Draco set the cup down with a queer expression on his face. His mouth went as dry as cotton and a fierce pounding started to throb inside his head. He snatched his temples instantly in an attempt to gain control, but it was useless. The room started to spin. Everything slowed and dragged as if he was seeing everyone in a frame-by-frame structure that was slowly blending together. Everyone's voices smashed into one loud screech that rung in his ears in such a high pitch that he groaned. The tighter he squeezed his fists against his head, the faster he felt his strength leaving him. Like a dispensing faucet, he felt his tank of strength being drained from every limb and every strand of muscle inside his body. He started to collapse and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

With a sudden burst of energy, he shoved himself to his feet and stumbled away from the bench. People called to him, but he ignored them with a tight glare and a struggling scowl. He fell through the dinner room doors and staggered through the halls. After bouncing into every wall, hitting every corner he could, he somehow found the Slytherin corridor and to his dorm. He literally crashed through the door and hit his knees. His arms felt like toothpicks with no strength at all and they trembled violently as he did his best to push himself back up.

"Son of a…" He muttered and slid to his knees. "What the b-bloody hell… happened… Damn!" He cried when his arm slipped and he hit the ground again, bouncing his chin painfully against the floor. He glanced back and kicked his door shut with his foot. He slithered to his bed and dragged most of the covers down when he tried to crawl on it. As heavy and weak as his body was, he stabbed his feet into the ground and put all his strength into his legs, pushing his body high enough to slip onto the bed, trembling insanely as he did.

Once he was face down on the bed, he panted for breath and felt his body go limp with no absolute will-power left. "Damn…" He cursed and laid there helplessly. His stomach dropped and a sick feeling arose from deep within. He felt nauseous for a minute as a shiver ran up and down his spine like a conniving snake that eventually slithered up to the back of his neck and settled into a million goosebumps. The slick and upset feeling made him prop himself up on his elbows and cough for moisture in his dry mouth. "Th-This.. This is a spell… Ooh, the minute I catch the c-creep who did this…"

Suddenly, the loud click of his door shutting echoed around the room. It put him in complete silence as he slowly connected the dots in his head. He whipped his head around and spotted Harry in the doorway. He groaned instantly and forced his body to turn and face him. "What the…hell do you think you're… doing here, Potter?"

"I came to talk." Harry said simply, meeting his dark eyes with his newly fierce green ones.

Draco glared and was able to slide his body over so he was on his back, still propped up on his elbows. "W-Well, get lost! I feel like shit… And if you don't…" He slid one leg over the edge of his bed and tried to sit up properly without falling. "I'll kick you out m-myself."

"There's no point in trying to stand. You're never going to do it." Harry spoke in a determined voice and locked the door behind him.


"I drugged you," he said strictly and walked closer. "Number six actually. I found it on a list of forbidden love spells." Draco stared in shock as Harry approached his bed, explaining, "You lose the function of your limbs for a while, not being able to stand or hardly crawl until it wears off. You will also feel a little sick and dizzy, but that's just from every love spell. You will also…" Harry spoke deeper, more determined. "Answer every question I ask with complete honestly, whether you want to or not. A handy side-affect, I say."

"You…" Draco growled. "You did this, I'll kill you-!"

"No, you won't." Harry interrupted bluntly and hovered over him. "Now, did you erase my memory?" Draco grunted and felt himself responding, so he shut his mouth tight. Harry narrowed his gaze and leaned in closer. "Draco, answer me. Did you erase it?" He asked stricter.

"Y-Yes," Draco heard himself say. He breathed harder after answering truthfully by force and rubbed his mouth when he felt his lips tingling.

"Why did you do it?"

"Screw off, Potter!" Draco snapped and covered his mouth.

Harry snatched his hand in a flash and pulled it away from his mouth. "Why did you do it?" He repeated.

Draco stared at Harry's hand for a minute, feeling the warmth he had missed for so long spreading slowly throughout his palm. Then, to his surprise, Harry slipped his fingers between Draco's and soon their fingers were interlocked. His dark eyes widened for a second and he grew weaker.

"T-To protect you…" His quiet voice murmured. He met Harry's eyes angrily and spilled his guts. "I was ordered by my father to get close to you… The night you were drugged and I took advantage of you had nothing to do with it… But once my father found out, he wanted me to kill you… In order to save you, I erased me from your memory so that none of it ever happened."

Harry glared. "So you threw me away.. Just like that?"

"I had no other choice!" He said viciously, ripping his hand away from Harry's.

"Yes, you did! You could've told me! We could've worked it out!"

"Oh, bullshit." Draco spat. "Like there's anything we could've done. How do you remember anyway?"

"I'm not dumb. I figured it out. I may not remember what we did, but I do know we were dating."

Draco paused for a minute, taking in the words slowly and falling cruel from them. "Go home, Potter," he said coldly. "We should've never done this from the beginning. I drugged you for a reason now stay the bloody hell away from me and continue your pathetic life elsewhere-"

"Do you have any idea what I've been through this past week?" Harry screamed. His hands snatched the collar of Draco's shirt and yanked his face close so he forced him to meet his eyes. "I've been a complete wreck knowing that I was secretly dating the man I thought hated me! Then I learn you loved me then tossed me aside like some used toy! If you had any guts, you would've talked to me! Not completely throw me away like a piece of trash!" Draco stared in utter shock as Harry's green eyes started to line with tears. "You say you hate me now… But if you really did, you would've killed me when you had the chance! Not… You wouldn't have done this…"

Draco glanced down at the trembling hands on his chest, then watched his reflection in the tear that streamed down the brunette's cheek. The next thing he knew, his hand was grazing that said cheek, gently wiping away the tear that he had caused. When he came to, he saw Harry's red eyes staring wide with surprise. So he quickly shoved his hand forward, pushing Harry's head away from him.

"I-It's suppose to be like this!" He cried, struggling to get away as Harry moved closer, kneeling on the bedside.

"Do you love me?" He asked in a weak tone.

Draco choked on a gasp and quickly looked away. His legs squirmed and pushed at the covers to try and slide his body away from the brunette's. He shut his eyes tight, covered his mouth, and shook his head wildly, refusing to answer. Harry crawled onto the bed and mounted himself over the white haired boy who continued to squirm.

"G-Get away from me!" He cried and swung his arm in an attempt to hit him.

Harry easily caught his slow, weak wrist and held it as he asked again. "Do you love me?"

Draco looked away and continued to squirm even though he wasn't going anywhere. Harry pinned his hand down with a mild hold and tugged at his shoulder to make him look at him. Draco tightened his body, making it hard for his body to budge. Yet, Harry snatched his chin and effortlessly pulled his face to him. His dark eyes widened as he caught Harry staring at his lips. Their eyes met and Draco jerked his head back the best he could. Harry moved his grip to the back of his neck, holding his head in place as his body shook.

"Don't!" Draco muttered in tight lips. He even used his free hand to push at Harry's neck, but he had no strength to follow it, so it was useless.

Harry ran his finger over Draco's lips, gently brushing the cut in the left corner. He slowly leaned in, holding his head still with one hand and keeping his other hand pinned on the bed. Draco gave his head one last jerk, but Harry yanked it back and connected their lips. A mere kiss, a touch of the lips that sent tiny ripples down their bodies. The longer it lasted, the harder Harry made the kiss, pressing their lips tighter together until the ripples grew larger and made them shiver. Draco grunted and squeezed his eyes shut, but he could do nothing to stop him. He was squeezing the sheets tight under Harry's hand and as the kiss came to an end, so did his strength. His hand went limp and his grip on Harry's neck loosened.

Harry slowly pulled away when the kiss ended, reuniting their gazes from such a short distance which fogged up his glasses from Draco's slight pants. To his surprise, Draco tugged on his shirt so his head leaned back in and Draco met his lips again. This time it was sweeter than before. Their lips parted, slid, and fit perfectly with every intense kiss. Their heads turned and their hands grabbed at each other's faces to make the kiss even deeper. Their tongues touched and started to fight for dominance. As Harry held his head close to him, he pushed Draco down until he was flat on his back and he was hovering over him. He pulled his hand up from the bed and connected their hands again as the kisses continued.

They eventually parted again to breathe and they stared solemnly into each other's eyes. "Yes…" Draco finally answered running his weak fingers through the dark brown hair. "I love you…"

Harry let out a sigh with relief and kissed him again. "I'm glad… Now can you reverse the spell and return my memory?"

Draco gave him a blunt, slightly irritated expression. "You know, maybe I would, but recently I was drugged and now I can't even hold my wand up straight!"

Harry blushed slightly and sat up a bit off him. "S-Sorry… You wouldn't have talked to me if I didn't…" When Draco rolled his eyes away from him, Harry leaned back down, crouching his entire body over Draco's in a sexy position, and said quietly, "I really am sorry."

Draco looked him over for a second, then tugged his head back to him, muttering, "Yeah, right."

They kissed again, a quick kiss that was nothing more than a tight peck. They looked into each other's eyes again and spotted something that they hadn't seen in a while. That craving had returned. Of course Draco remembered it, but it was new to Harry. Still, his body acted and responded as if he had done it a million times. They kissed harder, quickly returning into another make-out session that stole their breath away. Draco's tongue raped his mouth and sent a shiver down his spine. Harry felt goosebumps growing down his body every time his tongue collided with Draco's.

Draco pulled away from their connect hands and grabbed his shirt. As feeble as he was, he still had the strength in his fingers to undo Harry's tie and rip it off. Harry grunted and winced at the cold touch of his fingers when he moved his hands to his collar. He started to undo the few buttons on the shirt, but was quickly having difficulty. He slipped one open, but couldn't get the next one open to save his life. Draco pulled away from the kiss in a groan and tugged at the button.

Harry chuckled and grabbed his hand. Draco watched him remove it from his shirt and gently kiss it. Then he undid the buttons for him and helped the white haired boy remove the sweater from his body. Harry undid Draco's tie next and undid his buttons that he had around the collar of his shirt. He picked up the back of Draco's shoulders and was able to slide his arms out of it. As Draco watched Harry struggle to get the shirt out from under him, he looked over the brunette's slender body. When he noticed the tightness in his pants, he smiled and nudged his knee up.

Harry gasped and jolted to a stop when Draco's knee suddenly came up between his legs. His boner was pushed instantly and he grunted. He pushed at Draco's knee which he refused to move. "D-Draco, don't do tha-ahh!" He shuddered when Draco started to slowly grind his knee against his hardened crotch.

"Why?" He asked with a smile. "When you're already this excited."

Harry's blush grew larger, burning right up to his ears, and he squirmed at Draco's knee. Yet, he didn't even start to get off him. With every nudge, he got shockwaves of pleasure attacking every single nerve in his body, exciting him even further. He stuttered to tell him to stop, but ended up crying out and panted hard.

Draco's eyes narrowed and in a low, husky voice, he ordered. "Get down here."

Harry stopped, but still shook on top of him. "W-What?"

He motioned his finger for him to lean down. "I can't move much thanks to someone, so get down here."

Harry grunted and paused, but did as he was told. He leaned down back in that crouching position and allowed Draco to grab his hair. He pulled his face closer to him and shoved his tongue in his mouth. Harry didn't fight the kiss and put his hands on each side of the bed around Draco's head to hold himself up. With his other hand, Draco ran his fingers down his bare chest, tracing the curve of his muscles and sending him slight chills. Harry grunted in the kisses when Draco pinch his nipple. His body shifted in a squirm and Draco's knee grinded harder into his crotch. He trembled harder and started to lose control. His body grew hotter with every kiss and his boner grew more and more excited with every nudge and bump.

He finally pulled away with a gasp for air and muttered as he shivered. "Ooh, Draco…"

"Take off your pants." He said strictly.

Harry leaned up slightly to get his hands to his waist and fumbled with his pants. While he unbuttoned them and started to slide them off, Draco pulled Harry's neck down and ran his tongue across it. Harry shuddered and panted harder, but did his best to kick his pants and underwear off. When he was completely naked, he grew a little nervous and was about to pull away before Draco pulled his face back down to him. In a passionate voice, Draco whispered onto the brunette's lips, "Harry…"

Harry felt his doubt melt away and he felt completely at ease. He kissed Draco hard again, feeling his snake-like fingers slither through his hair and tug on it erotically. Their tongues rolled over their teeth and Draco even nibbled on his bottom lip slightly. Harry trembled at the tingling sensation and opened his eyes to look at the Slytherin boy under him, but he snatched his face and literally stole his breath as he sucked onto his lips in another fierce kiss. Harry felt his strength slowly fading as well, like he was under the same spell.

In the next minute, Harry found his hand crawling for the dresser beside the bed. He came to realize what was happening when he unconsciously opened the drawer and he quickly pulled away. Draco chuckled when the brunette sat up, surprised by what he was doing. Draco reached in the drawer with his ten ton weight of an arm and grabbed the tube of lube resting inside.

"Last time we did it in here," Draco informed him as he opened the tube. "That's why you knew where it was."

"Wait, you mean…"

Draco was a little surprised by his confusion, but resettled with a cold smirk. "We've done it like five times."

Harry flinched on top of him. "N-No way. You're lying!"

"I'm sorry," he said in a chuckle. "I'm under a spell and I can't tell a lie remember?"

Harry went to argue, but ended up gasping when Draco grabbed between his legs. He jumped and shivered as Draco started to stroke him, lightly at the bottom and tightening his grip at the tip to tease him. Harry let out a horny groan and squirmed on Draco's lap. The white haired boy was able to get some of the sticky substance onto his fingers and wrapped his arm behind Harry's waist. He jolted hard upon him when Draco poked his wet fingers at his entrance.

"D-Draco!" He called out and bucked his hips away. "Wh-What are y-yo-"

"Just relax," Draco said in a reassuring low voice as Harry leaned back down on him.

He shoved his finger quickly inside, sliding it in easily from the lube. Harry moaned instantly from the pure, erotic feeling it gave him. His hole squeezed tightly around his finger as he started to rub him from the inside. Harry dropped his head on Draco's chest and moaned softly as Draco continued to stroke him in his front as well as the back. He shortly entered another finger, making him groan hard and tense up.

Draco kissed his forehead gently, whispered his name to him again, and caused him to relax once more. Soon, the brunette was panting like crazy and shaking like an earthquake from the pleasure. He moaned when Draco shoved now three fingers deep inside as far as they would go, causing him to twitch with excitement down below.

"D-Don't!" He cried and groaned when Draco squeezed him tight down below. "Please," he begged in a heavy pant, "I'm gonna…" He lifted his head up where their lips met again for a messy kiss. Draco kissed him hard, taking his nerves to a whole new level of passion. When he pulled away, the brunette was weak and trembled on top of him.

"If you want it so bad," Draco said in slight pants and dropped his head from holding it up. "You're gonna have to do it yourself."

Harry's eyes widened and he pushed himself up on his pale body. "H-Huh?"

"I don't have the strength to," he said slyly and shoved his fingers deeper inside Harry's entrance, hitting a spot that made his body jolt with pleasure. "Ride me," he said sexily while pulling his fingers out and removing his hand.

Harry blushed insanely and shivered shyly. "B-But…"

"Don't worry, I'll hold you." Draco reassured and gripped his waist. "You won't fall, I promise. You just have to move on your own."

Harry stared at him a minute, then took a deep breath and leaned down. He gave him a quick peck on the lips, saying, "You're lucky I love you…"

It wasn't long before Harry had himself propped up over Draco's waist. With his pants unbuttoned, his waist was exposed and lined up already. Draco, leaning up against the headboard of the bed, hugged Harry's waist to pull his body closer. Harry grunted as they messily kissed and shuddered as Draco ran his hands down his chest. He groped him all over, giving his waist little shocks that turned him on even more. They kissed rougher, sucking as hard as they could and raping their mouth as much as they could.

Draco then helped Harry lower his hips until he started to enter. He winced instantly, but Draco kept their lips together and continued to push him down. He went gently down until he started to stretch open and take all of him in. In a quick push, Harry was sitting on his lap with him entirely inside. He pulled away from their kiss to shout and now panted hard to catch his breath. Draco cupped his face and brushed the hair out of his face to expose his scar.

"Are you ok?" He whispered and placed a soft kiss on his scar.

Harry felt the strange tingle go down his entire body to his core and he relaxed. "Y-Yeah…"

Draco gave him a long kiss to let him get used to the feeling since it was his first time all over again. Yet, unlike his mind, Harry's body remembered the feeling and started to move. He pushed off his knees and started to bounce himself on Draco's, causing such an erotic sensation to run through them both. It started off slow, but as Draco helped he began to move faster, sliding smoothly off him. They moaned and grunted until their lips met fiercely for a tight kiss.

Soon they forgot all about the spell and the fight. Every burden they encountered melted away with the intense growing heat they shared. They stayed as one, bouncing and thrusting, groping and tugging, kissing and sucking. Draco's hand returned to Harry's leaking crotch and Harry crawled his fingers into Draco's snow white hair. They gave each other a peck, then turned their heads and collided their tongues before their lips met again. They kissed deeper than ever before and clutched onto each other like their first time.

No matter how many times it happened, it was always new, always fresh in a way. The heat brought up such an exciting rush that made both of them feel so alive that nothing around them mattered anymore. Even when the sun would arise again, it wouldn't matter. Their love was the greatest kind anyone could have. It was pure and utterly great. So when they kissed until the night ended, they couldn't help but smile with all honest happiness. Never again would they love like this…


"You lied to me," Harry said with a hint of cruelty in his voice.

Draco, who was sitting up on the headboard, looked down to the brunette leaning on his right arm. Harry was cleaning his glasses while Draco played with his wand. "When?" He asked.

"In the Quidditch tower…" Harry returned his glasses to clear his blurry vision and looked up to the white haired boy behind him. "You said you wouldn't leave me…"

Draco was surprised by the words, as if he was hit with an arrow of guilt and hurt. Yet, it was also labeled with happiness and he smiled. "I'm sorry," he said with a sly expression.

"So… What now?" He asked earnestly.

Draco set his wand aside, wrapped his arms around the tired brunette, and pulled him closer to him. "Well, you have your memories back. This spell is wearing off… Can we just stay like this?"

Harry laughed as Draco playfully gave him multiple kisses on his ear. "Stop it! I'm serious, what about your dad?"

Draco sighed. "I can deal with his sore ass…"

Harry reached up and grazed his sore lip. "Is he the one who gave you this?" He asked, gently touching the cut under his lip.

Draco grabbed his hand and kissed it softly. "I'm fine. We can deal with him later…" He stretched Harry's arm out until his head came closer and he gave his forehead a kiss. "For now, we can continue where we left off."

Harry blushed. "Y-yeah, about that…" Draco pulled away in curiosity and Harry nervously looked away. "Um… They know…"

"Who do you mean they?"

"Hermione and Ron… and Neville, I think."


"I needed their help on figuring out what I forgot since you erased my memories and all…" Draco darted his eyes away as his thoughts started to turn. Harry hesitated and sat upright. "Are you mad?"

"No…" Draco said slowly, returning his gaze to the brunette's. A sly smirk started to crawl on his face and he snatched him into his fierce grip. "That just means I can kiss you in public no matter who sees."

"Draco!" Harry squirmed as he licked his cheek up to his ear to tease him.

Draco forced him on his knees so he would face him and held his face close. "That way everyone who sees will know your mine…" Harry stopped squirming and sat beside him, completely twisted under the covers and exhausted. Draco smiled and pulled his face closer. They kissed softly, a mere touch of the lips that meant a lot more than it seemed. When they pulled away, Draco stared into the gleaming silver eyes before him. In the beautiful pools was a hint of gold, forever remaining as an elegant reminder of their love. "I love you, Harry."

Draco's words caught Harry off guard, but he smiled and leaned on his chest, burying himself into the warm embrace he so desired. "I love you, too, Draco…"

Yet, Draco suddenly whipped Harry's up and said with all seriousness, "But if you drug me again, I swear to the mighty heavens, I will rape you so hard you will get expelled for how many classes you skipped." Harry's eyes widened at the threat, but he couldn't help but laugh at him.

As the night rolled on, the two colors mashed together in the perfect combination. Like ying and yang, the gold and silver blended together, forever becoming one. It was a beautiful process, really. One that, if done properly, could be used almost like a drug. The spell was so powerful that it was almost impossible to obtain, still millions had it in their grasp. The Spell of Love wasn't really a spell at all, merely two hearts finding each other with a little help from magic on the way.


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