a/n: Ohai! You're reading my stories. Wheyy! Well this is basically something that popped into my mine at half six this morning and I was like – must upload this ASAP. So I did and here it is. It's a short one shot.


There were many things that Tony had fallen in love with since he married Pepper Potts (now Stark) but even some of those loved actions he loved since the day she started working for him.

Peppers smile; Her smile could light up a room of darkness and it was beautiful -her lips were plump and soft even with the added lip gloss they were perfection in the truest form.

Peppers hair; her hair was soft, luscious and smelt great. Tony believed so that's why when they go to bed and she cuddles into him his face goes straight to her neck covered in hair that smelt of apples. A fruit she wasn't allergic to.

Peppers insane bickering; Tony hated it when he and pepper quarrelled simply because they were fighting over something but what he did love was his and Peppers bickering sessions about work could go on forever and the faces she pulled lured him to kiss those sweet lips just to shut her up.

Peppers nightly routine; peppers nightly routines consisted of wearing Tony's t-shirts and a pair of his boxers too. But that wasn't Tony's thing that he loved the most. Well he does love her wearing his clothes to bed but it's what she does when she cuddles up close with him. It's when her lips press ever so softly to his RT. The first time she did it was the first time she saw Tong cry.

Peppers love (and medical kit that had Tony's name on); there's one thing that tony hated the most and that was when he was to go away and do a mission for Agent Fury. She would cling to him and tell him she loved him dearly but what Tony loved the most about pepper was when he came back and being extracted from the Iron Man suit itself that he would be covered in lots of wounds and gashes but Pepper would be waiting in the workshop with her little medical first aid kit. She'd clean all the cuts, ice the bruises and kiss everyone before escorting him to her arms.

But most of all there was something or rather someone he loved more than anything in the world and that was pepper herself ever since the night they kissed tony had been seeing these traits for such a long time that each time she did one of the things he loved he would fall in love with her so much more.

And that was Mrs. Stark he loved her more than he could ever explain she was his everything, no A.I could doubt that.