Another Day Another Dollar

Jade stood behind the registration desk at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas staring out at the people gambling and laughing around her. She sighed to herself wishing her shift would just hurry up and end. It was barely even 12:00 and she was already ready for a vacation. The afternoon check in rush would be coming in at any time now. It was about to get busy for her. Her best friend, Di came out from the back.

Di: "Just another day in Las Vegas. Happy drunk people before 6 PM and most of them probably haven't gone to sleep yet because they have no idea it's day light."

Jade: "Yeah. Crazy drunk people before 6 PM is not legal to me."

Di: "Welcome to Las Vegas. Anything goes at any time of the day or night. This is the only place at 2 in the afternoon you can walk down the street drinking and pick up a hooker with a bag of pot and not get arrested."

Jade: "I'm pretty sure drugs are still illegal here too."

Di: "You know what I mean."

Suddenly, Jade gets this smile on her face and Di slowly turns to see what she is smiling at. A man standing about 6'4 and towing a suitcase on wheels behind him walked in with a carry on bag over his right shoulder. He had on a black T- shirt with black pants and appeared to have a short, almost shaven hair cut.

Jade: "Hello Mr. Tall, tan and sexy. How are you doing?"

He adjusted the bag on his shoulder and turned his attention to a family approaching him for a picture. He motioned for them to step out of the way of the incoming people and set his luggage up against the wall. The two brothers stood on either side of him and, what Jade assumed was the father, snapped the picture. The two boys thanked the guy and he shook their hands as they ran off excited. Mom came out of the bathroom and joined up with the family.

"Mom, we just got a picture with Randy Orton. It was totally cool."

Di: "Hmmm, Randy Orton. Now we have a name to go with the sexy body."

Jade: "Yes. Randy Orton and apparently he's the Apex Predator according to his shirt."

Di: "Yeah. He's a WWE wrestler and that's his nick-name. They call him The Viper because he does this RKO move and then he'll get down on his hands and knees and pound on the floor before striking his opponent. He gets these crazy looks on his face that make you believe he actually hears voices in his head when he's out there."

Jade: "Well, I'm sure that makes him popular with the women. Hi, my name is Randy and I hear voices in my head."