled their bodies tighter till there was no space between them. His hands slid up his wrists until their palms touched and their fingers gently interlocked. His kissing turned passionate as he started to slide his lips around Harry's with arousing licks in between. The make-out session made Harry give up fighting. The spell finally took over; he forgot about being drugged or that Draco was his enemy. All he cared about right now was that he was being pleased and he wasn't going to stop it.

His free arm quickly wrapped around Draco's neck, pulling his head closer so the kisses grew deeper. He moved his head with the kisses, turning from side to side as Draco wanted. Harry felt him shiver when he crawled his fingers up the back of his neck and into his snow white hair. Draco kissed him harder for that and Harry grunted into him in response.

With an intense tug, Draco pulled Harry off the bed post and into his arms. He started to walk forward, pushing Harry back until he hit the bed. They fell with a bounce and the kisses had to break apart. Harry squirmed back until he was far enough on the bed while Draco mounted himself on top of him. Their lips reunited fiercely, kissing hard and long till one of them ran out of air. Harry ran his fingers through Draco's hair with a few tugs to get Draco excited. Draco ran his hand up and down Harry's legs that were pressed tight against his hips until he groped him hard between the legs.

Just as it was getting hot, a loud knock at the door made them halt to a stop. "Harry, are you in there?" It was the girl from dinner. Of course, the girl who drugged him would track him to his bedroom.

Harry pushed at Draco's chest and panted hard to catch his breath. Draco pushed his shoulders back down when he attempted to sit up and whispered harshly, "Don't answer her."

As Harry hesitated whether to answer or not, Draco snapped open his shirt with one quick yank and exposed his chest. Harry gasped, but quickly covered his mouth from the fear of being discovered.

"Harry?" The girl called through the door.

Draco pinned Harry's other hand above his head and kissed him roughly. He slowly pulled away to tease him and bit onto his lower lip, stretching it as he leaned back. Harry grunted and returned his hand to his mouth.

"I saw you leave the dinner table early… I thought you might've come here…"

Draco started at his neck and started kissing his way down Harry's chest. His hands followed, groping every inch of his skin as he moved down to his hips. Harry shivered and panted, but did his best to keep quiet. Yet, it was easier said then done. First, Draco stopped at his nipples, harshly running his tongue over them until Harry's body was jerking away from his lips. He then sucked on one and pulled on the other to make Harry squirm and force down his erotic cries. When Draco just gently nibbled on it, one of Harry's cries escaped from his lips.


"Harry? Are you all right?"

Draco snickered and ran his tongue down Harry's chest to his belly button. As Draco started to remove his belt and unbutton his pants, Harry jolted up and tried to grab his head. "D-Draco!" He whispered in a shaky, but rough tone to stop him.

"Harry, I know you're in there." The girl continued to knock and speak.

Harry glanced at the door, being thankful that it was locked. By the time he looked back down, Draco had his pants open and underwear down enough to expose his boner. Just the sight of Draco opening his mouth towards his crotch made him moan. First his tongue rolled over the tip and made his hips buck back, but Draco pulled him back and did it again. Harry held his voice back pretty well, but the hard pants he couldn't stop. When Draco wrapped his lips around the tip, Harry let out a deep grunt that echoed around the room.

"Harry, please let me in."

Draco slowly took all of Harry in and retracted back to his tip, taking his sweet time and making sure his lips were tight and secure around him. He would do this a few times and gradually pick up speed till he was going so fast that Harry couldn't stand it. When he reached that point where Harry was going to scream, he would immediately start over and go slow again. The uneven pace between fast and slow was driving Harry crazy.

"If you're feeling sick, I know a good spell to put you at ease. Really, I can help." The knocks now got harder and tripled in numbers. "Harry!"

Having been hovering over Draco's head, Harry dropped back stretched out on the bed. He covered his eyes with the back of his forearms and panted harshly to the ceiling. The bitch had gotten so annoying now that he didn't give a shit if she did hear him.

Draco picked up speed again. God, it felt so good. His body was already on fire from the spell and his head was spinning at everything around him, but Draco was giving him little shocks of pleasure that tingled across his skin like a tiny wave. It traveled up to his heaving chest, across his arms, and up to his begging lips to which he moaned hard. Soon it got too much and his lower half tightened. He curled his legs up and snatched the bed in a fierce grip, ready to rip the sheets in half.

"St-Stop!" He cried out loudly before reaching his hand down and tugging on Draco's snow white hair. "I-I can't! It's gonna-!"

"Harry? Are you okay?" She cried in worry, then quickly added, "I'm coming in!"

Draco released Harry immediately and sat up in a quick turn. "Stupid mud-blood doesn't learn!" He cursed under his breath as he whipped out his wand from his pocket. With another command, a green spark shot at the door and outlined it like a burning, bordering flame. It throbbed for a few seconds as the doorknob tried to turn with another spell, but even if it was unlocked, the door wasn't moving. After staring for a minute or two, the silence behind the door was a green light to continue.

Draco turned back to the brunette under him and almost came at the sight. His legs were up and spread open like a sweet, dirty invitation, his body was sweaty and his chest was rapidly bouncing up and down, his face was a deep red, and his eyes were glossy and on the verge of tears.

"W-What did… you…do?" He asked the best he could.

Draco sat mesmerized for a second before answering. "I trapped the door…" He quickly pulled himself up higher over him so their faces were close. "So it's not opening until I leave…" He cupped his face gently and kissed him deeply once again. He playfully nibbled on Harry's lips and licked his mouth thoroughly until the brunette was drowning in the kiss.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and let them slowly slide down. He grabbed the collar and tugged until the shirt opened. Draco let it slip off so they were both shirtless. Draco then put his hand on Harry's chest, feeling the intense heat coming off him as he slide his hand downward. While they kissed, he ran his thumb over his nipple to fell him jolt, then he groped his side and down to his hip. His hand returned to his crotch, which he jolted so bad that the kiss broke roughly.

"Don't!" Harry cried weakly. "It-It hurts…Draco…"

When Harry's bangs started to cover his eyes, Draco quickly pushed them away and exposed the scar on his forehead. He quickly leaned up and whispered above his eye, "Then come."

"B-But, Draco-" Harry suddenly stopped as a massive chill ran down his spine. Draco roughly ran his tongue across his scar, sending such a powerful throb of pleasure through him that it scared him. It tingled with a cold, deep sense and with every lick, Harry felt his soul being caressed then tightly squeezed in such an arousing way. He moan like never before, his voice cracking and sounding very erotic as it rung in their ears after. He squirmed and released horny grunts and groans to try and control himself, but it was useless. With Draco's hand roughly fondling his crotch and licking his scar at the same time, he would surely go insane before waking up from this wonderful dream.

In an instant his body tightened up and his body jerked hard under Draco. His stiffy twitched, then spilled between them as he groaned out the pleasure. After, he fell limp on the bed, panting and feeling relieved. Yet, as Draco removed his newly drenched hand from his crotch, it quickly tightened up and grew hard again. The spell wasn't finished.

Draco used his dry hand to grab the back of Harry's pants and tugged them down to his thighs. Harry picked up his waist the best he could to help. Draco then slipped them to his knees and nudged them down. It was difficult with one hand, but once it was close to his ankles, Harry kicked the jeans and underwear off.

Suddenly naked, Harry drew his legs closed to try and keep his lower half hidden, but Draco wouldn't allow it. He rubbed at his thighs until he was trembling and once again played with his nips until he was twitching all over. The moment his knees separated just the slightest bit, Draco forced himself between them and hovered over Harry. He put his hands on Draco's chest to try and push him back, but the moment he touched him, Draco touched him as well, but a lot lower.

His soiled hand was now below Harry's stiffy and at his entrance. He gasped when a wet finger poked the hole and he jumped in surprise when the tip of that said finger slipped inside him. He grabbed Draco's shoulders instantly quivering and trying to speak clearly.

"D-Draco-Ahh!" He cried out as Draco shoved the rest of his finger in quickly, pushing past the tiny pinch that occurred inside him. He panted wildly and grunted like an animal as Draco started to slide his wet finger in and out of his hole, causing such a sensation inside him. When he caught Draco staring, he jerked his head away and clenched his eyes shut.

Draco smirked and leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "Does it feel good?" Harry only grunted and let out a horny groan when Draco went a little rougher with his rubbing. "I'm using your cum to prepare you, ya know." He ended his sentence with a quick lick over his ear, making him shudder even harder. Draco sneaked his eyes over at Harry's expression and watched as he pulled his finger out to the very tip and shoved it back in again as deep as it would go.

Harry's silver eyes widened with his mouth gaped open wide as he sucked in a deep gasp. Then he quickly shut his eyes and let the breath back out in a horny shiver. Draco felt his stiffy start to leak from watching the brunette's reaction. He leaned to his cheek and whispered softly, "You're so cute, Harry…"

Harry's eyes snapped open while Draco gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He moved the kisses down his neck once again and came back up in a slow, long lick up to his jaw line. When he caught Harry's surprised expression, he stopped and asked, "What is it?"

Harry stuttered to catch his breath and stared into the face of what used to be his enemy. "T-That's… the first time y-you've said my name… Instead of Potter…"

Draco had paused on his continuous rubbing, but now he was encouraged to go faster by the erotic expression on Harry's face. He pulled his finger back, put a second beside it, and started to push them both in. Harry gasped again and clutched onto his shoulders tighter.

"Do you like it when I say your name?" Draco asked, but Harry didn't answer. He scooted his hips away from Draco's grip as if to escape, but Draco only shoved closer to him, rubbing his fingers faster inside him. Harry moaned and dropped his head back in ecstasy. Draco nibbled on his neck, whispering again, "Do you like it when I call your name like this?" Harry turned his head away and covered his mouth, refusing to answer. Draco narrowed his eyes on him and shoved his fingers inside him so deep that his knuckles practically went inside as well. "Answer me, Harry."

His fingertips touched a spot inside Harry that made every nerve in his body spark with pleasure. His body tightened and he jolted hard into the bed. As if he had been struck with lightening, the simple poke made his body go into such a lewd orgasm that he forgot who he was and where he was in a split second. He moaned hard, shouting, "Yes! Yes! I do! Draco, t-that spot… Don't…"

"Don't stop?" Draco questioned in a tease as he hit it again and watched Harry's hand hit the headboard sexily. "I can't take much more of this, Harry…"

"N-No more!" Harry suddenly grabbed Draco's cheeks and pulled his face close to his own. "Th-That's enough," he said, a little bolder than anything he said all night. He ran his tongue over Draco's lip and formed a quick hot kiss.

Draco pulled away quickly, now in a rush to get to the good part. When he released Harry, the brunette rolled to his side, trying to get his breath and to keep his pounding heart inside his chest. Draco undid his pants and lowered them enough to expose his hard crotch. He then grabbed Harry by the waist and flipped him onto his stomach so his back faced him.

"D-Draco!" Harry cried as the white haired boy got him on his knees with his rear-end in the air.

"I can't wait any more." Draco said before Harry could question.

He lined himself up right and pushed his hips hard forward. Harry cried out immediately as the tight pain came sharply from behind. Draco pulled at Harry's waist as he leaned forward, getting inside fast and hard. It was unbearable, being stretched so far open that his hole burned and twitched painfully to be released. He snatched the sheets in a death grip as if the pain from behind would pass through his body, through his arm and out through his fingers to the bed. His breath was stolen instantly and he coked to breath right.

Draco had to stop halfway in to ease up on the brunette and then bucked his hips hard enough to push the rest of the way inside. That's when Harry shouted with the first breath of air he got, "S-Stop! Draco!"

Draco grunted at the tightness squeezing around him with the searing warmth also wrapped around him. He leaned over Harry's back and said on a pant, "Relax, sweetheart. I'm all in now. You're all right."

"It-It hurts!" Harry choked out, his breath trembling as bad as his body was.

In an effort to soothe him, Draco gently wrapped is arms around Harry's waist, hugging him close, and kissed his back. "Calm down," he whispered. "Breathe easy. I got you."

Harry swallowed down the dry lump in his throat and seemed to pant easier. Within the next minute, he could breathe right and the pain had settled to a tight, sharp ache tingling behind him. When Draco shifted his knees to get in a better position, Harry felt him easily move inside him with only a harsh pinch that made him flinch.

Draco's hot breath tickled his ear when he said, "I'm going to move now." Harry gasped silently, but closed his eyes and braced himself.

Draco thrusted deeply, pushing Harry forward until his face grinded into the bed. He quickly pulled back and thrusted again. This sent rippling shocks of pleasure through both of them. Harry gasped in a horny cry as Draco grunted sexily. He held Harry's hips tighter in place and started to rock in and out of him at a steady pace. Harry trembled violently at the pleasure he felt from it. Although behind it was pain, it was numb in his mind by how good he was feeling. He moaned as he started to bounce against Draco's thrust, feeling even better than before.

Draco leaned down against Harry's back, thrusting inside him deeper and hitting his sweet spot. Harry jolted immediately and tried to control himself as an orgasm washed over him. "Ahh haa! Oooh, Draco!"

"Harry," he called back as he continued to shove himself deep inside and out faster. His hand reached down and grabbed his leaking stiffy which he started to pump and squeeze as he thrusted. "Harry, Harry."

Harry's eyes widened and he let his voice waver and cry out uncontrollably at the pleasure he was feeling. The more he moaned and the more Draco groaned told both of them that they were close to finishing. Harry pulled his head up where Draco's slipped onto his shoulder. Draco's free hand then crawled down Harry's arm until it reached his hand. He dug his fingers through Harry's and interlocked them into the sheets in such a grip that they felt like they would never separate. Draco thrusted faster, digging Harry's body into the bed roughly as he squeezed his crotch tighter. Harry grabbed Draco's hair in a fierce grip as he started to leak.

Draco's head then turned towards him. Harry's head followed and their lips slipped together gently for a passionate kiss. They kept their lips locked as Draco rammed into him hard, causing their bones to connect in harsh thrusts that felt too good to stop. The heat of their bodies melted into one and the pleasure was a disease they couldn't escape as it traveled all over their bodies, inside and out, covering every inch of them in lust and desire for each other. Together they grew tense and squeezed the other's hand as they spilled fast and hard. Draco moaned as Harry screamed in ecstasy at the feeling of the hot liquid splashing around his insides. After, they fell limp together and panted hard while staring at each other to somehow understand the pleasure they just shared. Yet, they were far from done.

The night continued long and slow. Their lips reunited both passionately and aggressively. Harry rolled over and wrapped his legs round Draco's hips. He thrusted again, deep and fast, which Harry shouted at, tugging at the white hair and tugging on the bed sheets. Together they rocked and bounced. They moaned and grunted. Their hands crawled all over each other, through their hair, down their chest, groping each other in between rounds and kissing every chance they got. They held each other in full embraces, clinging onto the intense heat like their life depended on it. That said fire burned ferociously in both boys, fueled by the passion and the attraction they both shared. Every time they touched, their bodies shivered and shook secretly trying to satisfy the yearning they were both too blind to see. Their minds knew, however, they were enemies, predator and prey, but still their lips touched like lovers and they were too far down in the lusty ocean to do otherwise.

Whether it was from a spell or something far beyond their control, Harry and Draco loved with everything they had until they were completely empty with the ending night. Only with the rising of the sun, bringing new hope, energy, and passion would the two love again…