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I just wanted to warn you this is an eventual Harry/ Draco story, you were warned, so don't get mad if it is not what you expected. So I almost never read these notes so I will make it short and sweet. There will be some Weasley bashing, there will be an evil Dumbledore, and dark Harry. Eventual creature inheritance and DA, but different to fit my version of Harry. Please read and you have been warned, so enjoy!

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A True Heart of Darkness: Chapter One

Day One of A New Life

Today was the one-day Harry felt he had been waiting for all his life. Just a month ago a giant named Hagrid had saved him from the nightmare that Harry called his childhood home. Though Harry had been grateful for the giant mans assistance, he found his lack of grammar skills and over dramatic tendencies an annoyance. Now this may come as a surprise, but Harry was not the innocent abused child that the world believed him to be. Now the muggles he had been living with were abusive, to a point where Harry would go without food or water for weeks. However, Harry had not become meek and humble as most thought. No the boy had become much worse. He came to despise all muggles, especially those who ignored the obvious abuse to him, and also those who personally abused him. As far as he felt, they all were better off gone. The abuse made him become clever and manipulative, leaving the world to underestimate him while he was controlling them. His first few years had been rough, but Harry and found a way to semi-control his muggle family, in a way that benefitted him. With them wanting nothing to do with him, Harry had learned to develop his magical skills in secret. He didn't know wands existed so he had been practicing control using wandless magic and had become quite good at it. That was how he controlled his 'family'.

Now back to the day at hand. Harry was currently attempting to find his way to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. 'That oaf didn't even give me proper directions to the platform, now I am wondering around like an idiot in the terminal' Harry thought, fully annoyed with his predicament. Suddenly, as if to answer his qualms, he overheard a pudgy woman with five children walk past him. The red headed family past him and he couldn't help but overhear what the woman was shouting.

"The terminal is always filled with muggles of coarse!" she exclaimed as she ushered her hoard of children to a wall. Harry decided to follow them and watched as three of her children walked through the wall and disappeared. 'Well at least this may help me get to the train on time. Better play this to my advantage' He thought as he walked up to the mother.

"Excuse Me," Harry disrupted her talking to her daughter. She turned to face him, a smile planted on her face.

"Hello Dear, first time to Hogwarts? It's Ron's first year as well." She said

'Strange, how did she know that?' thought Harry did not let his question surface onto his face.

" Yes. The thing is, I don't know to—how to—" Harry asked sheepishly.

"Not to worry," She said " All you have to do is walk straight through the barrier between platform nine and ten. Don't worry you won't crash into it. Best to go at a bit of a run if you're nervous. Go ahead before Ron dear, go ahead." She ushered him to the front of the wall. Couldn't be to hard, right?

Harry took a deep breath and than went at a run toward the wall. He closed his eyes, waiting for the impact, but it never came. Instead, as he opened his eyes, Harry was greeted with a scarlet steam engine that had Hogwarts Express written across the top. ' I guess they were good for something at least' Harry thought as he made his way to the train.

He made sure to hide his scar and make as little contact as possible with any of the other students. One sight made him pause as he caught a glimpse of pale blonde hair walking to board the train. A jump in his chest made him smile and remember the memory that came with that gorgeous hair. He was the first magical boy Harry had met. Even though the boy had seemed stuck-up and prideful, something in his eyes, or the pride in his voice, caught Harry's attention. He made a vow to not let Madame Malkin's robe shop be the last time they met. As he lost that beautiful platinum hair in the crowd Harry boarded the train and made his way to an empty compartment.

While trying to put his trunk in its proper place, the task was testing his small strength, two of the red heads from before made their way into the compartment.

"Excuse us but we never got to formally introduce ourselves. My name is Fred," said the older red head.

"And mine is George" said the other as they helped him place his trunk in the spot above the seats.

"Now, while the other members of our family may have not noticed, we did. So it is a great pleasure to meet you Harry Potter. And we would like to be friends" The one, he believed his name was Fred, said.

"We know your famous and all-"

"But we would rather get to know the man behind the name-"

"So we will leave you to your peace and quiet-"

"But don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything-"

"Later!" The twin ended in unison.

And with that the two left a very stunned Harry alone. The rest of his ride would have been uneventful had he not encountered the younger brother, Ron, of the twins. His first impression of Ron had been annoyed and weak. The boy was obsessed with looking at his scar and Harry's name. While he did find the sport Quidditch truly amazing, that was the only good thing the Weasley's company had brought. At one point in the compartment door opened and a bushy haired girl popped her head in.

"Just wanted to let you know to get your school robs on, the conductor said we should be there soon" Harry noticed she was already in her robes. She stepped all the way in and held her hand out to Ron first.

" Hello, my names Hermione Granger, and yours?" She smiled.

Ron's ears burned as red as his hair as he returned the handshake.

"Ron Weasley" was his mumbled reply. Hermione looked down at him, with a look of distaste.

Harry held out his hand "Harry Potter" Her face lit up again and she shook his hand with a strong grip.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Potter. Heard wonderful things, even though I am a muggleborn. I can't wait to see what the future has for us." Was her insightful reply as she left the compartment.

Again Harry was left in a bit of awe. Another person who wanted to know more than just his name, another to not stare at his scar as if it defined him. 'Hermione Granger, we may be friends yet.' The rest of the ride was boring and as they neared the end the two boys changed into their school robes.

As they exited the train they were ushered into small boats by none other than Hagrid. He seemed excited to see Harry, while the eleven year old only emotionlessly smiled at him. They traveled to the school by the small boats and arrived at the shore to see the enormous castle. Harry was in awe of its majesty and the elegant beauty it emitted. The whole castle just seemed to create a warm feeling. As if it was saying, yes, this is home.

A thin-faced woman greeted them at the front of two giant doors.

"Hello my name is professor McGonagall. Welcome to Hogwarts. The start of term banquet will start as soon as we enter the Great Hall. However, before we eat, you must be sorted into your houses. There are four different houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. These houses will become like your family while you attend Hogwarts, so treat it as such. Good behavior will earn your house points, while breaking rules will lose house points. At the end of the year the house with the highest points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. The Sorting ceremony will begin as we walk into the hall." She turned around and began to walk toward the doors.

"It is time to go, come along now. In a single file line please." She ordered and then continued into the now opening doors. Harry and Ron exchanged glances before following the other first years into the Great Hall.

It was filled with students in four large tables. There were floating candles everywhere and the sky appeared as if they were outside and not inside an enclosed building. To say Harry was amazing was an understatement.

"It's bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History." He heard Hermione say somewhere behind him. Harry smiled at the girls fact spouting, knowing he was to hear more of it in the future.

The first years gathered around the front as Professor McGonagall approached, placing a tattered old hat on a stool.

"When I call your name, please come up to the stool. I will place the sorting hat on your head to have you sorted." She held up a long list and began calling out names. Harry paid little attention to the names being called, that is until the red head next to him smiled sheepishly and Harry wished him 'good luck'. Ron was placed in Gryffindor, along with all his family as he had told Harry on the train. Hermione Granger was also placed there.

'That looks like the house to be in to acquire the allies I may need in the future' Harry thought before he heard the next name called.

"Draco, Malfoy"

The beautiful blonde came out of the crowd of first years, and Harry could not peal his eyes from him. The hat had hardly touched the boys head when it called out "SLYTHERIN!" Draco smirked as he walked over to the Slytherin table to join his new housemates. This made Harry reconsider his house choice, only to follow the blonde and get to know the dragon. There was just something about the boy that pulled in his focus.

"Harry Potter" his name was called and he looked up as the whole hall grew quiet. He walked up to the stool and nervously took a seat. Right after the hat was placed on his head he heard a voice.

'hmm difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage and power, but oh what is this. A cunning and thirst to prove yourself hidden behind a mask. There is talent and raw true power, oh and a future full of greatness I have no doubt! Now where to put you?' the voice said

'True, which house would help me the best?' Harry stole a glance at the new blonde Slytherin, catching his eyes and seeing the curiosity sparked in the grey orbs.

'Ahh I see now, the house of Salazar Slytherin would be one place to put you, oh the great things you could do! But to reach your end goals the house of lions may be the better choice.' The hat laughed in his mind

'I have never had this predicament before young master, quite a difficult sorting you are.' Harry inwardly looked at all the possibilities and told the sorting hat his decision.

'To be told where to sort you, why Master Potter you are one in a million. Good luck on your endevors, and good luck with the Slytherin dragon.'

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat yelled and Harry joined his house table to loud cheers of joy. Too bad none of them knew just what they were getting, a cunning snake in the midst of noble rash lions.

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