AnimeKiwi369: This is my first Murder Princess fanfic. I know that the show really isn't all that popular, but I really love the show and couldn't get this one-shot out of my head. Usually, I prefer my one-shots and all chapters, save prologue and epilogue, to be more than a 1,000 words, but I'm trying to get off that habit. Before I start to ramble more, I don't own Murder Princess. I just own the one-shot. Hope all you enjoy!

Almost Unbelievable

One year since it happened.

It was hard for Falis to believe. One year since Princess Alita Forland had run into her, a famous bounty hunter. A year since they fell off a cliff from the forest of Allure, which resulted in the switch of the souls. A year since the bounty hunt became the princess of the kingdom and the princess decided to become her servant, giving her life, body, and soul as collateral as long at the now bounty-hunter-turned-princess protected the kingdom in return.

A year since the coup d'état from Dr. Akamashi. And her obtaining the name "Murder Princess" for her ruthlessness after taking down a synthetic monster on the day of her coronation. That was the same day that the real Alita took up the name Milano, to honor her friend of that name, who had been a handmaid, who died in her place.

However it was less than a year since they had to lose Pete and Dominikov due to Teoria's power when she shut it down with the emergency shutdown. That was a big cost, losing those two. They had been her friends and fellow bounty hunters for a long time. But that was the price they had to unfortunately pay for being Old World technology. Falis missed them and so did Alita and Jodo. They even missed those two brat androids, Ana and Yuna, who were initially trying to kill them due to their orders from Dr. Akamashi.

Furthermore, it was a bit difficult to believe that the actual princess's older brother by eight years, Kaito, had been the one to initialize Teoria's power, wanting to destroy the world. She nearly killed him in the process of trying to stop it before she activated the emergency shutdown. The real Alita still cared about her brother despite what he had done and so the Murder Princess wouldn't kill him. His actions, however, was what caused them to lose two good friends and those android brats, who weren't so bad after all.

It was almost hard to believe all of the events had actually happened. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her soul would be transferred with a princess. But then again, she never thought her whole village would be slaughtered by that witch Cecilia. Before that happened, she didn't even think she'd become a bounty hunter. She was honestly glad she got her revenge on that witch, shattering the jewel below her neck, killing her.

Honestly, the former bounty hunter wouldn't have ever thought that all those events would happen. At times, she couldn't believe it. But she didn't mind being the Murder Princess now. She had gained friendship with the woman that was still in her body, even if she had lost friends along the way. And even if she and Milano, the new name of the true princess, hadn't gotten their souls back in their own bodies.

She was glad of what happened one year ago.

Falis would never forget the almost unbelievable night she and Alita fell off that cliff. She wouldn't change that night for anything.

AnimeKiwi369: Short, yes. But I really liked how it turned out. Even if I just started this less than half an hour ago. I would think that Falis would reminisce about what happened ever now and then, so that's how I came up with this. So I really don't know what else to say. Without further ado, I know that this probably won't be as popular as my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's stories, since this is my first non-5D's fanfiction. So if you're a fan of Murder Princess, I hope you enjoyed. So please be kind and please review! ;D